DACA is the abbreviation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals which was created by President Barack Obama. It gives governmental relief from expulsion. DACA mainly protects entitled expatriate youth coming to the USA at the childhood from expulsion.

After 2017 nobody can apply for this. President Donald Trump called end DACA service. About 800k adults have been qualified for this program. To allow DACA now this issue is being controlled by the high court.

In 2020 the high court will announce the wiles. The holder of this program from the very beginning about 91 percent they are now employer or connected with any other works or achieving higher education.

People say positive about this program. The recipient of DACA known as Dreamers. Most of the recipients came from Mexico and their age is around 25/26.

DACA’ s services for 2 years.

• Give security from Expulsion.
• Work authorize.

Who are qualified for this service under DACA.

• If you came to the USA for sixteen birthday.
• Of 15 June in 2012 Less than thirty-one years old.
• Living in the USA from 2007 (June 15) to now constantly.
• If you applied bodily in 2012 (June 15) in the USA.
• At present graduated from high school/ studying/ GED/ respectably released from the military/ respectably released from the coast guard.

• Confer with an attorney for any connection with immigration authorities.

Who are disqualified for this service under DACA
• The offender of a criminal act.
• More than 3 delinquency.

To renew your DACA.DACA

 Confer with an attorney for proposing application to the authorities of the immigrant.
 USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is being received all renewals.

Submit process.

• Maybe it takes 5 or 6 weeks.
• Including all mandatory documents with 450 US dollars.
• Checking fingerprint.

What DACA explain for you.

• They are American.
• They speaking only in English.
• They have no connection with their country but with America.
• Not possible to achieve legal citizenship.
• They kept a good record in school, college and military.


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