Name : Nusrat Imroz
Nick : Tisha
Born : February 20
Education : Studing in North South University
Vital Stats :
Build : Medium
Height : 5′ 4″
Weight : 49
Zodiac sign : Piceses
Awards :
CZFV Awarded (2004-2005)
Meril Prothom alo 2005Tisha
Dubai award Presented by chanel I
London award Presented by NTV
1995 national awarded notun koreeeHair Color : Black
Eye Color : Black
Happiest moment: spending time with family and friends
Interests : Gossiping, watching..
Personal Interests:

Ideal Person : Father
Favorites :
Movie: Babies Day Out
Color: Light Color


Tisha is a Bangladeshi model. People like her acting very much for her own style. Tisha showed her quality through modeling and acting. When Tisha perform drama from modeling at that time some people say that you can’t do it. She continues her task. As a result, Tisha is well-liked actress in short time. Tisha act upon Notun Kuri Magazine program in BTV in early age. Then Nurul Huda surprised to see her acting. Aronno Anower, Mostafa Sorowar Faruki, Golam Sohorab Dalal are her favorite directors. Tisha said that those directors have given chance her for acting she is very much thankful to them. Now Tisha is acting with Mosharof Karim, ATM Shamsul Jaman, Chanchal Chowdhury, Mahfuz Ahmed, Mir Sabbir, Jahid Hasan etc.actress tisha

Tisha acted various dramas such as Karam, 420, Busy Director, Third person singular number, Kather khucca, etc. Tisha is also acting telifilm. Third person singular number movie is written by Mostafa Sorowar Faruki which is commercially success. This telefilm is very much familiar. Tisha performed various products modeling such as Keya cosmetic Keya lipjel, keya cloth clean soap etc. Her favorite food is Bankarkhani and Fuchkka.


more Details

Nusrat Imrose Tisha
Tisha is a Bangladeshi actress and a famous model. She has acted in television serials and films. Tisha was born on 20 February 1983 in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Her father name is Enamul Hoque and mother name is Shaheen Hoque. Tisha started learning at the age of 5. In 1993 she took 2nd place in Bangladesh Television’s Noturn Kuri talent hunt program. In the same contest in 1995 Tisha won the gold cup award.
Tisha started her acting career through the drama Shat Prohorer Kabbo directed by Ahsan Habib and written by Anonto Heera. Tisha also formed a band named Angel Four. Meril Lipjel was her first modeled. she also participated in advertisements for Coca-Cola, City cell, Bombay Sweets and Keya Cosmetics, and in 2003 and 2004 won the Meril Prothom Alo Awards for modeling. After a 6 year break, Tisha returned to TV advertising in 2014 by appearing in an adv for Square.
Tisha married Mostofa Sarwar Farooki on 16 July 2010. Tisha was selected as the 1st “Goodwill Ambassador of South Korea in Bangladesh” for 2 years as part of the festivity of 40th centenary of the 2 countries two-pronged dealings in 2013.

In 1998, Tisha performing in drama Shat Prohorer Kabbo, Firey Dekha, Greeho Golpo, Shopnojatra; in 2004 Kebol ee Raat Hoye Jai, Sixty Nine, Ekoda Nurul Huda, Nikhoj Sangbad, Santo Kuthir, Sultana Bibiana, Waiting Room, Road to America, Prem o Protisodher Golpo, Terakota, Khosru+moyna, Shefali, Shisir Kona, Bujhabujhir Vul, Tiebreaker(single-episode drama).
In 2010, Brazentina (single episode drama on epic rivalry of the two Football giants, aired on RTV), Eid-er Ticket (TV play, aired on Eid), Mobile Court; in 2011 Bahattor Ghonta (Telefilm); in 2013 Opekkhay Thakun (telefilm, aired on Maasranga TV on Eid), Chinno, Day Out (drama, aired on Maasranga TV on Eid-ul-Fitr).

In 2014, Golapbhromon (TV play, aired on ntv on Eid), Tumi Ami (single episode drama, aired today on ntv); in 2015 Ei Boishakhe (telefilm, aired on ATN Bangla on the first day of the Bangla New Year)

In 2016, Tisha acting in drama Tomay Vebe Lekha.

Tisha performed in some popular films. And those are Third Person Singular Number in 2009 directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki Tisha roled in Ruba Haque and got Meril Prothom Alo Awards in Best Film Actress (Critics’) category. In 2009 she also participated in the film Runway directed Tareque Masud.
Tisha’s recent film was Television gained critical acclaim worldwide and it was released in 2012 directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki . Tisha roled in Kohinoor and nominated for Meril Prothom Alo Awards in Best Film Actress (Popular) category.
In 2014 she acted in Duboshohor directed by Mostofa Sarwar Farooki; in 2016 Prem Kore Ami Morbo directed by Shafi Uddin Shafi, Mental directed by Shamim Ahamed Roni, Ostitto directed by Anonno Mamun.
Tisha won Meril Prothom Alo Awards for Best Female Model for 2 times in 2003 & 2004. In 2009 she won Meril Prothom Alo Awards for the Best Film Actress (Critics’). In 2010, she gained Meril Prothom Alo Awards for the Best Television Actress (Popular).
In 2011, 2012 & 2013 she also won Meril Prothom Alo Awards for the Best Television Actress (Critics’); Best Television Actress (Popular); Best Television Actress (Popular) respectively.






