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Shabana was an old film actress of Bangladesh. She is known as Ratna in her family. Her family abided in Raujan area in Chittagong. She has two daughters and one son. She wedded with Bangaldeshi Film director Wahis Sadik in 1973. She began acting career in 1960. At first, she acted in film Natun Sur in 1962 as a child actor. Her first Urdu film is Chakori directed by Ehtessham and her co actor is Pakistani film actor Nadeem.


She acted more than 400 films. The films are ‘Abuj Mon,’ ‘Dui Paisar Alta,’ ‘Madhu Milon,’ ‘Madhumita,’ ‘Nupur,’ ‘Anubhob,’ ‘Satya Mithya,’Bhat De, Dui Poisar Alta, Sakhinar Judhdho, Sokhi Tumi Kar, Sabuj Sathi, Man Somman, Matir Ghor, Keu Karo Noy, ‘Chanpa Danger Bou, Rajluxmi Srikanto, ‘Putra Badhu,’ ‘Shohag,’Bodhu Biday, Ora egarojon, ‘Laxmir Sangsar etc. She acted more Urdu films like as Aandhi,Hulchul,Meherban,Pail ,Daagh,Qulli, Chand Aur and so on.

Bangladeshi Film Actress Shabana

Dallywood Actress Shabana

Sabana released from acting in 1998 and went to stay with her family members. She won 11 times the national film award and special award.

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