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TV Bangladesh

First Television channel Bangladesh Television was broadcast in in the year 1964. Untill 1990 BTV was the only Terrestrial Televisionin in the country. ATN Bangla was the first private satellite TV channel in Bangladesh. ATN Bangla channel started operating in 1997.

Terrestrial broadcasting networks: Bangladesh Television is the only terrestrial Bangla station in Bangladesh owned by the Government.

Bangladesh TV

Satellite broadcasting networks:
BTV, Independent Television, Diganta Television, Ekushey Television, ATN Bangla, Banglavision, Boishaki, Mohona, Bijoy, Channel 1, Channel I, DeshTV, Islamic , MyTV, NTV, RTV, Channel 9, BTV World, Somoy, Sangsad Bangladesh, Maasranga, GTV.

Bangladesh TV

All Bangla TV channels are broadcast from the Telstar 10 satellite with the exception of ATN Bangla which is broadcast from Thaicom2/5.

Internet streaming live Bangla TV channel :

There are many streaming Bangla TV channels from Bangladesh hosted by different individuals or companies. Anyone can watch these online Bangladesh TV if his internet speed is 1 mbps or higher. 512 kbps is not enough to watch online live Bangladesh TV. Do not depend lonely to your cable operators to watch live Bangla TV news, events, exhibitions, talkshow, educational programs, drama, film, sports, etc. Online telecast available on the internet with low resolution as web optimized for desktop, laptop or mobile handsets. Most of online Bangladesh TV available all over the world except some restricted territory by the authority. There are many Bangladesh TV hosts operate Online Bangla news and Entertainment streaming programs from USA, UK...

Government and Private Bangla TV are available with Frequency

    » Asian TV
    » ATN Bangla
    » Baishakhi TV
    » Bangladesh Television (BTV)
    » Banglavision
    » CHANNEL- I
    » Channel-1
    » CSB News (defunct)
    » DeshTV (Bangladesh)
    » Diganta Television
    » Ekushe TV (ETV)
    » Islamic TV
    » Mohona Television Limited
    » My TV
    » NTV
    » RTV
    » Sangsad Bangladesh TV
    » Somoy TV

btv logo BTV frequency

channel I Channel I frequency

atn Bangla ATN Bangla frequency

channel 1 Channel 1 Frequency

deshtv Desh Tv frequency

Ekushey TV ETV frequency

ntv NTv frequency

RTV RTV frequency

Shomoy Tv Frequency

MyTV frequency

SATV frequency, BanglaVision Frequency, Mohona Channel Frequency, Boishakhi Channel frequency, Asian Television frequency



Bangla Tv channels' programs available on internet for world wide Bangladeshi. If you living outside Bangladesh you do not need to buy dish, receiver even television or no need setting satellite frequency just go to internet and watch streaming Bangla TV. If you have own dish and receiver you can set frequency of channel I, Atn Bangla, BTV, ETV, SATV, Gtv, masranga tv or other Bangla tv channels easily. This satellite frequency should be settled by experienced person. Most of the TV Bangladesh station using Telstar 10 satellite frequency to broadcasting 24 hours news and other programs. Frequency and orbital location make it easy to find a channel within few second. Without proper setting of frequency your display will blinking and you cannot watch programs and sound clearly. Visit each link of TV of find exactly frequency.

Bangladesh TV channels

ATN News

ATN News is a first 24 hour Bangla news oriented TV station. This television is a sister concern of first private Channel ATN Bangla. ATN News began its first transmission on 01 May, 2010, after completion of test transmission officially went on air on 07 June, 2010. It is Live Bangla news channel in Bangladesh.

ATN News channel 's frequency :
Apster -2R, Frequency -3998, Symbol-3200, Polarization-Horizantal, Location 76.5* East, Sec-3/4. if you can not set Frequency properly contact channel local agent.

ATN News Address:

Hassan Plaza, 53 No., Kawranbazar Commercial Area,
Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

Tel: 00880-2-8189214-7,
Fax: 008802-8189219

Channel 9

Channel 9 is one of the Bangla satellite TV channel . It began its test transmission on 8 April 2011. This channel is focusing sports also.

