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About Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is known as Fuji san in local. Near the Pacific ocean and coast in the middle of Honshu. Mount Fuji is 3776 meters high. Mount Fuji has erupted about 600k years ago. It is one of the sacred mountains which experienced major popularity throughout the world.

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Kuwait Airways – Ticket Price Destinations Baggage Rules

Kuwait Airways is the National Airlines of Kuwait. Its head office is located at Kuwait International Airport, Al Farwaniya Governorate. Kuwait Airways started operate on March 16, 1954. The Carrier has 28 fleet with scheduled operations to 34 destinations worldwide including Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, Europe and North America from the main

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Nautical Lights – Elegant in design and Artistic value

‘Nautical light’ means the lights used by the vessel both inside and outside. Perhaps Nautical Lights are named so because it’s durability and longevity needs to be long enough to cover the voyages it makes all through the year. Nautical Lights The usage of nautical lights are not confined to ships only. These lights are

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Salvage lights High Quality but Low Price

Salvage lights are those lights which are recovered from a old ship after wrecking. The process of ship wrecking is not an easy task, as there are lots of health and environmental issues are involved with it.That’s why the ship wrecking is done in a restricted zone of coastal areas, where necessary logistic supports are

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Ship Lanterns with original shape and color

Lantern is one kind of portable light used since the inception of human civilization to illuminate the darkness. It has served the seamen during their journey over the vast oceans. Ship lanterns of different sizes have been used for different purposes like navigation, observation of any incoming element, interior lighting. Previously most of the Ships

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Old Ship Lights for home and office Decoration

Ship Lights have been used as important navigational tools for maritime vehicles over so many years.Lights used in ships are also classified in different types based on their purposes, size and levels of illumination. Every ship has a specific economic life, after which whole of the ship is dismembered and some of the valuable items

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Antique Lights for distinct looking

There is a proverb saying- “Old is Gold”. That’s why antique items are so precious and much desirable to a wealthy person. In case of lighting, antique lights are very desirable to a showy person who wants to give his or her home, restaurant or office premise a distinct and arrogant looking. Those who desires

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Chittagong University – Faculty Degree Courses Online Admission

Chittagong University was established in 1966, Total Area is   1754 akrs, Faculties 862 and 311 Staffs. Total Students are 24283. The 2nd largest public university of Bangladesh is located at Hathazari, just 22 kilometers from Chittagong City. The Port City of Chittagong in Bangladesh was not blessed with a public University for long to meet

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Top 7 Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Today the advancement in the mobile technology has grown to higher levels than in the previous decade. There are millions of users all over the world who use mobile on daily basis for their personal and also business purposes. This is like a holy grail for the business owners as they can utilize mobile marketing

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