Somoy TV

Somoy TV is one of the popular 24hrs news television channels in Bangladesh. Somoy TV started test transmission on 10 October 2010 and commercially on-air since 17 April 2011. Somoy Television continues its activities with a view to presenting authentic and politically unbiased news to the people of Bangladesh and other parts of the world. [...]

Sangsad Bangladesh TV

Sangsad Bangladesh TV is a Government owned television channel of Bangladesh. Sangsad Bangladesh TV started broadcasting since January 24, 2011. The Sangsad TV is mainly broadcast live the parliament proceedings. During recess, it shows programmes on the history of the Sangsad, discussions on important bills Sangsad Bangladsh TV Bangabandhu 1 Satellite Frequency Sangsad TV Satellite: [...]

RTV – Private Television from Bangladesh

RTV is a Bangla language satellite TV channel broadcast from Bangladesh. It started operation on 26 December 2005. Bangabandhu 1 Satellite Frequency for RTV RTV Satellite: Bangabandhu 1 Orbital Position: 119.1 degree East Downlink Frequency: 10805 V MHz Symbol Rate: 3696 KSPS FEC: 30000, 2/3 Polarization: Horizontal Pole Video Coding Format: DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4. Apstar 7 Satellite Frequency for RTV [...]

NTV – Bengali language satellite television channel in Bangladesh

NTV is a Bengali language satellite television channel in Bangladesh. It started operation 3rd July, 2003. NTV started operation in 2003 from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the most popular Bangla TV station in the country. NTV broadcasts News, Documentary, Live Program, Talk Show, Drama, Magazine, Law Related Program, Musical Program, Islamic Program, Computer [...]

My TV Bangladesh

My Tv (Bangladesh) is a satellite television channel from Bangladesh was on 20 December 2010. My TV runs 24 hours a day using Bengali language as the primary medium, reaching Bengali speaking population, worldwide. A race of more than 350 million people, present in every corner of the globe, with a rich cultural heritage over [...]

Mohona TV – a satellite channel broadcast from Bangladesh

Mohona Television is a satellite television channel broadcast from Bangladesh. It was launched on 11th of November 2010. The TV is very popular all over the country for its programs MOHONA TV started its journey with the determination of promoting Bengali culture and language by using latest technology. MOHONA TV has its own fully redundant [...]

Ekushe TV – ETV

Ekushey TV was the first private terrestrial TV channel in Bangladesh. ETV Official transmission began on April 14, 2000, within a very short time of transmission ETV became most popular private TV channel in Bangladesh for its peerless news broadcasting and other innovative programs. ETV was closed down on August 29, 2002. Permission for the [...]

Desh TV Bangladesh

Desh TV (Bangladesh) officially launch on 26 March, 2009. Desh TV is broadcasting Bangla and English News and program from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its transmission coverage throughout the Bangladesh; Middle East, Australia, UK and USA though Satellite and cable network. Desh TV Bangabandhu 1 Satellite Frequency- DeshTV Satellite: Bangabandhu 1 Orbital Position: 119.1 degree East Downlink Frequency: [...]

Channel I in Bangladesh – Frequency Programs Schedule and Logo

Channel i is a privately owned Television network in Bangladesh and the country's first digital channel. It is owned by the Impress Group. Channel i was started in June 1, 1997. In the beginning Channel I was broadcasting pre-recorded programs for 12 hours day. Within two years Channel i began broadcasting 24 hours a day [...]

Banglavision TV

Banglavision TV is a Bangladeshi satellite television channel, launched in 31 March 2006. BanglaVision is continuing non-stop transmission for 24-hours everyday and we are putting on air different kinds of programmes and news bulletins. BanglaVision pledges to play a positive role in building the nation through healthy entertainment. It's program lineup includes dramas, talk shows, [...]