Healthy snacks are very important for growing kids. Healthy snacks develop child’s immunity strongly. Nowadays, many packaged snacks for kids really unhealthy.
Unhealthy snacks are full of sugar, artificial color, refined flour, tasting salt and other unhygienic ingredients.

If you want to develop your child immunity, snacks time will the great opportunity to give some extra nutrients and energy into your child’s diet.

A list of delicious and healthy snacks for kids –

1. oats.
2. Yogurt.
3. Popcorn.
4. Eggs.
5. Hummus.
6. A slice of cheese.
7. Peanut butter, celery and raisins mix.
8. Cottage cheese.
9. Nuts.
10. Dark chocolate with almonds.
11. Fruits.
12. Olives.
13. Trail mix.
14. Fill pocket with Vegetables.
15. Fruit smoothie.
16. Raisins.
17. Sweet potatoes.
18. Salty Pickles.
19. Sandwich.



There are many kinds of oats recipe. Oatmeal is a healthy snack for kids. Oats have a large amount of –

• Proteins.
• Carbohydrates.
• Dietary fiber.healthy snacks for kids- oats
• Vitamins
• Minerals.
• Calcium. &
• Phosphorus.

Oatmeal is necessary for building bones, haemoglobin production also helpful for dental health.


Yogurt is full of calcium and protein. Calcium is important to develop kid’s bones. Yogurts also helpful for digestive system because it contain live bacteria.

A slice of cheese

A slice of cheese essential to strong teeth and bones of your child. Cheese contains milk. That means, it is full of calcium, protein, magnesium, vitamins A and D. So, give your child a slice of cheese in him or her snack.



Popcorn will be healthy snacks for kids because it is the source of fiber. However, be careful when offering popcorn to your kid’s, because it can be an unpleasant danger.

Peanut butter, celery and raisins mix

Usually, children do not love vegetables. So, spread peanut butter inside the celery and added some raisins. This snacks combined with –
• Carbs
• Protein. &
• Fat.

But make sure, peanut butter is without sugar & vegetable oils.

Celery gives your child –
1. Rich source of vitamin K,
2. Folate.
3. Vitamin A .

4. Potassium.
5. Vitamin C.
6. Dietary fiber.


Cottage cheese

It is very soft and creamy. Serve cottage cheese with dried fruits, wheat toast than it will be a healthy snack for your kids.

Cottage cheese is a good source of –
1. Protein.
2. Selenium.
3. Vitamin B12. and
4. Calcium.

On the other hand, vitamin B12 is very helpful for developing children brain.



Nuts are full of –Healthy Snacks for Kids
• Healthy fats,
• Fiber and
• Antioxidants.

Dietary fat is significant for supporting Growth in kids. If your child have an allergic reaction than skip nuts.


Dark chocolate with almonds

Most of the kids like chocolate very much. Chocolate with almonds is the best combination to make healthy snacks.

Dark chocolate a good source of –
1. Antioxidants.
2. Procyanidins.
3. Catechins and
4. Epicatechins.

Almonds contains —

• Protein.
• Fiber.
• Vitamin E.
• Magnesium.
• Riboflavin.
• Calcium and
• Potassium.

Vitamin E is protecting our cells from free-radical.


A piece of fruit can be a healthy snack for your kids. Pineapple, grapes, peaches, cantaloupe, apples, mango, bananas, pears, plums and other fruits can use for healthy snacks.

Fruits are full of –
• Vitamin C.
• vitamins A.
• Potassium.
• Fiber.



Olives are important to protect body from free radical. That is damaging to our body’s molecules.

Olives are rich in –
1. Healthy fats and
2. Powerful antioxidants.

Olives are easy to eat. However, you have to give different verities of olives to your child to their snacks.

Trail mix

If your child is not allergic to nuts than trail mix will healthy snack for kids.

In trail mix you can add-
1. Mix nuts.
2. Dried fruit.
3. A whole grain cereal.

Fill pocket with Vegetables

Many kids are not fond of vegetables. If you make it fun for kids, they will like to try the vegetables.
Make some wheat pita pockets than fill with many kinds of vegetables like –

• Carrots.
• Cucumbers.
• Lettuce and
• Bell peppers.

Vegetables are much source of vitamins and minerals.

Fruit smoothie

Packaged fruit juice is full of sugar and artificial color. So, homemade fruit smoothie will be the good way to pack a lot of nutrients, into a healthy snack for your kids. In a fruit smoothie you can also add vegetables.
A fruit smoothie is a good way to pack a lot of nutrients into a healthy snack.



Eggs are necessary for brain development it is also beneficial for eye health. So, everyday keep 1 or 2 egg in your kid’s healthy snacks.

Eggs are full of –
1. High-quality protein.
2. Vitamin B12.
3. Riboflavin.
4. Selenium.
5. Lutein.
6. Zeaxanthin.Healthy Snacks for Kids
7. Two carotenoids.
8. Choline



You can try hummus recipe to your kid’s snacks. In hummus recipe’s you can add vegetables and sweet fruits.
Hummus is rich of

• Protein
• Fat
• Carbs
• Manganese.
• Folate
• Copper
• Plenty of antioxidants.


Raisins will be the best snacks for your kids. They are dried grapes. Raisin helps to transport Oxygen all over your kid’s body. It is also helpful for protecting your kid’s teeth from Cavities.

Raisins contain a decent amount of –
• Iron,
• Oleanolic acid

So, pack a healthy snack by Raisins.

Sweet potatoes

It is one of the best healthy snacks for your kids. Sweet potatoes are good sources of Beta-carotene that is converted into vitamin A into your body. It is helpful for healthy eyes & skin.

So, give your kids sweet potatoes but it will be the homemade only.

Salty Pickles

Salty Pickles are good source of
• Vitamin K.
• Probiotic bacteria.
• Water.

Probiotic bacteria is excellent for the digestive system.


A sandwich can be a healthy snack for kids. A sandwich is full of protein, fat, vitamin and minerals if you including fruits and vegetables.

Healthy snacks are very much essential for kids to provide energy. Offer your kids healthy snacks daily. And, kids will grow up properly.

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