Learning is a necessity for all professionals and for teachers it is more important than others to develop and improve their teaching skills. There is always space for developments because we never know enough and renewal of knowledge will shed light and enhance performance defend on best practices. The overall teaching environment consisting materials, learners, teacher-learners relationship and attitude towards learning all these are different from any other context which requires be changing and developing.
Though several actions have been taken to develop the quality of education of Bangladesh, we should also focus on the capacity development of teaching skills because it is the teachers who implement the teaching approaches in real life. For that, teachers have to be updated and need adequate knowledge regarding the subject matter as well as the effective teaching methods and delivery. If the school teachers are well-trained, active and capable, they can play a vital role in developing the overall educational system of Bangladesh.
The educational system of our country does not allow our learners to show creativity and it encourages rote learning which should not be the objective of learning. To change the set-up, we need to change the whole system from the primary level to higher education level which is not so easy if our school teachers are unaware of teaching objectives and goals. There are very few teachers who teach in structured and interactive way but rest of the teachers should know the advantages of being organized as teachers. They need to know that there are different ways of teaching and they may need to adapt themselves according to the need of the learners. In primary and secondary level, teachers should also be conscious of individual learner differences so that they can bring variety in the teaching materials and techniques considering dissimilar types of students. To finish the syllabus is not their only goal rather they need to focus on facilitating learners to enhance creativity and learning for real life. The job of teachers is not only to deliver knowledge, they have to inspire, motivate, encourage and make learners attract towards learning. Learning should not be only result oriented but gathering knowledge also.
The present learning environment of Bangladesh does not encourage learners to be curious about seeking knowledge or experimental learning whereas learners learn better when they make mistakes. This is because, in this circumstance learners are discouraged to ask questions and are expected to be silent in the classroom. For this reason, the most effective language teaching approach Communicative Language Teaching is not being as successful as it should be. So, the school teachers in Bangladesh need training not only to develop their teaching skills but also to change their attitude towards students and teaching as well. If the learners are scared of learning the subject or the teachers, it ultimately hampers learning. We need to acknowledge learners nervousness as one of the barriers in teaching and familiarize this issue to our teachers. Teachers can be offered with separate trainings to focus more on skill building activities. Being a monolingual country, in our context class is the only opportunity for learners where they can learn and practice. That is why learning class is more effective when it is interactive and learner-centered. Learners need practice and opportunities to use the language to learn appropriate language usage which is possible when the classes are activity based where learners get the chance to use language and teachers work as facilitators.