MyTv is a satellite television channel from Bangladesh was on 20 December 2010. My TV runs 24 hours a day using Bengali language as the primary medium, reaching Bengali speaking population, worldwide. A race of more than 350 million people, present in every corner of the globe, with a rich cultural heritage over a thousand years old has Dhaka had only marginal exposure in the global stage, most of it depressingly negative.

Other than some acknowledgment of the know giants of Bengali such as Dr. Younus, Rabindranath Tagore, Amartya Sen, Ravi Shankar, F.H Khan the representation of the Bengali race remains peripheral.

Given the base from which my tv will operate in the heart of the Bangladeshi people with the emphasis on the struggles & achievements of global Bengalis, the Bangladeshi communities settled in abroad would be expected.

55 Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road,
Mozaffar Tower, Hatirpool
Dhaka – 1000


Telephone:9665924-5 Fax:9666016 Email Address: Websiite: Management:Late. Omeda Begum : Founder Chairman

Chairman & Managing Director: Md. Nasir Uddin
Mrs. Aspia Uddin : Director & Deputy Managing Director
Mr. Sahabuddin : Director
Mrs. Sultana Razia : Director & Director Marketing

Technical Specification:Satellite : Apster 2R

Orbital Location: 76.5

Downlink Frequency :3840

Plolarization : Horizontal
FEC. : 3/4

Transponder : C-13 A

Frequency : 4135 MHz

Symbol Rate : 3333 KSPS

my tvnews

ModulationType : QPSK

Carrier Type : MPEG-2/DVB

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