Tips on how to become a celebrity

To become a celebrity is not so easy. Your talent and hard working will bring a fame for you in the near future.  You can practice these tips to become a celebrity in the area you like the most.

1. Personality: You should have a personality, any strong personality to live in the way you like, just different but not odd.

2. Talent: Show your talent in your work. Respect your work, even its cooking, designing, acting, singing, writing whatever that go in a singular talent. 

3. Reach audience: If you get chance to meet widest audience, do not miss this opportunity. Join any reality show. Every one does not get invitation, if you get you should be there.

4. Share you wish: If you meet any one already got popularity in your dream work, just share your interest to start.

5. Manage good publicist: It is very import for a celebrity to get coverage on a media publication. Keen in mind to get full page in the cover page or inner page with picture.

6. Start Work: Start your work with sincerity.  Hard work and smile.

7. Participate in cameos:  Show you face and voice. Participate any public advertisement, Charity announcement. Public appearance help your career to let people know you.

8. Popularity polls: Monitor your audience, check your popularity. Participate any award nomination. Your agent will help you in this step.

9. Work hard: Work hard and work hard. One day you will become a celebrity.


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