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We added Ads rates for Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Protidin, Ittefaq, Kaler Kontho here to just let you know advertising rates of Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh.

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Newspaper advertisement rates in Bangladesh

All newspapers advertisement rates are not same, due to popularity and circulation, newspaper’s authorities offer a rate for per inch/column size advertisement.

Calculation of Newspapers Advertisement rate/price

Advertising rate is calculated on the base of (column x inch) size.

  • For example:  width: 2 column; height: 2 inch.
  • so, advertisement size will be : (column x height) = 2 col x 2 inch = 4 inch/column
  • if per column-inch rate: 5000 taka.
  • then, 4 inch/col price will be (size x rate)=(4 x 5000) =20,000 taka. 


Advertisement rates available for the following Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh:

  1.  Prothom Alo
  2. Bangladesh Protidin
  3. Ittefaq
  4. Kaler Kontho
  5. Jugantor
  6. Janakontho
  7. Amader Shomoy
  8. Daily Samakal
  9. Jai Jai Din
  10. Bhorer Kagoj
  11. Daily Songbad
  12. Manabkontho
  13. Bonik Barta
  14. Noya Diganto
  15. Alokito Bangladesh
  16. Daily Inqilab
  17. Dhakar Dak
  18. Asia Bani
  19. Sonali barta
  20. Somoyer Alo
  21. Share Biz   and more

Advertisement rates are available for the following English newspapers in Bangladesh

  1. The Daily Star
  2. Dhaka Tribune
  3. Financial Express
  4. Daily Sun
  5. New Age
  6. Bangladesh Today and more..


Prothom alo advertisement rate

Prothom Alo is the highest circulated Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh,

  • Prothom Alo column size : 2 inch. Total 6 columns.


Prothom Alo Advertisement

Prothom Alo is very popular newspaper in Bangladesh. Prothom Alo advertisement rates is
higher than any other Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh. You can download prothom alo rate card from this page

Prothom Alo Advertisement Rate

– Inner Page : 9500 taka / col inch. (color)
– Inner Page: 6500 taka / col inch (Black-white).
– First Page: 30000 taka (color) min-9inch-col.
– Last Page: 25000 taka (color) min 6inch-col.
– Third Page: 23000 taka (color) per inch col.
– second and 5th page: 14000 (color).
– Business and sports Page: 11000 taka for per inch column size.

Prothom alo advertisement rate chart 2019 / 2020 for classified advertisement:

Prothom alo allows minimum 15 words and maximum 40 words for classified advertisement.
Classified advertisement for rent, requirement, sale, matrimonial and others must be given before 2 days of publish day.

Classified – Prothom Alo ad rate for Bold text 25% extra.
Text in screen 50% extra.
Text in Box 100% extra.

VAT for prothom alo advertiseemnt
There is 15% VAT will be added for any kind of prothom alo advertisement.

Prothom Alo Advertisement Payment
You must confirm your advertisement with 100% payment. Payment can be made through bank deposit, bkash, nagad, or cash in office.

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Bangladesh protidin advertisement rate

Bangladesh Protidin is the second largest circulated newspaper in Bangladesh. Bangladesh protidin
advertisement rate is also higher than other Bangla newspapers.

Bangladesh protidin advertisement

Bangladesh protidin advertisement rates as follows:
– First Page Rate per inch-col : 19000 taka (color) (min-12inch/col)
-Last Page Rate per inch-col: 16500 taka (color) min 6inch/col)
– Second Page Rate per inch-col: 8500 (color) taka and 7000 taka (black and white).
– Bangladesh protidin Third Page : 11000 (color)
– Fifth Page: 8500 (color)
– Inner pages Sixth, seventh and Ninth Page: 7000 color and 4600 for black and white per inch column.
– Bangladesh protidin advertisement for 10th page : 9000 color.

Bangladesh Protidin Classified ad

Bangladesh protidin advertisement rate for Classified Bangladesh protidin advertisement rate for Classified  Classified advertisement rates are comparatively lower than inch/column ads. you can take decision to publish your small advertisement for buying, selling, rent, requirement, academic certificate ads on the classified page of Bangladesh protidin.  Minimum 20 words and maximum 50 words are allowed for classified section.

Bangladesh Protidin Spot Advertisement Rates:

– First page (color) : 40,000 taka

– Last Page (color) : 30,000 taka.

– Sports page (color) : 10,000 taka.

Bangladesh Protidin Legal Notice Any advertisement related to law or legal notice rate is 4500 taka per inch column.

Nikhong Biggapan in Bangladesh Protidin

– size: 2 inch x 1 column. (color)

– size: 2 inch x 1 column (black and white)

Lost, birthday, student achievement, scholarship, need help, higher education and more.

