The Prime Minister of Bangladesh is the Head of the Government. The Prime Minister and All Ministers are accountable for their actions to the Parliament (Jatiyo Sangsad).

The President appoints the Prime Minister upon the result of general election who is the leader of the majority party in the Parliament.

The Prime Minister selects the members of the cabinet and the President appoints them as the Minister. The Prime Minister can select 90% ministers as MPs and 10% may be non-MP or technocrats.


Prime Minister Office BD Address

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina

Old Sangshad Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka 1215

PABX: 0088-02-9136900 9, Fax: +880 2 9133722

Principal Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office : telephone- 02-9118910, Fax: +8802-9143377

Secretary – 9113328

Prime Minister Office email address: info [at]

PMO Bangladesh website :

Sheikh Hasina is the

Prime Minister of Bangladesh for 3nd time.


Prime Minster Bangladesh Portfolio with ministries.

  • Cabinet Division
  • Ministry of Public Administration
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Armed Forces Division


Sheikh Hasina Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 

Office under PM Office

  • Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)
  • Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)
  • Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
  • Public Private Partnership Authority
  • Governance Innovation Unit (GIU)
  • National Security Intelligence (NSI)
  • NGO Affairs Bureau
  • Special Security Force
  • Sub-regional Co-operation Cell (SRCC)
  • Private Export Processing Zone (PEPZ)
  • and more..


PM Office BD – Secretarial Wings

Name Designation Phone (Office) Email
Md. Nojibur Rahman Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister 9118910, 9345312(res) psecy[at]
Muhammed Naser Uddin Jewel PS to Principal Secretary to  PM 9137463 psecyps[at]
Sajjadul Hassan Secretary 9145021 secretary[at]
Abu Nayeem Mohammed Maruf Khan Personal Secretary to Secretary 55029405 secyps[at]
Mohammad Salahuddin Director General-I 9128526 dg1[at]
Md. Ziaul Hoque Director – 1 55029421 dir1[at]
Wahida Musarrat Anita Director – 2 55029422 dir2[at]
Atul Sarker Director – 3 55029423 director3[at]
Gulshan Ara Director – 4 55029424 dir4[at]
Neelufar Ahmed Director General-II 55029406 dg2[at]
S. M. Tarikul Islam Director – 5 55029425 dir5[at]
Shamim Ahammed Director – 6 55029426 dir6[at]
Al Mamun Murshed Director – 7 55029427 dir7[at]
Mohammad Shamim Alam Director – 8 55029428 dir8[at]
Md. Azizur Rahman Director General-III 9143988 dg3[at]
Md. Mosharaf Hossain Director – 9 55029429 dir9[at]
Md. Nurul Alam Director – 10 (council officer) (Joint Secretary) 55029430 dir10[at]
Jazrin Naher Director – 11 55029431 dir11[at]
Md. Khalilur Rahman DG (Administration) 55029500 dg4[at]
Mohammad Mominur Rahman Director – 12 55029432 dir12[at]
Major AKM Kawser, PSC Director – 13 (Transport) 55029433 dir13[at]
Md. Fazlur Rahman Sarker Deputy Director (Transport) 55029607 ddtr[at]
Md. Tauhidul Islam Tushar Assistant Director (Engr) (Transport) adtr[at]
Zafrul Haider Chowdhury Assistant Engineer (Maintenance) (Transport) 58151055
Dr. Md. Shahidullah Director – 14 (Joint Secretary) 55029434 dir14[at]
Mohd. Ahsan Kibria Siddiqui Director – 15 (Administration) 55029435 diradmin[at]
Md. Mokbul Hossain Assistant Director (Administration) – PM’s Fund 55029482
M. Monirul Islam Librarian 55029409 librarian[at]
Jonayed Hossain Sheikh CSPO 55029557
Md. Amjad Hossain Accounts Officer 55029556 accounts[at]
Md. Shafiul Azam Budget Officer 55029533
Md. Asaduzzaman Budget Officer 55029533
Shamima Akter Research Officer 55029530 ro[at]
Md. Rabiul Islam Senior Systems Analyst 55029596 rabiul.ssa[at]
Alamgir Kabir Systems Analyst (In-charge) 55029566 kabir[at]
Geias Uddin Ahmed Bhuiyan Senior Programmer 48112327 prog2[at]
Shaheen Ara Begum Programmer 55029481 shaheen[at]
Kamruzzaman Maintenance Engineer
Md. Abdur Rahim Senior Computer Operator
Muntaquim Mohammad Khan Assistant Programmer muntaquim[at]
Md. Ataul Karim Assistant Programmer ataul[at]
Paban Chowdhury Executive Chairman 8180114
Abul Kalam Shamsuddin Project Director (PD) (Additional Secretary) 9124100 ashrayanpmo[at]
S. M Hamidul Haque Deputy Project Director 55029581 ashrayanpmo[at]
Md. Robiul Alam Deputy Project Director – 2 (attached) 55029582
Md. Mamunul Karim Assistant Director (administration) 55029584
Abul Kalam Azad Project Engineer 55029583
Md. Rafiqul Islam Assistant Engineer engxrafique[at]
Nasreen Afroz Director General 55029403 dgpepz[at]
Samar Kumar Ghosh Director 55029611
Muhammad Alkama Siddiqui Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (secy. in-charge) 8881783
Neelima Akhter Director General 55029612 dgsrcc[at]
.…………………….. Director – 1 9134994 dirsrcc[at]
Sabiha Yeasmin Director – 2 55029614 dirsrcc2[at]
Md. Ashraf Uddin Director General 55029444 dggiu[at]
Ismat Mahamuda Director (Innovation) 55029617
Md. Rokon-Ul-Hasan Director (Research) 55029620 rokon1397[at]
Mohammed Ali Nause Russel Deputy Director (Outreach) (Deputy Secretary) 48112325
Mohammad Kamrul Hasan Deputy Director (Communication) (Deputy Secretary) 55029621
Mst. Morsheda Khatoon Deputy Director (Innovation) 55029619
Arifuzzaman Deputy Director
Mohd. Monirul Islam Deputy Secretary
Md. Abubakar Siddique Cartographer (attached) 55029528
Pronob Paul Statistical Officer (attached) 55029528


