Honorable President Mohammad Shahabuddin:

The President of Bangladesh is the head of state of Bangladesh and appoints the judiciary, legislative and executive. The president is elected by the parliament since 1991 when Bangladesh started journey to a parliamentary democracy. The President is elected by 300 parliamentarians in an open ballot for five years. The Bangaghaban Palace is office and residence of the Bangladesh president.

During caretaker government, the power of the President are substantially expanded to complete a successful election to transfer power. In the time of election the President has control of Ministry of defense and the only authority to declare a state of emergency. When a new government and parliament are in place and parliament elects a new president the Power and position of the President revert to their ceremonial role.

The constitution of Bangladesh allows the President of Bangladesh to act upon the advice of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The President can dismiss the Parliament upon request of the Prime Minister. The President can appoint the Chief Justice and other Judges of the Court. The President can also appoint the Chief Election Commissioner and other Commissioners.

About Honorable President Mohammad ShahabuddinPresident of Bangladesh Mohammad Sahabuddin


The people’s Republic of Bangladesh’s current president is Mohammad Shahabuddin his other name is Chuppu, elected in 2023 where he was the only candidate. He was born in 1949 December 10, in the Pabna district. He is now 73 years old. Before his presidency, he was working as a judge and anti-corruption commissioner for 5 years (2011-2016). His father’s name is Shafuddin Ansari and mother’s name is Khairunnessa. He grew up in a middle-class family. His wife is Rebeka Sultana. They got married in 1972. Rebeka sultana is serving as the 1st lady of Bangladesh. She is the chief advisor of Primeasia University. They have one son named is Md Aarshad Adnan Rony.

Education Qualification

He studied at Radha Nagar Majumder academy school and College. He got his master’s in psychology from Rajshahi university. He obtained LLB from Shahid Aminuddin Law college.

Occupation and services

The Presidnet of Bangladesh is a very active and energetic person in his working field and has engaged in many organizations. He worked as a journalist for the Banglar Bani newspaper back in 1980. He also served as publicity secretary for the Pabna district at the unit of Awami League. GS for judicial service session association (1995), coordinator of the Bangabandhudu Murdur trial, chairman of the judicial inquiry commission(2001), and retired as district and session judge (25 years). He was supreme court lawyer (2008-2011), anti-corruption commissioner for five years. Advisor at NRB global bank ltd, and members of the board of directors of Islami Bank. He represented Bangladesh at many international seminars, and workshops specifically prevailing law in Bangladesh commonwealth organized.

Political carrier
In the early 70s he started his political carrier as a GS of pabna Edward College in the Chatro league unit. He also participated in the liberation war(1971). After Bangabandhu sheikh Mujib ur Rahman’s death, he was prisoned for 3 years. Under the judicial service association, he was elected as general secretary in 1985.Bangladesh's Pressident Chuppu


Residence of President of Bangladesh


By the Article 51 of the Constitution, the President is not answerable for his action to anybody and no criminal charges can be brought against him to the Court. But only the Parliament seeks to impeach the President with specific charges against the President. The President has the Power of mercy to grand pardon to anybody even any verdict given by any Court in Bangladesh.

If the President is absence due to illness or other reasons, the Speaker of Parliament will act as the President of Bangladesh. The President can resign from his office by writing a letter by hand to the speaker.


President’s Office

Bangabhaban, Dhaka – 1000

Phone: 02-226638160-169

0088 -0247124193 (Secretary)
0088 -0247124223(Press Secretary)


Press Wing
Press Secretary: 02-226638223

Deputy Press Secretary : 02-226638224

Assistant Press Secretary : 02-226638206

Bangabhaban Public Division Officials telephone number:

Secretary : 02-226638190
Additional Secretary : 02226638194
Deputy Secretary : 02226638205
Deputy Secretary : 02226638200
Deputy Secretary : 02226638203
Senior Asst. Secretary (Fund & Petition) : 02226638205
Asst. Private Secretary to the President-1 : 02226638206
Accounts Officer: 02226638210

