Botanical Gardens in Dhaka

Baldah Garden

Baldah Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens established in this part of Bengal. It is rather an old garden; 95 years have passed since its doors are opened for public. Located at Wari, in the old part of the city of Dhaka, it is set up by a private individual. The naturalist,

Board of Investment (BOI) in Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh established the Board of Investment (BOI) in 1989 for accelerating private investment in Bangladesh. The Board, headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic and represented by Ministers and Secretaries of the concerned Ministries.

The major functions of the Board are as follows:

Promotion of investment;

Providing all types of facilities for capital investment

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Bood Bank & Centers in Bangladesh

Problem does not come out by any information and we are unable to say where and how you dropped in a problem or any accident. After any accident the patients need blood for surviving. But it’s very tough to arrange the exact group of blood instantly. The blood bank centers are rise up as

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Art Galleries in Bangladesh

An Art gallery is a building or a place where many of the ancient or historical or any type of arts are shown for public. Actually this is the place for exhibition of decorative art, especially for the visual art. This is basically a show of the art lovers as well as the creators or

Art and Cultural Centers in Dhaka

Art and Cultural Centers The cultural art centers are a cultural beacon for any city or any region. Actually an art and cultural centers can be many of forms which established for performers, artists, thinkers and so on. Many of the time it organized or arranges exhibitions of all the cultural arts.

In any art and

Antique Shops in Dhaka

Antique is a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age. Antique is an old item that collected and was used or designed more than 100 years ago. People wish to collect because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional, etc. An antique is

Iftar Delicious of Dhaka Bangladesh

The holy month of Ramazan is back again in the Muslim world. Bangladesh with its large Muslim population observes Ramazan with great piety and Dates Bangla Khejur as Iftarfervour. The daylong fasting ends at sunset and the faithful break their fasting with the delicacies of Iftari.

Iftari is also

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It’s time for VoIP phony in Bangladesh

VoIP is a frequently pronounced and heard term in Bangladesh since January 2007. One may be surprised thinking that Bangladesh progresses in this high technology. But the matter is not like that. The matter is that VoIP business is an illegal business in Bangladesh. Many people were arrested and punished a lot for involving with

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