Shabana was an old film actress of Bangladesh. She is known as Ratna in her family. Her family abided in Raujan area in Chittagong. She has two daughters and one son. She wedded with Bangaldeshi Film director Wahis Sadik in 1973. She began acting career in 1960. At first, she acted in film Natun Sur in 1962 as a child actor. Her first Urdu film is Chakori directed by Ehtessham and her co actor is Pakistani film actor Nadeem.


She acted more than 400 films. The films are ‘Abuj Mon,’ ‘Dui Paisar Alta,’ ‘Madhu Milon,’ ‘Madhumita,’ ‘Nupur,’ ‘Anubhob,’ ‘Satya Mithya,’Bhat De, Dui Poisar Alta, Sakhinar Judhdho, Sokhi Tumi Kar, Sabuj Sathi, Man Somman, Matir Ghor, Keu Karo Noy, ‘Chanpa Danger Bou, Rajluxmi Srikanto, ‘Putra Badhu,’ ‘Shohag,’Bodhu Biday, Ora egarojon, ‘Laxmir Sangsar etc. She acted more Urdu films like as Aandhi,Hulchul,Meherban,Pail ,Daagh,Qulli, Chand Aur and so on.

Bangladeshi Film Actress Shabana

Dallywood Actress Shabana

Sabana released from acting in 1998 and went to stay with her family members. She won 11 times the national film award and special award.


  1. HI shabana. i like your acting. i wish u live long.

  2. HI shabana,
    I like your acting. I wish You live long. Please Please com Back Acting. your so good and Good.

  3. shabana apa, salam niben allah k soron rakhben. besi besi kore allah ar nikot khoma chaiben allah khoma korben.zibone onek koresen ar na. sokol mosolmaner jonno doa korben.allah hapez.

  4. shabana apa ami U S A ar GA state thake laklam. amar khub shok apnar shathe kotha bolar jodi apnar phone no ta dan ami 1 bar apnar shathe call kore kotha boltam. thans. i like u and your actin.

  5. Sabana Apu, Assalamualicum, Hoping you are fine & safe. Thanks for your life realated acting for future bangladeshis. Thanks again to Rathna Apu…

  6. Sabana apu, Your acting was very high quality. At this time I don’t find any actress like you. I think you are not only actress but also a MODEL for every girl who are living our society. I like you very much. I won’t forget your acting in my whole life.

  7. Shabana Ji,

    I have been leaving Ca, USA for over 20 years. I was saw lot of movies that you were in the leading role, such as jorar paki, samadhan, etc, i was in high school. You are one of the best actress. Your husband sadek is from my home town khulna. I like your glasses. Anyway, keep it up.

  8. sabana apo, ami apner ekjon vokto. ami apner onek sobi dekhesi. amar issa jodi kokhono apner sathe kotha bolte partam, tahole nijeke donno mone kortam. jodi apni amake e-mail kore apner phn no. diten tahole ami phn kore kotha boltam. ami ekon uk bosobas kori. jokhon theke amar bojar boes hoese tokhon theke ami apnake khobi posonda kori. apnei paren sei sopno sarthok korte.
    monika alo
    58 maine street(1r)
    dundee, scotland, uk
    dd3 7hn

  9. From Kuwait After 22 years suddenly came in mind about your act has remind the nature of our loving country Bangladesh . Lots of your films act was really remembrance us until now that was great . i want to thank you because of your great job has done in the life of entertainment . May God bless you and the love of Jesus Christ show you His salvation. In the greatest name of Jesus Amen.

  10. Assalamualaikum……….
    SHABANA, the best actress in the Bangla film. All of the movie where you have a role you done a gigantic role. Your acting, performance, style , getup every things are so cute & god at all. I think you r the pioneer and model for all of the actress of Bangladesh.

  11. hello! this is your biggest fan from R.U. I love your innocent appearance and your natural acting. please never deprive your fans. really i miss you very much.

  12. Sabana madam,
    You are not acting in cenema from many days.Please come back.

  13. shabana,
    you are same shabana, “:CHAKOORI”wali?
    you are great artist, this ia my lst movie what i seen in pakistan in 1965/1966?
    than i move to usa,i still want to see your movies.

  14. sabana apu amar age jokon 10 years, tokon ami apnar ‘angar’ chabi deki, tarpar apnar anke…………. flim dekeci. apnar sondarja ar koro bitor dekini. amar balo lage apni ekjon jar kono scandal nai.

  15. Dear Shabana,

    I am friend of your uncle Nurul Islam Chowdhury. I am looking for his contact details. I am staying in UK. Please send this message to your uncle Nurul. I am waiting for his contact details.

    Thank you,

    Yousub Ali,

  16. hello my sweet sister,
    how are you..I try to phone you many time but no one pick your phone, its realy sad to know about the death of your father, who was realy a nice and kind hearted man, may God rest of his soul with peace in heaven, AMEEN.
    Give my reagards to Sadiq Bhai, and when you talk Dhaka to your mother pay my Salam to her plz.
    with best wishes to all of your family member. I add you in face book.
    Last night I talk with bachuchu Bhai on phone. my all family miss you lot.

    with Best regards
    your brother
    Roomi Email:

  17. Sabana apu how are you? I am fine, you are my big fan.

  18. hi apu ..kemon asen .asha kori valo asen..apni akon kothi ..deshea na ki birea…

  19. You are the actual heroin in Banglafilm industry. Your time was golden time. Please come back and produce banglafilm which we can see with all family members.
    Wish you long live.

  20. salam janai.HI shabana. i like your acting. i wish u live long.

  21. Art and artist are above boundaries and times .I was a kid when i watched chakori.U played a role in pak movie
    again with Nadeem ..We in pak still have great love for u..

  22. Hi Madam,

    Apnar shomoye apnar shoman kew chilo na, jodio Bobita, Koborir onek popularity chilo. Tar poro apni chilan exceptional. Apnar rekhe jawa jaigata ajo kew nite pare nai. Apnar tulona apni.

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