Bangladesh Government plans to amend the grading system in the public examinations in Bangladesh. Grading system in  Bangladesh the board exam  JSC, SSC, HSC will amend with highest GPA letter grade 4 instead of 5. The marks slot and grade will be change accordingly.

Existing letter grade A+ is given for securing marks 80 to 100 in any subject. In new grading system, A+ marks will be split into two marks system from 80 to 89 and 90 to 100.

Grading System in Bangladesh

Grading is a standardized measurements of levels in Education.  There are different level GPA and CGPA grading system for school college and university.
Total  6 level grading systems are 1 to 6 or A to F for Primary School, High School, College in Bangladesh maintaining GPA grading system for preparation of result according to the following calculation:

Grading system in Bangladesh For school


Numerical Grading system Letter grading System Grade Point 
A+ 5
70-79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50-59 B 3
40-49 C 2
33-39 D 1
0-32 F 0

GPA – Grading Points Average.

Above grading system is applicable for all school level up to SSC Examination. 


HSC Grading System

Letter Grading System for HSC Level by Education Boards

Calculation of GPA – Grading Points Average for HSC


University Grading System in Bangladesh

UGC grading system that University Grants Commission (UGC) approved for Universities in Bangladesh.

Numerical Grading system Letter grading System Letter Grade Grade Point
80% and above Marks A+ A Plus 4.0
75 % to 79% Marks A A Regular 3.75
70%  to 74% Marks A- A Minus 3.5
65 %  to 69% Marks B+ B Plus 3.25
60%  to 64% Marks B B Regular 3.0
55%  to 59% Marks B- B Minus 2.75
50%  to 54% Marks C+ C Plus 2.5
45%  to 49% Marks C C Regular 2.25
40%  to 44% Marks D 2.0
Less than 40% Marks F 00

CGPA calculator 4.0 scale in Bangladesh. 

Universities  in Bangladesh can  use ‘I’ grade in case of incomplete grade and ‘W’ for withdrawn courses.

CGPA grading system in Bangladesh.


Dhaka University Grading system – DU CGPA system

DU Grading System

A  4.0  excellent
A–  3.7
B+  3.3
B  3.0  good
B-  2.7
C+  2.3
C  2.0 satisfactory
C-  1.7
D+   1.3
D  1.0
D-  0.7 minimum passing
F  0.0  failure
I Incomplete
IP in progress or grade not reported
NC registered for no credit
P P is a passing grade notation,  limited  to use and is not available as an option for CGPA
W W is for notation that the course is withdrawn without prejudice

CGPA grading system in Bangladesh.

 American International University  Grading system

GPA – Grading system in American International University in Bangladesh

AIU Grading System 
Class interval Letter grade Grade point
94-100 A+ 4.00
90-93 A 3.75
86-89.99 A- 3.50
82-85.99 B+ 3.25
78-81.99 B 3.00
74-77.99 B- 2.75
70-73.99 C+ 2.50
66-69.99 C 2.25
62-65.99 C- 2.00
58-61.99 D+ 1.75
54-57.99 D 1.50
50-53.99 D- 1.00
0-49.99 F 0.00

 CGPA meaning in bangladesh is  – Cumulative Grade Points Average



North South University  or nsu Grading system

NSU Grading System 
Number interval Letter grade Grade point
95-100 A 4.00
90-94 A- 3.70
87-89 B+ 3.30
83-86 B Good 3.00
80-82 B- 2.70
77-79 C+ 2.30
73-76 C Average 2.00
70-72 C- 1.70
67-69 D+ 1.30
60-66 D Poor 1.00
00-59 F 0.00

NSU grading system – CGPA calculator 4.0 scale in Bangladesh



East West University CGPA Calculation System

EWU Grading System 
Number Letter grade Grade point
97-100 A+ 4.00
90 – below 97 A 4.00
87 – below 90 A- 3.70
83 – below 87 B+ 3.30
80 – below 83 B 3.00
77 – below 80 B- 2.70
73 – below 77 C+ 2.30
70 – below 73 C 2.00
67 – below 70 C- 1.70
63 – below 67 D+ 1.30
60 – below 63 D 1.00
below 60 F 0.00

Brac University Grading System in Bangladesh

 Brac Grading System
Class interval Letter grade LG Grade point
90-100 A Excellent 4.00
85 – <90 A- 3.70
80 – <85 B+ 3.30
75 – <80 B Good 3.00
70 – <75 B- 2.70
65 – <70 C+ 2.30
60 – <65 C Fair 2.00
57 – <60 C- 1.70
55 – <57 D+ 1.30
52 – <55 D Poor 1.00
<50 F Failure 0.00

CGPA grading system in Bangladesh.

