Drinking water supply was started in Dhaka City in the year 1874, and that year Nabab Khaja Abdul Ghani established a water treatment plan in Chadnighat near the bank of the river Buriganga. After that period the piped water was supplied to city people in the limited way and also sanitation system. After independence government established DPHE (Department of Public Health Engineering) for rehabilitation of damaged water, drainage & sanitation system for rural and urban people.

Dhaka WASA (Water Supply & Sewerage Authority) was established in the year 1963 as an independent organization. DWASA’s activities has been reorganized by Dhaka WASA Act, 1996 and according to this act, DWASA it is operating as a service oriented commercial organization.water supply in Dhaka

At present the service area of DWASA extended to Mirpur and Uttara in the North and to Narayanganj in the South. For better operation, maintenance and customer care, the total service area of DWASA is divided into 11 geographic zones, which includes 10 in Dhaka City and 1 in Narayanganj.

BIWTC –  Water Supply service in Dhaka

5, Dilkusha, Dhaka, Tel: 9559779, 8914771

Dhaka Wasa – Help line number: 16162
PABX – phone No: 8117829-31 / 8120223 – 27

Uttara, Dhaka
Telephone: 02-9559142

Telephone: 031 616592taking water from water supplier

Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Telephone: 8120192, 8116799, 8117829-31

Fakirapool, Dhaka
Telephone: 9358397

Pagla, Dhaka
Telephone:7415002, 7415273

Telephone: 9559142

Mirpur, Dhaka
ph: 9000519

Agrabad, Chittagong
Telephone: 031-724875

Asadgate, Dhaka