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Samakal advertisement rate

You can choose Samakal to advertise for product or service. Samakal advertisement rate for Box, Inch
column or classified are not so high, comparatively low rates.
Samakal advertisement rate for inch-column as follows:

– First Page rate per inch-col: 16000 (color).
– Last Page rate per inch-col : 14000 (Color)
– Second Page rate per inch-col : 8000 (color) 6000 (black and white)
– Third Page rate per inch-col : 10,000 (color) and 7500 (Black-white).
– Fifth Page rate per inch-col: 7500 (color) and 5000 taka (Black-white).
– Entertainment Page: 7000 taka (color) and 4500 (black-white)
– Sports Page rate per inch-col : 6500 taka (color) and 5500 (black-white)
– Other Inside Page rate per inch-col : 5000 color and 4000 black -white.



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If you think Prothom Alo ad rate is higher than other newspaper advertisement rates, or you have a low budget for newspaper add then you can consider to publish your advertisement in other Bangla or English newspaper.


Download Newspaper Advertisement Rates card in Bangladesh

All newspaper advertisement rates in Bangladesh are not same. Most popular Newspapers rates is higher
than less popular newspapers.

Prothom Alo Advertisement Rate Card


Bangladesh Protidin advertisement rate 2020

Bangladesh Protidin is the second highest circulated Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh.

  • BD protidin Inner Page Black color advertisement rate : 4600 taka per inch-column.
  • BD protidinInner Page Color Advertisement Rate: 7000 taka per inch-column.
  • BD protidin column size : 1.6 inch.

Bangladesh Protidin Advertisement Rate Card


Kaler Kontho Advertisement Rate Card


Ittefaq Advertisement Rate Card



Ittefaq Advertisement Rate

Front Page : 16000 taka (color – 12 inch col)
Last Page: 14000 taka (color – 6 inch col.)
3rd Page: 10000 taka (color).
5th page: 8000 taka (color).
5th page: 6000 taka (B/W)
2nd page: 8000 (color), 6000 (B/w).

Ittefaq Advertisemnt Rate for Inner Page

Inside Page : 4000 taka. (black and white).
Inside Page: 5000 taka (color).


Ittefaq Ad rates for other page

19th page: 7000 taka (color).
19th page: 5000 taka (b/w).
Sports page: 6000 taka (color); 5000 taka (b/w).

Daily Ittefaq Advertisement rates for Classified

Minimum words : 16.
Maximum words: 50.

classified advert for rent, sale, matrimonial, required and others.


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The Daily Star Advertisement Rates

Daily Star is the highest circulated English daily in Bangladesh. Call us to inch column, box or classified
advertisement rate.

Daily Star Advertisement Rate

– Front Page : 18000 (color), minimum size 12 col-inch.
– Front Page : 19000 (color – Friday)

– Back Page : 14000 (color), 4 col – inch.
– Back page : 15000 (color), Friday.

Advertisement Rate for Daily Star Page 3 : 11000 (color – friday)

Page 5 : 9000 taka (color – friday)
Page 5 : 7500 taka (black and white)

Page 7 : 6500 taka ( color – friday)
Page 7 : 5300 (b/w)

Daily Star Advertisement Rates for Business Page:

Front Page (business) : 9000 taka. (color)
Back Page : 7000 taka (color)

Business Page – Inner : 6000 (color) 5000 (B/W)

Other Inside Page / Innner Page : 5500 taka (color).
Other Inside Page: 6000 (color – Friday)

Samakal advertisement rate
Front Page: 16000 taka. (color)
Last Page: 14000 taka (color).
2nd Page: 8000 (color) 6000 taka (b/w).
3rd Page : 10,000 taka (color); 7500 (black and white)
5th page: 7500 taka (color); 5000 taka (black and white).

Samakal Ad rates for other pages.
Entertainment Page: 7000 (color), 4500 (black /white)
Sport Page: 6500 taka, (color), 5500 taka (B/W).

Samakal Advertisement rates for inside page
Inner page : 5000 (color), 4000 taka (B/W).


Jugantor Advertisement Rate

Inside Page: 3750 taka (Black white).
Inner Page : 5000 taka (color).

Jugantor Ad rates

Front page : 17000 taka (color -12 inch min)
Last Page: 14000 taka (color -4 inch min)
3rd Page: 11000 taka (color), 8500 taka (b/w)
5th page: 6000 taka (b/w).
2nd page: 8000 taka (color), 5000 (b/w)
Business page: 7500 taka (color) 5000 taka (b/w).
Sports page: 6500 taka (color), 5000 taka (b/w)


Dainik Azadi Advertisement Rates

If you want to advertise on Chittagong base Dainik Azadi newspaper, we can do that for you . Call us for
dainik azadi advertisement rate and specification.


Ads rate in newspaper

There are many pages in a newspapers and variation of ads rate in newspaper will make you confuse. but we will help you in the very best way to publish your advert in the right page with the perfect ads rate in newspaper. so, if you have any hesitation about ads rate in the newspaper, you must contact with us to provide you more details, you can call us to ads rate in newspaper to our mobile number: 01814461234   or you can send us email to [email protected]