Ministry of Bangladesh – Ministers address in secretariats

Ministry of Bangladesh address, location at Bangladesh secretariat building in Ramna area, just west side of zero point and GPO. In addiction to Secretary building office different Ministries Bangladesh has its external office in Dhaka and other district of Bangladesh.

Large ministreis of Bangladesh are food ministry, foreign ministry, LGRD ministry, home ministry, defense ministry, education ministry, etc. Bangladesh secretary list for all ministries to contact let them any related issue.

If you do not get information available here you visit Bangladesh secretariat website or ministry Bangladesh website. All Minister list of Bangladesh including secretary phone number that is updated recently listed here. You can contact any Ministry of Bangladesh Government through these telephone numbers.

List of Ministries of the government in Bangladesh

Ministry of Agriculture

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 4 (4th and 5th Floor), Dhaka-1000BangladeshDG(Seed)(Additional Secretary)

Tel: 9540120

Information and Public Relation (PRO) Officer to Minister

tel: 9540555


Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs
Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 4 (6th Floor), Dhaka 1000, BangladeshPABX: 008802-9540033

Fax: Minister: 02-9540781Fax: Sectretary: 9565300SectretaryTel: 9540033/9146343

Information Officer

Telephone: 9540017


Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism

Room – 1911, Floor No – 19, Building No – 06 Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No:6 (19th Floor), Dhaka 1000Deputy SecretaryTelephone: 0088 (02) 9545835

0088 (02) 9514484

Fax: 0088 (02) 9515499

Senior Information Officer

Phone no. : 02-9545069 (Office)


Ministry of Communications

Building No. 7, Floor No. 8, Bangladesh-Secretariat Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.

Phone :0088-02-9511122

Fax : 0088-02-9553900

Joint Secretary

Telephone: 0088-02-9560966

APS to the Honorable Minister

Tele-phone: 88-02-9575513

Information Officer

Phone: 02-9512293




Ministry of Food

Bangladesh Secretariat , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fax: +880-2-9514678Information Officer

Phone: 880-02-9540435

Protocol Officer

TEl: 029540938

Deputy Secretary (coordination)

Tel: 880-29540121

Fax: 880-29514678



Ministry of Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 4 (7th Floor), Dhaka-1000

PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49Information Officer

Tel: 7167985, 9357007

Fax: 880-2-7168557


Ministry of Liberation War Affairs

Government Transport Pool Bhaban, Bangladesh Secretariat Link Road, Dhaka.

Telephone: 0088-02-955-0149

Fax: 0088-02-955-0127

Deputy secretary


Senior Information Officer

Tel: 02-9550122


Ministry of LGRD and Co-operatives

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No. 7 (6th Floor), Dhaka-1000

PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49

Information Officer

Tel: 7168518 9354002

Fax: 880-2-7164374

Minister’s Office

Information Officer

State Minister’s Office

Tel: 7169216 9677578

Fax: 880-2-7164374

NGO Affairs

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No-6 (7th Floor),

Dhaka 1000

PABX : 7163639-43, 7163645-9

Information Officer

State Minister’s Office

Tel: 7161447 9669214

Fax: 880-2-7169654


Ministry of Planning

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka – 1207

PABX: 9110147

Fax: 0088-02- 9180838



Admin Officer: Tel: 9118054

Senior Information Officer

Tel: 9180886


Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No. 7 (7th Floor),


PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49

Senior Information Officer

Tel: 7168689 9351900

Fax: 880-2-7165775


Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 6 (2nd Floor), Dhaka-1000

PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49

Senior Information Officer

Energy and Mineral Resources Division

Tel: 9570671 8631957

Fax: 880-2-7161110

Senior Information Officer

Power Division

Tel: 9570671 8631957

Fax: 880-2-8615097



Ministry of Primary & Mass Education

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 6 (6th Floor), Dhaka-1000



Senior Information Officer

phone: 02-9515338


Directory of Primary Education (DPE)

Director General

Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216

phone: 00880-2-8057877

Fax: 00880-2-8016499



Ministry of Religious Affairs

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No. 8 (First Floor)

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Telephone: 0088-02-9514533

Fax: 0088-02-9511116

Deputy Secretary (Hajj)

Phone: 9576349

Deputy Secretary (Admin)

tEl: 9559467

Senior Information Officer

Tel: 02-9576348


Ministry of Home Affairs

PS to Senior Secretary 9573709
Public Relation Officer 9514343
Deputy Secretary Security-2 9573803