PM Office Bangladesh – Personal Wing

Name Designation Phone (Office) Email
Md. Tofazzel Hossain Miah PS-I to the PM of BD 9117374 ps1topm[at]
Wahida Akter PS-II to the PM 55029417 ps2topm[at]
Kazi Nishat Rasul APS-I to the PM 9143073 aps1topm[at]
APS-II to the PM 55029419 aps2topm[at]
Protocol Officer-I to the prime Minister 9136556 protocol-one[at]
S M Khurshid-Ul-Alam Protocol Officer-II to the PM 9122545 protocol2[at]
Mohammad Shameem Musfique Assignment Officer to the PM 55029506 musfique[at]
Gazi Hafizur Rahman Liku Assignment Officer to the PM 58152902
Major Gen. Mia Md. Jainul Abedin, BB, PSC Military Secretary to the PM 55029509 mspm[at]
Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Saif Ullah, PSC Assistant Military Secretary to the PM 9128712
Major Mohammad Ilias Rasel ADC 9145562
Squadron Leader Abdullah Al Mamun, GD(P) ADC 9145562
Major Shahareen Jereen, EME ADC 9145562
Lt. Cmdr. Nayeem Hassan (C), BN ADC 9145562
Major General Md. Majibur Rahman, osp, ppmc, ndc, psc Director General 55029465
Professor Dr. Syeda Suraiya Akbar Personal Physician to the PM 58153001 pp[at]
Lt. Col. Tawhida Nawazesh Rosie Assistant Personal Physician to the PM 55029538 app[at]
Dr. Shahana Begum Senior Medical Officer 55029539
Dr. Muhammad Saruar Hossain Medical Officer 55029539
Major Nilufar Akhter Nursing Officer 8823922


Bangladesh PM Office – Press Wings


Name Designation Phone (Office) Email
Ihsanul Karim Press Secy to the PM 58153008
Md. Nazrul Islam Additional Press Secretary to the PM 55029410
Md. Ashraful Alam Deputy Press Secretary to the PM 55029594
Md. Mamun-or-Rashid Deputy Press Secretary to the PM 55029606
K M Shakhawat Moon Deputy Press Secretary to the PM 55029525
M. M. Emrul Kayas Assistant Press Secretary to the PM 55029526 ekayas95[at]
Md. Ashraf Siddiquee Bitu Assistant Press Secretary to the PM 48112970 ashrafsiddiqueebitu[at]
.………………… Assistant Press Secretary to the PM 55029527 aprs1[at]
Romana Sharmin Deputy Director 55029534 rss.info10[at]
Gul Shahana Assistant Director (Monitoring Officer) (attached) 9128254 gulshahana.urmi[at]
.……………….. Photographer to the PM 55029535
Md. Shawon Choudhury Assistant Director (Monitoring Officer) (attached) 9128254 shawon.env[at]



