Bindu was born in 9th September, 1984. The full name is Afsana Ara Bindu. Bangladeshi actress Bindu is most popular for her acting. She is living Dhaka now. She loves acting. He looks very attractive. She won The Lux Channel I Superstar award 2006. Her ambition is to be a popular actress of Bangladesh from her early career.



Film Actress Bindu

Bangladeshi Film Actress Bindu

Bd actress Bindu

Actress Bindu

Actress Bindu

Actress Bindu

People choose her very much. Her film industry name is Bindu. She is well known film star of Bangladesh. She is acting television dramas and Tele Films. Most of the people like her dramas. Bindu wants to perform lots of films. She is acting Jaago and Daruchini Dip movie which are very much popular and commercially success full. Her dramas and Tele Films are commercially successful. She is also dances in various films song


  1. HI BIndu. i likeyour acting very much. and ur very cute as well.

  2. Hi Bindo,
    U r a greatest creation of god.. Your face is like of holy verse…
    I like u very much…

  3. Hi Bindo,
    U r a greatest creation of god.. Your face is like of holy verse…
    I like u very much… I am your big big big fan..

  4. She is nice but i am the best.

  5. i think your not cute

  6. Ar konodin arokom korle tor akdin ki amar sara bochor.

  7. Hi “Bindu” Lovely morning really, Very lovely you. Sweet afternoon really, Very sweet you. Good evening really, Very good you. Good night really, Dream all round…? Cell : 01745-304827

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    Main remind your language,

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  12. HI i alwaus want to be the star. dats y my name is superstar. If u ask me to change this name. i will keep Super Duper star, or Lux super star. or super heroin. or super villan.

  13. Hi,bindu ur acting is so much attractive.

  14. Faltu………………..
    tumi khota dia khotA RAKHONA………
    DO U DON’T KNOW ME???????????
    I UR UR

  15. Hi Bindu…How are u? I like ur acting as well as u.

    Have a nice time


  16. Bindu how are you.i love you too much if you like me .thanks from canada.

  17. u r so nice to see, i am wilder of your love would u give me chance to be of your lover.

  18. hi how are you what are you doing now

  19. hi i m mifta rahman i m ur big friend my sister lima like u we love u.pls say hello my sister she will be happy

  20. marry Christmas

  21. Bindu you are so nice.

  22. your drama named nioti I watched in NTV.
    I like your acting & glamour like story.
    I become your fan.
    Best of your luck.

  23. Hi Bindu
    You are so sweet

  24. hi dear bindu.
    tumi ektu ektu valobsha.R
    binbu bindu ovinoy dia sobar mona dag
    ketaso. tomar ovinoy khuv valolage

  25. Apnake onek sundor lagche..tobe muker dhakta ornorokm kore tole.

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