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Panjabi – Traditional Dress for Bangladeshi

Panjabi is a traditional dress in different countries and nation. In the very old Panjabi region, people wore a type of dress which is made by cotton clothing. The tops part of the dress for both female and male reached or crossed the Knee. The both hands covered with the cloth and some people wear

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Jamdani Sharee Mysterious history of fashion

Jamdani Sharee is the deluxe muslin textiles fashioned in Dhaka city of Bangladesh for centuries. The historical Jamdani sharee was patronized by the Mughal emperors Under BC. the jamdani and the muslin industries hurriedly declined because of colonial importing policies and affected textile. Now a days the iamdani sharee has witnessed a renovation in Bangladesh.

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Muktadhara: Pioneering the Ekushey Book Fair

The month-long 'Amar Ekushey Granthamela' is perhaps the most eagerly awaited book fair in our country. Particularly enthused are the authors, publishers and readers. However, the mela has had a chequered history. The book fair was the brainchild of the late Chittaranjan Saha, founder of the publishing house Muktadhara. He embarked on this front with

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Film Songs of Bangladesh – Golden Era

HSBC brought Bangladesh Film song legendary singers Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin, Subir Nandi, Samina Chowdhury, Abdul Jabbar, Syed Abdul Hadi and Rumana Islam on a stage together at a Hotel in Dhaka on May 9, 2014. The program titled was "Din Jaye Kotha Thakey" : Bangla Chalachchitrer Harano Diner Sonali Sure and anchor were Afjal

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Marriage ceremony in Bangladesh

Marriage ceremony in Bangladesh is a general functions. Marriages are held all over the year in Bangladesh, but winter is most acceptable season. Because the season is very comfortable and rural communication is very easy and non-hazardous. Muslim marriage, in its truest form, is a boy and a girl takes vow to live as husband

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Bangladesh Folk Arts and Crafts Museum of Sonargaon

Bangladesh Folk Arts and Crafts Museum of Sonargaon is a mini replica of the country. The main objective of this unique organisation is to preserve and display the traditional art and cultural heritage of the nation. This Museum began its journey at Sonargaon in March 1975 at the initiative of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin, the great

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Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy was established in February 1974 by the National Parliament vide Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Act 1974 (Act no 31 of 1974). Later on, in 1989, the 1974 Act was replaced by this new Parliamentary Act. Since then the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is managed by Act of 1989. The main purposes of Bangladesh Shilpakala

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Festivals of Bangladesh – Religious and traditional

Festivals of Bangladesh have always played a significant role in the life of the people of Bangladesh.Those are parts and parcels of Bangalee culture and tradition. These festivals include traditional, cultural, religious and political. It is said that Bangladesh have Baro Mashe Tero Parbon (Thirteen festivals in twelve months). Salient features of the major festivals

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Pahela Baishakh : Festive Start of Bangla New Year 1426

Pahela Baishakh is the first day of the Bangla year. Pahela Baishakh is celebrated in a festive manner in both Bangladesh and West Bengal . In Bangladesh Pahela Baishakh is a national holiday. Pahela Baisakh falls on April 14, each year. Under the Mughals, agricultural taxes were collected according to the Hijri calendar. However, as

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Furniture in Bangladesh

Furniture  in Bangladesh, the usually movable articles in a room that equip it for use. The most common pieces of furniture are beds, chairs, tables, and chests. in the past couple of decades furniture styles in Bangladesh has under gone dramatic change. From traditional style, it has proliferated to such a degree that literally hundreds

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