Since launched www.mediabangladesh.net in 2005, we have been receiving comments on Celebrities in Bangladesh. Every one wants to share his/her experience / emotions with others. I am your fun, I like your act,?excellent acting was in that film, even I like you? these kinds of thousand words. Celebrity likes these words very much. Really they love their funs, people of all levels; people love them and?celebrities are doing their best job?.

Our main target to bring celebrity?s life style, profile, their?all works?under this banner. But this work not so easy, it needs time and investment. Initially we try to upload all pictures and we collect these pictures from different sources.

You can send us picture and details of your best one to info[at]mediabangladehs.net.

You can post your comments or suggestion or what ever you like to post in each category but do not post any text or link which is not match our page. As these web pages for general public view and comments (if), so do not expect any reply from the celebrity.

If we receive any complain about picture or text we will remove.

Thank you for visiting this website.



  1. HI i think you have done a very good job by making this website.
    but some of the people makes very nasty comments. i want you to just remove them from comments. it could have been really good if the celibritys could see our commnts. i dont think they looks at out commnets.

  2. pathik vai you are good song i like your song . amar akta nodi chilo. thank,sfor you

  3. HI Admins pls delet the disgusting maggages from the list. otherwise this site will be the worst side. plz keep an eye ont the bad commetnms and delet them. plz.

  4. Thanks you Shathy for the comment.

    Yes I am searching for this kind of aggressive comments. I must delete. If you know any one, Please let me know.

    Thank you for visiting this site.


    All the best

  5. Can you plz block The those comment to tisa. the sender are russel and easin. its in december. plz delet this comments.
    i will be grearful to u.

    • I am looking for abuse comments; every day I delete comments with slang languages. If you see any aggressive or bad comment, please leave a message on the section “Report Abuse” with mentioning the celebrity name.

  6. Thanks shathy for visiting this site regularly but I never get your real email address. ‘MMR’ mean ‘M Mizanur Rahman’
    wish you all the best,

  7. I dont enter my real email address. Thanks for telling me your Proper name.

  8. Plz dont put a babys pic on my comments. bcos i am not a baby. If you would like to put a picture then you can put Indian Actress Hansika Motwanis picture. I Like her so much Beacause i look a bit like her. sorry thank you.

    • We did not put this picture in your profile. I think you have selected profile pic when created your account. You can hide it from your profile, its located in your account setting area.

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