Taking care of your baby in Winter

Over cold or Over heating would be very dangerous to a new born baby as their temperature regulation system is mature as like as a adult. You must not cover your baby head if you think the room is so cold or so hot. 

You can use child sleeping bags instead of blankets and follow the vendors  instruction on size, layers and cotton varieties as wool is ideals for keep them warm. Sleeping bag is not too long to avoid a baby slipping down into the bag.


You can use a nursery thermometer to know the room temperature constantly to 18 degrees. Do not use pillows before one year of age. Even the room temperature is to cold do not use electric blankets or hot water bottles.

You should not sleep with your baby on a sofa or armchair. Do not share your bed with a baby if you are smokers, drinking alcohol, sleeping pill or very tried.


In winter season do not take  your baby out of the room in the very early morning. If you need to go cover full body of your baby with wool clothes or baby bags  except nose and mouth. A cold suit provides a great buffer against the cold or bad weather. This cold suits have form-fitting legs and arms.

Taking care of your baby in Winter

This extraordinary cold or heat can damage your baby skin if let unprotected while out. There are a few very easy ways to avoid the onset of dry skin conditions and some products that will help to protect your little gems’.

You will find weather protected cream which made with natural ingredients. Take extra measure to buy these kind of baby products from your local shops.

Try to find the original products those are tested and verified by the respective authorities.