How to improve memory?

Improve memory Tips : Take a couple of weeks off to rest  to boost your memory and increase your reading capacity. But keep sharp your mind during break or holidays.

Improve memory

– Walk Before your Examination to boost memory and brain power.

– Read loudly instead of Simply Reading to improve memory.

– If you learn something, teach others to test What You Have Learned.

– Try to figure out something with creativity to memorize it.

– Draw diagram of information which will help in the examination center.
– Try to avoid hand writing note, choose computerized papers to read fast.

– Make bigger font if you read at the computer screen.

– Watch a video on the topic to remember key points from the story.

– Do not west times by searching printed books, search Goolge with appropriate keywords.

– Complete a model Test after completion a story to justify your knowledge of key concepts.

– Take study break regularly for 45 to 50 minutes to help brain absorb more information and improve memory.

– Change your mood, join with any discussion, just entertaining.

– Do not stay up all night before your examination.

– Try to discover new methods of studying that help you to learn huge information.

– Use scent or perfume – spraying an unfamiliar scent while you’re studying help to improve memory.

– Group studying help you to enhance your learning capacity.

Keep notes on what you have read. It will help you before examination.

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