PM office staff list Bangladesh

Advisers to Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Name Designation Office Phone (Office) Email
H T Imam Political Affairs Adviser to the PM Prime Minister’s Office 55029404 advimam[at]
Atul Sarker PS to the Political Affairs Adviser Prime Minister’s Office 48112770 ps2advipol[at]
Sanwarul Haque APS to the Political Affairs Adviser Prime Minister’s Office 55029505
Dr. Mashiur Rahman Economic Affairs Adviser to the PM Prime Minister’s Office 9122590 advecon[at]
Tapan K. Chakrabarty PS to the Economic Affairs Adviser Prime Minister’s Office 55029514 adveconps[at]
Dr. Md. Manjurul Islam APS to the Economic Affairs Adviser (Deputy Chief) prime minister’s office (bangladesh) 55029515 adveconaps[at]
Professor Dr. Gowher Rizvi International Relation Affairs Adviser to the PM prime minister’s office (bangladesh) 9129012 gowher.rizvi[at]
Devabrata Chakraborty PS to the International Relation Affairs Adviser (addl. charge) prime minister’s office (bangladesh) 55029517 advinterps[at]
Mohammad Al-Amin APS to the International Relation Affairs Adviser (Deputy Secretary) prime minister’s office (bangladesh) 55029518
Dr. Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, BB Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Affairs Adviser to the PM prime minister’s office (bangladesh) 55029519 advenp[at]
Md. Alauddin PS to the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Affairs Adviser prime minister’s office (bangladesh) 55029521 ps2pemadv[at]
Muktadir Aziz APS to the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Affairs Adviser pm office bd 9134819 ps2pemadv[at]
Major Gen. (rtd) Tarique Ahmed Siddique Security Affairs Adviser to the PM pm office bd 55029402
K M Shamsul Alam PS to the Security Affairs Adviser pm office bd 55029402
Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed Information and Communication Technology Affairs Adviser to the PM pm office bd
Salman Fazlur Rahman Private Industry and Investment Adviser to the PM pm office bd
Md. Zahidul Islam Bhuiyan PS to the Private Industry and Investment Adviser pm office bd
Md. Abul Kalam Azad Principal Coordinator (SDG Affairs) pm office bd 9140081 pcord[at]
Kamrul Hasan PS to Principal Coordinator (SDG Affairs) prime minister office bangladesh 55029411 pspcord[at]
Md. Mokammel Hossain Additional Secretary (SDG Affairs) prime minister office bangladesh 55029592 jssdg[at]
Selima Khatun Special Assistant to the PM prime minister office bangladesh 9131642 splassttopm[at]
Ferdous Ahmed Khan Special Assistant to the PM prime minister office bangladesh 55029522
Barrister Shah Ali Farhad Special Assistant to the PM prime minister office bangladesh


Prime Minister Office in Dhaka BangladeshPrime Minister Office Bangladesh

<h2>PM Office Bangladesh activities</h2>

  • Secretariat assistance to the PM
  • Assistance to Bangladesh Prime Minister in the discharge of her responsibilities including parliamentary affairs
  • Political Matters
  • Finance related assistanceSheikh Hasina - PM Bangladesh
  • NSI related matter
  • Coordinate to all intelligence Agencies
  • NGO matters
  • BOAD of Investment affairs
  • Supervision of Subordinate office of Prime Minister Office
  • BEPZ Matter
  • SSF affairs other security matters
  • Prime Minister’s Discretionary Fund
  • Foreign head of government reception
  • Arrange of different ceremonials
  • PM Office organizes Bangladesh PM tour
  • Agreement and Treaties with other countries or international bodies
  • PM Office related law affairs
  • Maintaining Bangladesh PM Office Related inquiries and statistics
  • Other functions assigned to Prime Minister Office

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Bangladesh Prime Minister private email address or personal mobile number not included here. Any one can reach to the pm in Bangladesh or  Prime Minister through Prime Minister Office contact numbers. Though PMO Bangladesh had provided direct contact number publicly. Please vist PM of Bangladesh website if you need any more information

Bangladesh Prime Minister Office is located in Tejgaon of Dhaka city. If you citizen of Bangladesh like to contact prime minister’s office Bangladesh he or she can get email address of prime minister of Bangladesh from the PM office Bangladesh website and can send email. PM office will receive email and if they think it important to take action they will procedure. Prime Minister of Bangladesh recently publicly announced her mobile number to know Bangladeshi people problems. PM office BD website address is PMO BD is the office of Bangladesh prime minister. PM of Bangladesh or Bangladesh prime minister as the head of Bangladesh government is handling few other important ministries also.


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