No country in the world may be self sufficient in her communication. In that context one counter may be dependent on others for her own sake and considering that need of communication two or more countries get mutually involved in an agreement or contract by which they may be allowed to use each others land and that is thought to be a transit.

Transit may be arranged in different ways like by air, by water or by land. Bangladesh already maintained air ways transit as other countries are using the sky’s of Bangladesh.

Advantage of the transit for India through Bangladesh:

1. Zonal and geographical structure: Seven states or provinces of India situated in the south east region are divided for Bangladesh from the main land of India.  India’s internal communication is very much obstacle because of the distance of 17 miles which cover the boarders of the districts Rangpur, Dinazpur of Bangladesh. But to over come the 17 miles distance India is to cross thousands of miles for reaching eastern coastal states with her industrial and agricultural products lying in the North-east region of India which require a lot of time and communication expenses.

2. Uplift the mineral resources: India feels the need of transit in Bangladesh for various courses. In order to meet her requirements of industrial trading for uplift petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, tea which are lying in the North-east of India.

3. Defense strategy: India needs transit through Bangladesh for military cause.  South east of Nepal and Northern side of Bangladesh are divided by India’s ‘Shili Guree’ corridor which is the only way between the shout west and north east road and rail communication of India.

4. Terminate China Conflict: China is in a conflict with India regarding ‘Arunachal’. China has not accepted Nort Arunachals separating by the Macmohon line.

5. Economic and political reason: Besides military and geographical possibilities there is a political interest of internal sovereignty. Because in the North east region there exists political unrest. The people of that region belong to the ‘Mongolian reace’ differentiating themselves from the Indians for their religious, cultural and an thropological background.

6. Access to Chittagong Sea Port: Under this transit privilege India’s goods imported from different countries and her own produced goods along with military instruments from Madras ‘Bishakha Pattom’ and other ports will directly come to Chittagong port of Bangladesh.

7. Use  of Bangladesh Railway: The goods will be carried upto Bilonia, through the railway of ‘Feni’, Porshuram and that will cover different places of ‘Trepura upto Guahati’ of ‘Assam’ province. India will maintain communication through Karimgange, ‘Lamding’ and ‘Thein Sukia’ of Assam.

8. Use of Water ways: By the water ways Food, Machinaries, Military Instruments will be transported through ‘Baghaisori’ to the province ‘Assam’, ‘Threepura’ and ‘Mizoram’ of India. Indian ships will be able to come from Calcutta, Holdia port and through ‘Bahadurabad’ ships will reach upto Assam’s ‘Guahati’.

Advantage of the transit for Bangladesh

1. Transit Fees: According to Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) Bangladesh may obtain seven to eight hundred crores of  Taka every year as transit fees.

2. Investment: Transit will make India to make a lot investments in Bangladesh.

3. Job opportunity: If India given the transit a lot of unemployed youth will be employed with various jobs related to the transit atmosphere.

Problem of Transit for Bangladesh

There may occur different kinds of problems along with the commercial, political and defense area.

1. Commercial: If the trade balance of India and Bangladesh is compared, Bangladesh remains against the favorable atmosphere of marketing.

2. Trouble in Communication Sector: If India is given transit there will be a great pressure on Chittagong sea port and on the roads, railways. Bangladesh will face various troubles regarding her economic.

3. Rebel threat:  The transit advantage given to India will instigate her to control the rebels struggling in Nagalend mizoram and other North East zone of India for which India would send armed forces and other military instruments as a result the rebel of the North East zone of India might be against Bangladesh.

4. Sovereignty of Bangladesh:  India might be in the doubt to have guessed that the rebels of ‘Mizoram’ have entered Chittagong Hill Tracts and as an excuse India would send her forces to Chittagong area which would be a great threat to the sovereignty of Bangladesh.

5. Political Crises: There are some political parties showing different fears and troubles of the transit for Bangladesh. Some of the political parties consider it to be a threat and weakness of our sovereignty.