Technical frequency of channel 9 :

  • Satellite: Apstar IIR (Telestar 10)
  • Location: 76.5 degrees East
  • Frequency: 3793 MHz
  • Symbol Rate: 4.445 MS/S
  • FEC: 3/4
  • Band: C Band
  • Polarization: Horizontal
  • Modulation: QPSK

BTV World

BTV World is a sister channel of Bangladesh Television. BTV channel started worldwide broadcasts through its satellite based branch, BTV World .

TV Bhaban, Rampura, Dhaka-1219

Telephone: +88-02-933-0131-6, 88-02-933-0036-8
Fax: +88-02-831-2927

BTV frequency :

Satellite : Apstar 7
Position : 76.5°E
Frequency : 4129 V
System : DVB-S / MPEG-2
SR FEC : 11395 3/4

Maasranga TVMaasranga TV

Maasranga channel is a HD Bangla television station. It started telecast from 30 July 2011. Bangla language Maasranga TV was the first high definition (HD) television channel in Bangladesh. Square Group's Maasranga television boardcasting in Bangladesh, North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Address: 2 No. Bir Uttam Ziaur Rahman Rd, Banani, Dhaka1213.

TelePhone of Maasranga : 0088 02 8715877

Maasranga TV frequency:

The Satellite name: Apstar 7
Its location Orbital : 76.5˚E
Maasranga Tv Frequency : 3812 MHz
The Symbol Rate of Masranga TV is: 2.2000 MS/s
FEC : 3/4 like other channel
Polarization must be: Horizontal
Modulation number: 8PSK
Format type : MPEG-4/DVB-S2

Bijoy TV

Bangla language TV Bijoy television started its journey in 16 December, 2011 and Officially Bijoy TVboardcasting start from January 2013. Beside Bangla programs Bijoy TV has English news daily and live broadcasting too.

Address of Bijoy : 13/A Planners Tower (3rd and 14th Floor)
Bir Uttam CR Datta Road, Bangla Motor, Dhaka


Bijoy TV frequency :

Satellite : Apstar 7
Orbital Location : 76.5˚E
Frequency : 3811 MHz
Symbol Rate : 3980
FEC : 3/4
Polarization : Horizontal
Modulation : 8PSK
Video PID: 308
Audio PID: 256
Carrier type : MPEG-4/DVB-S2

Independent Television

Independent Television Ltd is a Bangladesh TV channel owned by Beximco. Independent television channel has started boardcasting from October 30, 2010. Independent Television channel cover national and international news as well as business , entertainment, sport, science, and political news. It is a 24 hours Bangla TV channel that has a live stock exchange update show called Byabshapatir Sharadin from Sunday to Thursday, online tv available for this television.

Address: Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208Independent Television

Telephone: +880-2-8879000.

frequency of Independent television:

Satellite: Apstar 2R
Orbital Position: 76.5 East
Downlink Frequency: 4113 MHz
Symbol Rate: 3696 KSPS
FEC: 3/4
Polarisation: Horizontal Pole
Video Coding Format: MPEG-4

Gazi TV

Gazi TV is a popular Bangla TV getting pupularity for its programs and live sports like World Cup 2014 live

Address: Gazi Satellite Television Ltd. Gazi TV logo
UCEP Cheyne Tower, 25, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka, Post code: 1000, Bangladesh

Telephone: 0088 02 8391623

frequency of GTV :

Satellite : Apstar 2R/ TelStar 10
Orbital Location : 76.5˚E
Frequency : 3805 MHz
Symbol Rate : 4.3400 m/symbol/s
FEC : 3/4
Polarization : Horizontal
Modulation : QPSK
Carrier type : MPEG-2/DVB

Channel 24

Channel 24 is Bangla TV operating from Dhaka Bangladesh

Times Media Limited, 387 (South), Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208 Channel 24 tV

Telephone: 008802 910 4898

Channel 24 frequency :

Satellite : Apstar II R
Orbital Location : 76.5˚E
Frequency : 3815.75 MHz
Transponder: C5a
Symbol Rate : 3333ksps
FEC : 3/4
Polarization : Horizontal
Modulation : QPSK
Carrier type : MPEG-2/DVB

Ekattor TV ( 71 )
Ekattor TV

Ekattor is a private Bangla TV channel. Ekattor television launched on June 21, 2012 with a different slogan "Sangbad nay Songjog". Ekattor television channel has a website for recorded news update. Most of the buttons at the website are Deshjog, Bissayjog, Khelajog, Anandajog, etc according to their slogan. Ekattor Journal is one of the popular talkshow of Ekattor. It is streaming channel online.


