These days, a wireless router can be considered a major part of every home gadget. Without a wireless router, we cannot access the internet wirelessly on our devices, due to which it has become an essential gadget for most of us. Depending on which type of router is being used, there are chances that maintaining a solid connection in every part of the home consistently is not possible. In such instances, a WiFi Extender can be of use to you, allowing you to overcome this misfortune.

A WiFi range extender is a device that improves the coverage of your existing WiFi signal in your home. If you are facing the problem of weak signals in any part of your home, then perhaps a reliable extender like that from TP-Link or Asus can provide a comfortable solution to this problem. Using a WiFi extender is one of the easiest ways to improve the coverage of your WiFI network without buying a brand-new router. With that said, if you are looking tAsus Router Login – buy a WiFi extender, here are some things you should know about.

Compatibility with WiFi Router

When buying a WiFi Range extender, the first thing that you should look for is the compatibility of the WiFi extender with your current WiFi Router. You should see whether the WiFI extender you are going to buy is compatible with the WiFi standards of your router. So before buying a range extender for your wireless router, make sure that the range extender is fully compatible with the wireless router so that you don’t have any kind of problems later on.

Single or  Dual-Band

Just as there are dual-band wireless routers available in the market, there are also dual-band wireless extenders available, and choosing a dual-band wireless extender is obviously a better choice. A single-band WiFi extender comes with the 2.4 GHz frequency for transmission purposes, whereas the dual-band extender comes with both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.


For light internet activities, a single-band WiFi extender is fine, but if you want to stream videos, download, or play online games, then a dual-band range extender is a preferred option. It is better to opt for a dual-band WiFi range extender as it provides comfort and multiple transmission options.

Security Standards

Security standards of the WiFi extender are as essential as other things. Security should be given the highest priority when connecting to any wireless network, especially when you are living in a crowded space and there are chances of cyber attacks happening.


You should make sure that the WiFi extender that you choose has the essential security such as WPA3/WPA2 that will keep your network secure. You can check and configure the security settings of the extender through the admin interface web page, like, which will allow you to make the necessary changes to the security settings. You can find the address of the admin interface web page of your WiFi extender on the box in which it came.

Coverage Area

Before you make the decision to buy a range extender, it is imperative to assess the coverage area of the extender and only choose the one that fulfills your coverage needs. If you have a large home, office, or flat, then choosing a WiFi extender that has a considerably larger coverage area is the right thing to do. On the other hand, if you want to cover only a little distance, choosing any WiFi extender would be fine. Just remember to assess the coverage area beforehand, especially if you want to cover large areas with obstructions in between.