Deputy Secretary (Law-1)


Senior Assistant Secretary (Police-2 )


Senior Assistant Secretary (Ansar-2 )


Ministry of Education

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No:6 (17th, 18th Floor), Dhaka 1000Telephone: 0088-02-9576679Fax: 0088-02-9514114

Deputy Secretary (College)

Phone: 9573773

Deputy Secretary (Secondary)

Phone: 9515733

Deputy Secretary (University)

Phone: 9512245

Deputy Secretary (Tech. and Madrasha)

Phone: 9540908
Senior Information OfficerMinister’s Office

Fax: 880-2-7163322
Information Officer state Minister’s Office

Fax: 880-2-7163322

Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment

71-72, Old Elephant Road,Eskaton Garden, Probashi Kalyan Bhaban Dhaka,BangladeshPhone: 0088-02-8333604
Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET)89/2 No. Kakrail, Dhaka-1000TelePhone : 00880-2-9357972, 02-9349925
Ministry of Finance

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No:7 (3rd Floor), Dhaka 1000PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49
Senior Information Officer
7168137, 7166200, 7169383

Fax: 880-2-7165581

Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No:6 (5th, 14th and 15th Floor), Dhaka 1000TelePhone :0088-02- 9545700FAX : 02-9512220
Joint Secretary (Livestock)Tel: 9514645
Joint Secretary (Fisheries)Phone: 9514201
Senior Information Officer

Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No:4 (4th Floor),Dhaka 1000, BangladeshFax: 00880-2-9545405
Joint Secretary for Disaster Management 9552259
Joint Secretary for Refugee Cell 9545091
Deputy Secretary for Relief 9540052
ICT Cell
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bangladesh SecretariatDhaka 1000, BangladeshForeign Ministry Office:Fax: 00880-2-9562188 & Tel: 7171433


FAX: 0088-02-9562723 Tel: 9887066-Res
Director (Media) External Publicity Wing

DG (Admin & ICT) 956 2115
DG (Americas)

DG for Consular & Welfare Wing


AS (Media) 9553216
Director for International Organization 9554231
AS (SAARC ) 9556327
AS (BIMSTEC) 9556327
DG (South Asia) 9562114
DG (UN) 9562113
DG ( West & Central Asia

Ministry of Information

Building No. 4 (8th flr)

Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

AS (Information & Masscommunication-2) Telephone: 9572192 , Mobile: 01552326888SAS (Information & Masscom-1) Tel: 9550848 Mobile: 01752592882

Ministry of Public Administration, Bangladesh Secretariat , Dhaka, Bangladesh

Joint Secretary (Admin)

Telephone: +880-02-9573733Senior Secretary

Fax: 880-2-9574421



Ministry of Science and Information &

Communication Technology

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building. No: 6 (9th Floor), Dhaka-1000

PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49

Senior Information Officer

Tel: 7160387 8130312

Fax: 880-2-7169606


Ministry of Shipping

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 6 (8th Floor), Dhaka-1000

PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49

Deputy Secretary (Admin)

Tele; 02-9574480

P.S. to Secretary & Sr. Asst. Secretary



Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority “BIWTA”

BIWTA Bhaban

141 – 143, Motijheel C/a

telephone No : 02-9556151-55

Fax : 00880-2-9551072


Chittagong Port Authority

Bandar Bhaban, P. O. Box 2013

Chittagong 4100, Bangladesh

phone: 00880-31- 2522200-29 (PABX)

Fax: 00880-31- 2510889


Bangladesh Shipping Corporation

BSC Bhaban

Saltgola Road, P.O. Box #641

Chittagong 4100, Bangladesh

phone: 0088-031-2521162-8 (PABX)

Fax: 0088-031-710506, 0088-031-722380



Ministry of Social Welfare

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 6 (3rd Floor), Dhaka-1000

Telephone:  0088-02-9515534

Fax: 0088-02-7168989

Information Officer

Tel: 02-9571124


Ministry of Textiles and Jute

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 6 (11th Floor), Dhaka-1000

PABX: 7163639-43, 7163645-49

Information Officer

Tel: 7160628 7121791

Fax : 880-2-7169654

Pulic Relations Officer

Tel: 7160628 8623048

Fax: 880-2-7160600


Ministry of Water Resources

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No:6 (4th Floor), Dhaka-1000

