Note: Most airlines/airports don’t enable liquid over a hundred cubic centimetre in baggage (carry-on luggage). So, toothpaste, toiletry, fragrance bottles over a hundred cubic centimetre ought to be carried in larger baggage which is able to be checked certain carrier.

* all sorts of spices (as very much like you can). However, please note that there’ll be checking at Japan flying field.
* Common medicines (paracetamol, histacin, incidal, amodis, flagyl, Oracin K, Savlon cream/liquid etc) smart amount. If you utilize the other special medicines, then bring those conjointly sufficiently.

* If you (or your spouse/other relations concomitant you; if any) wear glasses, then you want to bring one combine further.

* throughout winter season, the temperature typically goes below phase change. So, bring winter cloths the maximum amount as you’ll be able to. In winter there ar snow falls and rains. thus you ought to bring waterproof thick jacket to be used in snow, long jungs, thick socks, sweaters etc. These ar on the market here however terribly pricey (10 times at least). It rains virtually throughout the year in Japan. So, it’s counseled to stay one waterproof.

* No have to be compelled to bring bedding etc. it’ll provide you with unneeded troubles. Rather, you’ll be able to bring a sheet.students

* For your faculty member you’ll be able to bring gifts. sometimes in an exceedingly laboratory, you may realize the faculty member, Assoc. Professor, analysis Associate and a laboratory technician. thus you’ll be able to take into account them. ancient Bangladeshi handicrafts ar an honest alternative. However, you want to conjointly take into account that things aren’t significant and breakable. don’t bring any purses/money bags/wallets. Japanese folks mind in these items as gift.

* garments for Bangladeshi girl isn’t on the market in Japan. there’s only 1 look close to Saitama wherever some Indian sarees ar on the market. However, the standard isn’t smart the least bit whereas the value is incredibly high. So, it’s counseled to bring girl cloths the maximum amount as potential.

japan-flag* you’ll be able to bring a whole suite (i.e. a proper dress) that you may would like in some formal occasions like attending the freshman reception, some conferences or some formal dinners.* you’ll be able to bring some subject connected book, however not abundant. Some novels can even provide you with pleasure throughout your free time. you’ll be able to bring Eng2Bng & Bng2Eng lexicon. don’t bring Japanese dictionaries. they’re useless.

* For the primary days, you may would like your toiletries (soap, shampoo etc). thus bring some very little quantity.

* a minimum of 10-15 copies of your own passport size photograph is usually recommended to bring. you may would like it here to create student card, Alien registration card, checking account and then on.

* If you’ve got partner and/or children/dependents to be coming back to Japan before long to hitch you, you ought to bring their passport size pictures, photocopy of their passport and documents proving their relationship with you (marriage certificate, credential etc.). you may would like those to method eligibility certificate for them. when coming back to Japan, you may ought to method for his or her eligibility certificate before obtaining any dependent visa for them from Japanese Embassy at Dhaka. to understand concerning the documents & fees necessities in obtaining eligibility certificate, please see following section.

* it’s requested to bring some bucks (cash/Traveler cheque) with you. this may assist you to face any sort of difficulties throughout traveling.

* when incoming at Narita flying field, you’ll be able to post your baggage to your address (if you recognize the house address beforehand, before your departure from Dhaka). this can be referred to as Takiyobin (door to door delivery). you may realize the counter for Takiyobin at the arrival lounge of Narita flying field. you may sometimes get the delivery of the baggage when 1-2 days. thus you’ll be able to organize the rottable things in your purse.

Eligibility Certificate for Dependent Visa : Documents & Fees

o pictures of the dependent (3 copies)
o Grade transcript (issued by grad school Office)
o Certificate of enrollment (issued by grad school Office)
o Monbosho/ADB scholarship certificate (issued by Foreign center of Saitama University/Foreign Student workplace of the Civil & Env. Engg. Dept.)
o Photocopy of wedding certificate
o Photocopy of passports of the sponsor and also the dependent
o Photocopy of the alien registration card, Student Card of the sponsor
o Photocopy of the contract paper of the living accommodations
o stuffed up form
o Application fee: 4000 yen
o A communicating wrap with stamp & residence address on that to deliver the eligibility certificate.

Visa Extension : Documents & Fees

o Grade transcript (issued by grad school Office)
o Certificate of enrollment (issued by grad school Office)
o Photocopy of alien registration card
o Passport
o form (available at Kita-Yono Immigration Office)
o Application fees : 4000 yen

Re-entry allow : Documents & Fees

o Student ID Card
o form (available at Kita-Yono Immigration Office)
o Application fees : 3000 yen (single re-entry), 6000 yen (multiple re-entry)