List of Pharmacies in Bangladesh Pharmacies are a medicine’s shop from which we can buy medicine in the time of our need. Pharmacies collect, buy and store medicines in their shop and sell those medicines to the sick people or patience’s relatives. Their business is called social business for the desired to help people. They take their shop near by hospital, market, super market and important places.

The sales man of the pharmacies are very much sympathize and very much dedicative to serve the general people to be cured from any illness.
Sometime Pharmacist prescribes us to take medicine for normal disease like fever, pain, gastric, etc. In different pharmacies, they host specialized doctors to serve the local people by a very low fee. Pharmacists do not allow people to take medicine without any doctor’s prescription.

24 Hour Pharmacy

House-14/E, Road-6, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Tel: 9673512, 9673507


A Am Store
Shahbagh Biponi Bitan, Dhaka


Day Night Pharmacy

House 30, Road 14A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka



Shahbagh Biponi Bitan, Dhaka


Lazz Pharma

64/3, Lake Circus Kalabagan, Dhaka, Tel: 9110864


Shifa Pharmacy

Alam Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka., Tel: 9880820


Prescription Aid

House -82, Road-11, Block-D, Banani, Dhaka-1213 Tel: 8850999, 8855601


Care Pharmacy
House No. 116, Road No. 11
Block E
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 883-6745

Health & Hope Pharma
Sabamoon Tower
152/1/H Green Road
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 913-7076, 914-5786

Health Heart
House No. 67, Road No. 11, Block E
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 987-3176, 0171-1138-991

Lazz Pharma Ltd.
64/3 Lake Circus
Mirpur Road No.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 911-1843

New Tazrin Pharmacy
64/3 Jobaida Super Market
Lake Circus
Mirpur Road No.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 811-0513, 017-3807-9272

Pharmacy Plus
House No. -76/B, Road No. -11,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
phone 0172-096-1115
Prescription AID
House No. 82, Road No. 11
Block D
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 985-0999,0192-077-8815

Sonar Bangla Medical
House No. 76, Road No. 11
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Telephone: 0088-02 988-2016, 0174-9422-899