Iftar Delicious of Dhaka Bangladesh

The holy month of Ramazan is back again in the Muslim world. Bangladesh with its large Muslim population observes Ramazan with great piety and Dates Bangla Khejur as Iftarfervour. The daylong fasting ends at sunset and the faithful break their fasting with the delicacies of Iftari.

Iftari is also

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It’s time for VoIP phony in Bangladesh

VoIP is a frequently pronounced and heard term in Bangladesh since January 2007. One may be surprised thinking that Bangladesh progresses in this high technology. But the matter is not like that. The matter is that VoIP business is an illegal business in Bangladesh. Many people were arrested and punished a lot for involving with

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Cane Furniture – Outstandingly Bangladeshi

Cane furniture, known locally as ‘bet furniture’, are mostly trailing or climbing palms with characteristic scaly fruits of the Arecaceae family (Palmae). The fruits are covered by vertical rows of reflexed overlapping scales. The scales are grooved along the midline. Cane grows in humid climate of Bangladesh and in the areas extending from equatorial Africa

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Shopping at Dhaka for famous brand products

A city is best known by its shopping centres and markets. Dhaka has gradually turned into a modern mega city during the two last decades. Traditionally Dhaka is famous for its fabrics since time immemorial. Folkloric cotton fabrics     Dhaka Shopping center and woven garments still attract young and

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Bhasani Novo Theatre of Dhaka

Bhasani Novo Theatre, located near Bijoy Sarani of Dhaka is the country’s only planetarium to present a celestial show of stars, planets and other heavenly objects of in virtual reality. This dome-shaped theatre with latest technological equipment enables visitors to soar into the space as well as experience the thrills of an inter-planetary journey in

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The Ramna Race Course Maidan was an extravaganza of green, comprising hundreds of acres. In this vast greenery, there stood another great landmark of the then Dacca, almost at its centre, there was the Ramna Kalibari, with its majestic spire towering over the clear landscape with an unobstructed view of it from a great distance.

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Marriage ceremony in Bangladesh

Marriages are held all over the year in Bangladesh, but winter is most acceptable season. Because the season is very comfortable and rural communication is very easy and non-hazardous.

Muslim marriage, in its truest form, is a boy and a girl takes vow to live as husband and wife for rest of their lives. They

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Banarasi Shari in Banarasi Palli handloom heritage of Bangladesh

The traditional but elegant Banarasi Shari have long been a proud possession of almost any woman’s wardrobe. Marriages in Bangladesh are unthinkable without Benarasi sarees. This wedding attire brings to mind gorgeous sarees studded with motifs of gold adding grace to the radiant bride. The Benarasi sarees have been immensely popular among women since the Mughal

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Amusement Parks in Dhaka City

Setting up of Amusement Parks in Dhaka City was almost ignored until the private sector ushered in a modest ray of hope in this sector. Now-a-days amusement-starved Dhaka city dwellers are opting for different venues and enjoying there free time at Shishu Park at Shahbagh, Shishu Mela at Shyamoli, Wonderland at Gulshan and most importantly

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Dhaka Zoo – A park of living animals for recreation and study

Dhaka Zoo is the largest zoo in Bangladesh situated at Mirpur about 16 km from the centre of Dhaka city.

It is the national zoo under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, started as a menagerie at the High Court premises in Dhaka in 1964, and moved to its present location in 1974.

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