Sangsad Bangladesh TV

Sangsad Bangladesh TV is a Government owned television channel of Bangladesh. Sangsad Bangladesh TV started broadcasting since January 24, 2011. The Sangsad TV is mainly broadcast live the parliament proceedings. During recess, it shows programmes on the history of the Sangsad, discussions on important bills and legislative practices in other countries from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
121 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Zip Code -1000
Telephone:+880 (0)2 933 0131 / 0036 Fax:+880 (0)2 831 2927 / 862 4839 / 507 299 Email Address: Websiite: Management:The Director General of BTV is also the Chief Executive of Sangsad TV Technical Specification:Satellite: Apstar 7

Orbital location : 105.5? E

Polarisation : Vertical

Downlink frequency : 3710.5 MHz

FEC : 3/4

Symbol rate : 11.3946

M sym b/Sec.

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