There are many beautiful birds in Bangladesh. We wake-up in the morning by hearing sweet songs of different birds.  There are 466 species of birds living in Bangladesh, of which 12 are rare. There are different types of birds in Bangladesh. The birds of Bangladesh are different in size, color and habit.  Many guest birds come in Bangladesh from other country for few months in winter and autumn.


List of birds in Bangladesh are Magpie (Doel), Mayna (Maina), Cuckoo (Kokil), Crow (Kak), Parrot (Tia), Pigeon (Paira), Martin (Shalik), Cock (Morag), Goose (Rajhans), Peocock (Maur), Sparrow (Charai), Heron (Bok), Eagle, Dove (Gugu), Hen (Murgi), Owl (Pecha), Nightngle (Bulbul), Swallow (Babai), Kite (Chil), Vulture (Shakun), Hawk (Bagpakhi), Duck (Patihans), Cocktatoo (Kakatua), Skylark (Chatak pakhi), Woodpecker (Kaththokra), Kingfisher (Machranga), etc.

doel Bangladesh

The Doel (doweel) is the national bird of Bangladesh. Its black and white color looks very beautiful. Doel bird is available in everywhere of Bangladesh.

Shalik Bird in Bangladesh


The Shalik is a common bird. Its wine brown body, deep black head and white feather side and tail and yellow color lip looks very beautiful. Shalik or Mayna lives on insects, worms and plants. Some Mayna is called talking bird also. If we can train Maina properly to speak then they can learn how to talk few words only. Children like Maina bird very much for its speaking feature.

The Parrot is a colorful bird of Bangladesh. Parrot is using to say people luck blindly in few areas of the country. Its cannot make nest but lay egg inside the hole of Woodpecker.

Heron, Dove, pigeon, snipe, and pankauri are called game bird.  They are famous for their flesh but hunting birds are prohibited here.

Guest Birds in Bangladesh

The crow is a teasing bird. It is a very common bird and available in every district. The crow is very clever. Crow feeds on dead animals and dirty birds.

Perrot Bangladesh

The Kingfisher is very colorful bird. There are 12 varieties of Kingfishers are available in Bangladesh. Its brown yellow green colors body and red color lip looks very beautiful. Kingfisher lives on fish. They have sharp lip to hunt small fish from pond and canal in the brilliant way.

Kingfisher Bird in Bangladesh

Pigeon, hen and duck are domestic birds. Every family in the village has these domestic birds. They give us

Woodpecker in Bangladesh

flesh and eggs.

The vulture & the hawk are birds of prey. These birds live on flesh and fish. They have keen eyes & sharp nails.  These birds rise very high of the sky and looking for food.

There are some Bangladeshi birds which build their nests with great skill. These kinds of birds are called tailor birds for their wonderful making of nest. Swallow, Tuntuni & Babul are the tailor birds.

Many game birds come from other country during autumn and winter. They increase the natural beauty for the time being.

The Birds are our natural wealth of Bangladesh. They are helpful and very useful to us in many ways. We should not kill them and let them to live in the natural environment as they like. We should take proper care of bird of Bangladesh.