United International University Grading system

Number interval Letter grade Assessment Grade point GP
90 – 100 A Outstanding 4.00
86 – 89 A- Excellent 3.67
82 – 85 B+ Very Good 3.33
78 – 81 B Good 3.00
74 – 77 B- Above Average 2.67
70 – 73 C+ Average 2.33
66 – 69 C Below Average 2.00
62 – 65 C- Poor 1.67
58 – 61 D+ Very poor 1.33
55 – 57 D Pass 1.00
<55 F Fail 0.00

Grading system in BanglaDesh of Agricultural University

Letter grade Marks G.P
A 90-100 4.00
B+ 87-89 3.7
B 84-86 3.4
B- 80-83 3.1
C+ 77-79 2.8
C 74-76 2.5
C- 70-73 2.2
D+ 65-69 1.5
D 60-64 1.00
F 1-59 0


National university class grading system in Bangladesh

NU academic CGPA 3.00-4.00 :1st Class

Academic CGPA 2.25-2.99 : 2nd Class

Academic CGPA 2.00-2.249 : 3rd Class


There are separate criteria equivalent to the grading system for the HSC & SSC levels to reintroduce 1st division, 2nd division and 3rd divisions or classes in proportion to grad-point average (GPA) marks.In 2009, The Bangladesh government changed to the result system for public examinations, matching the existing grades with the previous classes or divisions according to obtained marks.

GPA – Grade Point Average

Grading System in Bangladesh

GPA – Grade Point Average  3.50 or above is equivalent to first division while GPA less than 3.50 to 2.50 is 2nd division and GPA less than 2.50 to 1 is 3rd division for the students who passed SSC and equivalent exams during 2001-2003 period and who passed HSC and its equivalents in 2003.

Regarding score of marks — GPA 4 or above is equivalent to 1st division while GPA less than 4 to 3 is 2nd division and GPA less than 3 to 1 is 3rd division for the students who passed SSC and HSC and equivalents in 2004 and thereafter.

CGPA – Grade Point Average Scale

Besides, the approved universities will have to fix their Cumulative
CGPA – Grade Point Average  scale (4 or 5) equivalent to 80 percent marks. Then division or class will be fixed converting the achieved CGPA to 100%  numbers.

 60% or above number is 1st class or division while less than 60% to 45% second class or division and less than 45% to 33% third class or division.

Grading System History

grading system bangladeshHistorian George W Pierson of Yale University  writes ” According to Tradition” the first grades issued at  Yale University in 1985.  Most of the country using their own grading system (GPA) in School, College and University. And grading points also different i.e 1 to 7. Grading Points are always represented with whole numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 are the only possible grades.

Because these grading points do not represent percentages, but instead correspond with specific rubric requirements, one could theoretically answer 90% of questions on a given examination correctly, but still get a GPA 5 if the 10% they missed represented crucial problems that corresponded to the 6 and 7 grade mark-bands. Additionally, each subject has slightly different ranges that correspond with different grading boundaries.

cgpa system

The cgpa system in Bangladesh is considered as a leading edge of education. Each institution of higher learning is graded according to its excellence in the different disciplines of education. The grades are given based on different factors, including; achievement and performance of the faculty members and the administration.

All these factors are taken into consideration for the effective functioning of the institution including; curriculum, special programs, research, assessment and comprehensive school-level assessments. This cgpa system done in order to evaluate the quality of education provided by the college and university. Different resources are used for such evaluations like; financial accountability, student performance and efficiency, faculty productivity, student performance and efficiency, curriculum evaluation, student testing results, and other such factors.

The CGPAs are used in order to maintain the grade consistency throughout the university. The cgpa system in Bangladesh is a widely followed method among the developing countries. Each institution should be able to use this system in order to improve their current knowledge base as well as having a better performance when compared to others.

cgpa system in bangladesh

The cgpa system in Bangladesh are the ones responsible for grading the students. It will be provided with a certain format in order to make the process easier for the people involved. The major purpose of the system is to establish a sense of accountability for all those involved. The cgpa system in Bangladesh  is capable of being easily adopted by any university, and it is important to understand the different aspects of the system.

As per the education laws of Bangladesh, all education institutions are obligated to use the CGPAs grading system in order to promote and strengthen the system. The curriculum should be evaluated in an efficient manner to provide the best learning opportunities.

The CGPA’s system in bangladesh  is actually based on three major principles. The first one is the faculty evaluator, who is responsible for carrying out the grading. This person is responsible for evaluating the curriculum and all those related to the students’ progress in class, including assessment, individualized attention, and the assessment of competencies.

The second one is the CGPA’s system coordinator, who is responsible for providing the guidance for the curriculum evaluation and assessment of the students. This person should also be present at the center where the CGPAs are being given, and he is responsible for carrying out the evaluation, and the assessment of the skills of the students.

The third element is the committee of evaluation. This committee includes the three individuals mentioned above and there are others who carry out the various duties in connection with the evaluation and assessment of the students. There is also an instructor or teacher who is present to assist the coordinator in carrying out the work.

The CGPAs grading system in Bangladesh has proven to be effective in raising the standard of all the institutions of higher learning. There has been a good performance level among the students. In fact, they have been able to take up a challenging curriculum without compromising on the quality of education.

There is nothing wrong in giving credit for the achievement of different subjects. The cgpa system in Bangladesh ensures that there is a good correlation between the academic records of students and the grades they are given. It is like a way of reinforcing the students’ future success.

The students in the same class can be given a high rate of competency if the cgpa system in Bangladesh is used correctly. The grades will definitely reflect the actual performance of the students. The teachers and the professors can be confident about their students’ performance as well as can take an objective view of their work. The CGPAs grading system in Bangladesh has made the work easy and more efficient for the teachers. This system has also made it possible for the teachers to review the records of their students as well as give feedback about their learning experience.