Bangabhaban Personal Division Officials telephone number:

Military Secretary to Honourable President (MSP) : +8802226638130
Asstt. Military Secretary to Honourable President : +8802226638136
Personal Physician to Honourable President : +8802226638133
Asstt. Personal Physician to Honourable President : +8802226638138
Deputy Secretary: +8802226638143
ADC to the honorable President : 02-226638140
ADC to the honourable President : +8802226638140
PS (Coord) to MSP : +8802226638146
Chief Comptroller : =8802226638147
LadyMedical Officer: 8802226638186
Senior Assitt. Secretary: 8802226638144
Protocol Officer : 8802226638152
Police Liaison Officer: 8802226638149
Hospitality Officer : 8802226638155
Accounts Officer: 02226638210
Assistant Programmer: 02226638211


Bangladesh President List

Presidents of Bangladesh from 1971 are Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Syed Nazrul Islam, Abu Sayeed Chowdhury, Mohammad Mohammadullah, Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad, Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem, Ziaur Rahman, Abdus Sattar, Ahsanuddin Chowdhury, Hussain Muhammad Ershad, Abdur Rahman Biswas, Shahabuddin Ahmed, AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury, Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar, Iajuddin Ahmed, Zillur Rahman, Abdul Hamid, who is the current president of Bangladesh


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
President from
April, 11 1971 to January 12 , 1972
Awami League (AL)

Syed Nazrul Islam

Syed Nazrul Islam
Acting President  from
April 17, 1971 to January 12 , 1972
Awami League (AL)


Justice  Abu Sayeed Chowdhury

Abu Sayeed Chowdhury
January 12 , 1972 to December 24 , 1973
Awami League (AL)


Speaker Mohammad Mohammadullah

President-in-charge from December 24 , 1973 to January 25 , 1975
Awami League (AL)


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
President from January 25 , 1975 to August 15, 1975
Awami League (AL)


Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad

Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad
President from August 15 , 1975 to November 6 , 1975
Awami League (AL)


Justice Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem

Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem
President from November 6 , 1975 to April 21 , 1977
Awami League (AL)


Major General Ziaur Rahman, Bir Uttam, PSC

Ziaur Rahman

President from April 21, 1977 to May 30 , 1981
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)


Justice Abdus Sattar

Acting President  from May 30 , 1981 to March24 , 1982
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)


Justice Abul Fazal Mohammad Ahsanuddin Chowdhury

Ahsanuddin Chowdhury
from March 27 , 1982 to December 10 , 1983


Lt. General  Hussain Muhammad Ershad, Ndc, PSC

Hussain Muhammad Ershad
from December 11 , 1983 to December 6 , 1990
Jatiya Party (JP)


Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed
President from December 6 , 1990 to October 10 , 1991


Abdur Rahman Biswas

Abdur Rahman Biswas
from October 10 , 1991 to October 9 , 1996
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)


Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed

Shahabuddin Ahmed
President from October 9 , 1996 to November 14, 2001
Awami League (AL)


AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury

AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury
from November 14 , 2001 to June 21 , 2002
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)


Speaker Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar

Muhammad Jamiruddin Sircar
President in charge from June 21, 2002 to September 6 , 2002
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)

Professor Iajuddin Ahmed

Iajuddin Ahmed
(1931- 10 December 2012 )
from September 6 , 2002 to February 12, 2009
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)


Zillur Rahman

Zillur Rahman
President from February 12 , 2009 to March 20, 2013
Awami League (AL)


Abdul Hamid

Abdul Hamid
President from March 20, (2013-2023 to April 24)
Awami League ( AL)

Bangladesh president’s residence is located in the Motijheel area beside Dilkusha commercial area. The Bangabhaban is the president’s office cum residence of the Bangladesh president. According to the Bangladesh constitution, there is no vice-presidency but the speaker will be the acting president if the current president of Bangladesh get sick or any there reason that makes the position vacant suddenly.