RTV – Private Television from Bangladesh

RTV is a Bangla language satellite TV channel broadcast from Bangladesh. It started operation on 26 December 2005.

Bangabandhu 1 Satellite Frequency for RTV

  • RTV Satellite: Bangabandhu 1
  • Orbital Position: 119.1 degree East
  • Downlink Frequency: 10805 V MHz
  • Symbol Rate: 3696 KSPS
  • FEC: 30000, 2/3
  • Polarization: Horizontal Pole
  • Video Coding Format: DVB-S2, 8PSK, MPEG-4.

Apstar 7 Satellite Frequency for RTV

  • RTV Satellite Name: Apstar 7
  • Orbital Position: 76.5°E degree East
  • Downlink Frequency: 3811 H
  • Symbol Rate: 3696 KSPS
  • FEC: 3460, 3/4.
  • Polarization: Horizontal Pole
  • Video Coding Format: 8PSK, MPEG-4, DVB-S2.

BSEC Bhaban (5th Floor),
102 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
Karwan Bazar,
Dhaka – 1215,
Bangladesh Telephone:00880-2-8159355-9 Fax:00880-2-9130879-80 Email Address: Websiite: Management: Technical Specification:Name of Satellite: Telstar [email protected] E
Transponder: C14A
Receive Polarization: Horizontal
Downlink Frequency: 4173 MHz
L-Band Frequency: 977 MHz Schedule:RTV News:
Shokaler Shongbad: 9:45am

Moddhanner Bulletin: 12:00pm

Dupurer Shongbad: 1:45pm

Jelar Songbad: 4:30pm

Shondhar Shongbad: 6:45pm

Rater Shongbad: 10:45pm

Moddho Rater Shongbad: 1:00am

Moddho Rater Shongbad (RT) : 4:30am
Other Programs:

Jibon Joti (Islamic Program): 5:30 AM

Boshudha Protidiner Gun: 10:10am

Tarokalap: 10:40am

Bangla Film: 1:10pm

Ranna : 5:10pm

Quraner Alo : 5:30pm

Drama: 7:30pm

Our Democracy/Goll Table: 11:20pm
Islamic Program: 3:30pm Coverage: Bangladeh, Part of Europe, USA, Middle East

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