Press Information Department Bangladesh – PID


Ministry of Information

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Building No. 9, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh


E-mail: piddhaka [at] , piddhaka [at]


Press Information Department
• Principal Information Officer

Phone: 9546091
Fax: + 88-02-9540553
• Additional Principal Information Officer (Press)

• Senior Deputy Principal Information officer (Admin)

• Deputy Principal Information Officer (R & R)

Protocol Section

Senior Information Officer
News Room

Phone: 0088-02-9514988, 02-9540019, 02-9512246

Fax: 0088-02-9540026, 02-9540498
• Senior Information Officer

• Deputy Director (Public Relations)
Bangladesh Railway, CRB, Chittagong
Photographic Sectio

• Chief Photographer (In-charge)
Fax: 880-2-7165942 7317201

Feature Section

• Chief Feature Writer
7165137 9121167
PID Regional Information Office
• Deputy Principal Information Officer
Agrabad, Chittagong

(031) 723617, 811361 8355800
Fax: 8880-041-031-710102

• Senior Information Officer
Kumarpara, Rajshahi

(041) 720870, 720749 721034
Fax: 880-0721-772339
• Senior Information Officer
(0721) 770329 775586
Fax: 880-0721-772339


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