Ekattor Television Limited
57, Sohrawardi avenue, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212

frequency of Ekattor TV:


SA or South Asian Television is a private Bangla TV channel owned by SA Group. SA television channel is the first ever channel in Bangladesh using both HD & 3G Technology. SA full transmission started on 19 January, 2013. Bangla Live telecast available.


House No. 47, Road No. 116, Gulshan-1 Dhaka-1212

Satellite frequency of SA Televsion :

Satellite : Apstar 7
Orbital Location : 76.5˚ESA TV
Frequency : 3390 MHz
Transponder: C10a
Symbol Rate : 4300ksps
FEC : 3/4
Polarization : Horizontal
Modulation : QPSK
Carrier type : MPEG-4/DVB-S2(HD)

Channel 16 ( Bangladesh )

Channel 16 television is the first Music Entertainment private Bangla TV channel owned by Insight Telecast Company Limited. Channel 16 started transmission on 16 December, 2011, online streaming also.

Address:Channel 16 (Bangladesh)
BTMC Bhaban (5th Floor)
7-9 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215.


Technical frequency of Channel 16 (BD) :
Satellite: Apstar-7 at 75.6 Degrees East
Frequency: 3769 MHz
D Polarisation: Horizontal FEC: 2/3
Symbol Rate : 13333 Msps

Bangla tv channel should can advertise with a sidebar during any important programs. Most of the Bangladesh TV now showing 4 minutes advertisement that is also not suitable for watcher. Sometime displaying same advertisement for many times in BangladeshTV. Bangla tv chanel viewers try to switch to another chanel or Indian Channel for better entertainment. Many tv channel Bangladesh blinking due to configuration problem of Bangla channel frequency number. So it is important to configure v-sat position and other parameter accordingly and accurately to watch fine tune and clear voice.

You can contact with cable operator for Bangla tv frequency. You should know accurate Bangla tv channel frequency to see quality programs. Bangla tv channel use Thailand base Apstar / telstar satellite for broadcasting Bangladesh tv news and other programs. Bangla desh TV now can be watched at online website. Click on any one from above Bangla tv channel list to get details. These Bangla all tv offices are situated in Dhaka, so you can reach them easily through telephone number, even you can find any tv address from all tv channel list in Bangladesh as mentioned above. We have listed here atn Bangla live, channel 9 bd live, channel 24 bd, gazi tv Bangladesh, channel 5, g tv bd, desh tv channel, rtv live, bijoy tv bd, channel i, all bd online tv, any other Bangladesh TV or Bangla TV channels, etc.

Bangla TV Programs listing
  • News : News of Bangla TV is very for Bangladeshi living outside the Bangladesh. Most of the channels have every hour news in addition to Prime news at 7am, 9am, 2pm, 8pm, 10pm and late night news.
  • TalkShow: Most of the Bangla talktalk show on political issues
  • Drama and Serial: Every private television has its own drama and serials.
  • Music: Bangla Folk, modern, Rabrandra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, etc.
  • Educational in Bangla
  • Agricultural program in Bangla
  • Events live casting
  • Bangla TV Weather forecast
  • Sports: Football, Creckit live also
  • Religious Programs
  • Food : how to make delicious food, cake, breakfast
  • Bangladesh people Lifestyle
  • Beauty and fitness in Bangla
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Business: Sharemarket, Bank news, product and daily consumpted commodities price, including meat, fish, vegetables, rice, oil, etc.
  • Development programms
  • Live Telecast Bangla Question and Answer Health discussion with Doctors
  • Science and Technology base Bangla programs for students
  • Funny and Entertainment
  • Bangla, Hindi, English Movies
  • Bangla TV programs included many documenties on Bangladesh independence and Business
  • many television programs for children also

Importance of TV in our daily life:

Television is the best gift of modern science. Without television our life is very difficult. Television is the main technology in these days that helps us to communicate with whole world. Just whole world comes to our homes. Many programs we can see live on Television from our homes like latest news, invention, civilization, political talkshow, educational, technology, culture, business and trade, weather, sports, entertainment and more. We can learn many things from television programs.

There are also bad effects of television in our daily life. Sometime television gives us baseless information or manipulating news that impact our social life. We should be careful in using television and we should take good things from other culture by watching television.

New TV channels in Bangladesh


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