Phone: 0088-02-9512221, 9540701

Fax     : 088-02-9573805

P.S to Secretary

Tele Phone : 9515535

Joint Chief

TelePhone : 02-9576776

Information Officer

Tele Phone : 02-9570028



Ministry of Women & Children Affairs

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No. 6 (4th Floor),

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh



Ministry of Youth & Sports

Bangladesh Secretariat, Building No: 7 (5th Floor), Dhaka-1000

Deputy Minister

PHone: 9584388

Joint Secretary ( Sports-1 )

Phone: 02-9513309

Joint Secretary ( Youth-1 )

tel: 02-9575532

Information Officer

telephone; 02-9575508

Bangladesh Parliament

Bangladesh Parliament Secretariat, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207

PABX: 91311001-21, 8113900-21

Information Officer

Office of the Chief Whip

Tel: 9122495 8117953

Ministry of Environment & Forests


Building NO. 6, Level No. 13

Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fax Minister: 0088-02-9545166

Fax Secretary: 0088-02-9540210

Senior Information Officer

Tel: 02-9540393

Monistry of Defence

Ganababhan Complex, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207


Telephone: 9110111, 9110112, 9118306

FAx: 8117945, 9144819

Email: modgob @

PS to Sectrery

Telephone: 91114003

Ministry of Labor and Unemployment

Bangladesh Secretariat

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Md. Shahjahan Miah

Deputy Secretary (Admin)

M/O Labour and Employment


Telephone: 0088(02)9575587

Fax: +88(02)9575583

E-mail: info [at]

Deputy Secretary (Labour)

Telephone: 9575589

Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)

Tel: 02-9583844

Ministry of Textile and Jute

Building-6, Floor 8 and 13,

Bangladesh Secretariate, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Fax : 9540766 (Minister), 9515536 (Secretary), 9573807 (Joint Secretary)


Tel: 02- 9540628

Public Relation Officer

Tel: 02-9540628

Ministry of Housing and Public Works

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Deputy Secretary (Monitoring)

Telephone: 9514427

Deputy Secretary (Admin-2)

Phone: 9562363

Public Relation Officer

Telephone: 9540854

Ministry of Commerce

Secretariate Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Information Officer

Phone no. 02-9580876, 02-8142657 (Res)


Tel: 9545006


Additional Secretary

Tel: 9514144

WTO Wing


Tel: 9545383

Export Wing

Additional Secretary

Tel: 9545272, 8331275


Dy. Chief

Tel: 9545018

IIT wing Tel: 02-9514140

DTO Wing: Tel: 9540679

FTA Wing: Tel: 9514163

Bangladesh Tariff Comission


Tel: 8314542

Trading Corporation

Tel: 8141827

Export Wing Tel: 8149140

Joint Stock Tel: 8189401

BFTI Tel: 8152476-8

Ministry of Land

Bhaban No # 4, Floor # 3

Bangladesh Secretariat

Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh


Phone:02- 9540172


Telephone: 9545483

Ministry of Railways

Rail Bhaban, 16 Abdul Gani Road,


Ministry of Industry

91, Motijhel Commercial Area,


Joint Secretary (BCIC)

Phone: 02-9552542

Joint Secretary  (BSCIC)

Tel: 02-9551612

Senior Information Officer

Contact number: 9564231(office) 7126121(residence)

Ministry of Science and Technology

Bangladesh Secretariat


Telephone:   00880-2-7170840

Fax: 00880-2-9576538

Public Relation Officer

Telephone: 0088-02-9540387 (Office)

Ministry of Cultural Affairs

Building # 6, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka.

Information Officer

Telephone: 02-9514600

Deputy Secretary

Telephone: 9514160

Bangla Academy

Director General

Telephone: 02-8619577 (P.A.)

Bangladesh National Museum


Telephone: 02-8619303 (P.A)

Central Public Library


Phone: 02-8610422 (P.A)

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Building No. 3, Bangladesh Secretariat

Fax: 0088-02-9559216

Directory General of Health Services (DGHS)

Tel: 8802 8816459

Fax: 8802 8813875

Directorate General of Drug Administration

105-106, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000

Tel : 008802 9556126, Fax :008802 9568166
Health Engineering Department (HED)

105-106, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000.

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