The best air purifier efficiently and effectively removes pollutants from the air within a confined space to improve its air quality. The best air purifier is especially needed by the people suffering from allergy and asthmatics, and also for reducing or removing Passive smoking.

The best air purifiers used in the USA for commercial purposes are either small stand-alone units or larger units that can be affixed to an air handler (AHU) or an HVAC unit found in the medical, industrial, and commercial establishments.

Both the manufacturers and e-commerce portals have made it easier to find out the best Air purifiers at a price lower than before. Choosing the best air purifier starts from the assessment of pollution and the presence of the types and density of contaminants in your surrounding atmosphere.

Then comes the issue of your lifestyle, your budget, size, and outlook of the air purifier. The online shoppers have a good opportunity to go through the reviews and comments made by the previous customers with ratings made on each of the items. Here are some of the best air purifiers in the USA market.


AlenBreatheSmart- the best Air Purifier for large room

AlenBreatheSmart is regarded as the best Air Purifier for the treatment of air over a larger sized room. This classic air purifier is capable to clean up to 1100 sq. ft. in every 30 minutes without filling making any noise even on a Turbo speed.AlenBreatheSmart

It has an HEP-Pure filter combined with a Laser Smart Sensor that is capable to detect and suck about 99 percent of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns size.

There is an Indicator Light-reflecting the Air Quality in real-time purity of the room’s air noticeable from a distance. Moreover, this high capacity best air purifier is available in 14 different colors and panels at only $689.


Levoit Compact Air Purifier

This is one of the best air purifiers in the USA which small in size to fit easily on your desk. But it is enough capable to remove air contaminants within a limited space to the maximum level.

Levoit compact air purifier or air cleaner applies a three-stage filtration system instead of using a UV ray or ions to clean the air. This three-stage filtration comprises a pre-filter, then a HEPA filter and lastly an activated carbon filter. It has three fan settings to regulate the speed and volume.Levoit Compact Air Purifier

This air purifier or air cleaner suits well in the bedroom and tucks nicely on the corner of your working desk. This compact air purifier is available on Amazon at a low price of $68.39.The Levoit Core 300 priced under $100 launched in the recent past has superseded its own rival Levoit Vista 200.

This highly efficient budget air purifier is strictly tested and certified by agencies such as Energy Star, AHAM, and CARB to ensure its safety.


Blueair Blue Pure

Blue Pure air cleaner treated as one of the best air purifiers in the USA. It is capable to remove large volumes of air pollutants. It utilizes three-stage air purification methods out of which two are easy to wash pre-filters.Blueair Blue Pure

Washing is very much needed to keep the filter working for a long time as it absorbs too much airborne dust. This air purifier is available in several sizes.

Depending on the sizes of your room and requirement you can choose the right one for you.


Philips Smart Air Purifier

Philips Smart Air Purifier can be controlled from remote is especially suitable for smart home technology. It has an indicator on its display that shows the existing air quality in the room.

Where blue color indicates the good and red color indicates the poor. This one of the best air purifiers is available in different sizes and prices featured with three different modes:Philips Smart Air Purifier

  1. The first one is the automatically started with General Mode.
  2. The second is Allergen Mode, which adjusts its speed automatically when it detects changes in allergen levels
  3. The NightSense mode, which automatically slows down the fan speed and dims the lights when the room goes dark.


Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Air Purifier

Honeywell air cleaner treated as one of the greatest air purifiers for allergists. As it takes off pollen, pet dander, or any type of microparticles from the air.Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifier offers three levels of air cleaning, along with a Turbo Clean setting.


PARTU Air Purifier

Do you want to have a noise-free air purifier in your room, then PARTU Air Purifier is the finest air purifier. This least expensive air purifier is featured with a multicolor light setting and an indicative memory function where the last chosen setting appears on the screen as soon as it is turned on.PARTU Air Purifier


Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

This least expensive and easily portable air purifier comes in two sizes-one is tall and smaller desktop size. There’s a HEPA filter, filled with a layer of activated carbon granules to capture harmful particles and odor.Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

The additional benefits of easy to carry on. That’s made it one of the best air purifiers in the USA.


Molekule Air Purifier

This highly efficient and eye-soothing designed air purifier may cost you up to $799. But it’s the best for those suffering seriously from allergy.

This is one of the best air purifiers which removes indoor air pollutants and destroys them with the use of the dual-filtration system:Molekule Air Purifier

larger sized pollutants like dander and pollen are sorted out at the Pre-Filter stage and then the smaller sized microns are forced out in Nano-Filter stage.


Rabbit Air MinusA2

This is also the best air purifiers in the USA market rated high for it’s higher than average performance. To excel in this purifier in terms of air purification, Rabbit Air applies a 6-stage refinement & deodorization system to provide its user with the utmost clean and fresh air that they may have.Rabbit Air MinusA2

Full details are available on the website of Rabbit air purifier.


Coway AP-1512HH

It’s one of the most excellent air purifiers with wonderful performance ratings and highly rated by reviewers indifferent online market place.

This Mighty Air Purifier is highly rated because of its 4-stage air filtration- firstly, a washable Pre-filter to capture the large particles. Secondly, the Activated Carbon Filter – to deodorize and trap harmful gas.Coway AP-1512HH

Thirdly, HEPA capture 99.97% down to 0.3 microns allergens and virus particles and lastly, the Ionizer – to trap even the tiniest airborne particles.


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