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Where To Find The Best China Radio Stations Online

Free internet radio stations can be an amazing tool in the quest to get the most from your China trip. In fact, some of these stations have been known to push better items and services than many of the more high-priced packages available in hotels and restaurants.

Do you remember the old days when FM and AM radio stations ruled the airwaves? It was a time when radio had a greater presence in China than it does today. But they still tried to distinguish themselves from the Chinese and Western counterparts.

But if you want to experience a different kind of broadcasting – one that is more focused on content and on being entertaining rather than just advertising – then a visit to China would be well worth it. You can find a variety of stations catering to all kinds of tastes and preferences; some of them are very cheap while others may even be free.

Because they use technology to compress the audio files into something much smaller, these radio channels allow the listener to save space in their MP3 player or laptop computer. Of course, this also means that the speaker quality is better than that of regular AM and FM radio stations.

But the problem with free China radio online is that not all the top China radio stations are offered to the public. That is why you have to spend some hard earned cash to experience the full spectrum of free Internet radio stations.

But you do not have to worry about missing out on stations that are affiliated with international TV stations. There are plenty of cheap and free AM and FM stations that can be accessed online as well.

Some of the top China radio stations that can be accessed online are Cantonese FM and Mandarin TV. Both of these stations broadcast in English.

You might have also heard of the show that is like Chinese American version of Top Chef. It was first aired in America as an American TV show but it has now become a Chinese TV series.

For those who are interested in learning about other cultures and having a glimpse of the culture of China, there are plenty of free-AM and FM stations that cater to this niche. These include Dharma Radio which broadcasts in both English and Mandarin, China Insider and Dragon TV.

But perhaps one of the biggest gems for the avid enthusiast of China is the China Today Online or CHO. This free Chinese radio station has something for everyone and every taste.

Its programs are all about Chinese history, economics, politics and culture, as well as news and world news. If you want to know the best ways to get around China on your tour and if you want to know about the food, the country’s arts and crafts, as well as its history, then CHO will satisfy your curiosity.

Take advantage of these media outlets by making the switch to China radio and TV. The only reason you should not visit China is because you have no money and you are traveling with your family.