  1. U R Looking so nice

  2. hi tisha ur good actress in bangladesh.
    with so so so beutiful, (iam nayan from B.BARIA)

  3. what the hell is thins. can u lot stop this ribbish comments. i never knew that the people has been so ribbish now days. its really disgusting. shame on you.

  4. hi easin,
    u know something i actually somehow agree with u that she is bad, but i don’t think that u should say that bad things to tisha. plus those words are really nasty to hear and say. she is very dongy/ and beshi demak koray. you should tell her not have so much demak. but don’t say those words. also thank a lot for not liking her.

  5. Thank you soniya. you are right. this man is really rubbish. i think he needs to get merried.

  6. HI mr Russel. what do u think of yourself. I have never seen so nasty comment in my life. further dont comment like this plz.
    otherwise you will be bolcked on this side.
    so be careful about it.

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    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

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  11. easin;this is to much.may be you don’t teach anything from your family.i am surprised to see your message to tisha apu.don’t do it for next time.be aware.

  12. hi;tisha apu i am a big fan of you.you are so nice.really.my sister has got gpa 5 in her ssc.pray for us.and sumi and shathy are right.easin and rassle are so much
    shameless.apu pls remember we all girls are beside of you though you are take care of yourself.

  13. hi apu u are so nice.i am a great fan of you.i read in class 4.bye

  14. what’s youe next drama?

  15. Thank you neela for supporting me. say congratulations to you sister. because she has got GPA 5. This is so exciting. isnt it. actually i didnt do SSC in bd. because I didnt have any chance to do it. i had to come to UK.
    I am regeting now. it was my dream to do SSC in BD.

  16. Shathy apu,there are to much desire in our life but all re not fill up .so what?
    Don’t worry.thanks to wish my sis .if u don’t mind may i friendship with u pls?best of luck for all model and human being like you.may ALLAH bless you.

  17. Amar duita kotha chilo.
    Tisha rae amar onek valo lagae, shae khubi valo actress. TV tae okae dekhtae khubi valo lagae. I have much respect and praise for her, for achieving such a great feat in such young age. As far as her personal life goes… She’s a public person and very open with her relationships. I really don’t know a lot about her personal life, but that’s why its called personal. Should we judge a person for their personal life?

  18. I am Asif from Greece. Tisha is very good actress in bangladesh. she is my best favorite artist. I like them very much. I like your acting , smile , cry , joke , mind ,

  19. Tisha you are my best favorite actrees. I like you very much . I like your acting , smile , look , cry , joke , mind , walk , talk , voice , a n d other very much. I want to see you. Asif from Greece.

  20. HI neela, Thank you very very much. i knew you are very sweet girl when i saw your first comment to tisa. i am really sorry i couldnt reply your comment. bcos i was in BD. i am backed now. i am very glad to know that you want to be my friend. ok. fine. from today we are franz. but the problem is i cant give you my MSN no bcos, there is not any profit.i am not allowed to talk to MSN in my house. dats y i send comments by nick name, so nobody will no dat its me. you can say hi, hello to me on this place. by the way where are you from. its really nice to talk to you.
    your new frnd Shathy. take care.

  21. HI neela. thank you very very much. you are so sweet girl. yes i accept your friendship.

  22. Hi Tisha ! How are you ? this is Selim from Dhaka.I am one of ur mad fan.I like you sooooooooo much. I wish if i could talk to you and if i could see u face to face. I believe one day we will meet with each other.

    Awaitig for your reply

    Take care

  23. tisha ur ice is very nice.u r really a beautiful girl & actress .
    i like u.im iftekhar hassan babu from chittagong


  25. hi tisha you are beauty girl .my darling same LIKE that you .his name also tisha ok. take care

  26. Hi tisha,
    how are you? you are very very nice.and beuteful.i like you.

  27. i am a well wisher of tisha from the other part of bengal, in india… i have watched a few works by tisha… she is a great actor, who can leverage her acting so that she represents the bengali sentiments and emotions… god bless her :)

  28. you are so sweet.I respect you.

  29. Hi tisha,
    Sister how are you? Hope very well.This is Masud Rima i am a big fan of yours.I really like your act and smile. I wish, may Allah give you all success in your marrid life.
    wish you a very happy marrid life, good luck and allah hafez.

    masud rima
    manchester england

  30. Hi Tisha
    you are so cute.i also loved with your act. carry on.hope and all the best.


  31. Hi tisha!
    I love u so much. You are my most favourite actress. Do you know why i love u too much ? Because . . . . . .

  32. hi tisha!
    i love u so much. u r my most favorite actress. do u know why i love u to much?

  33. hey tisha,
    you are a wonderful actress .How can you play all these different different expression on your face? I like your acting very much.

    >>>sohan, cox’s bazar

  34. you look so nice. i m a great fan of u. i like u coz my only lover looks like u. i love her and u so mutch

  35. hey,you look so pretty. sometime i feel that you are acting the same charecter on different dramas.no curve.you look like pretty young lady but your attitude is like suvorna mustafa. why be cool.we understands you like to bee center of all guy,s,people,mankind what ever.come on be happy and take it ez okey thanks tiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss..

  36. Hi tisha how are you.hi lovely good luck.Allah safe you for ever.thanks of allah.by

  37. apu tomake ami onek posondo kori . tomar ovinoy amr khub valo lage.ami toma great fan.kintu amar onek kosto jano… ami tomar moto dekhte ekta meyer sathe prem korecilam se ajj amake cere chole gase.tai tomar natok tomar cobi collect kori r majhe majhe dekhi .tumi sob somoy valo theko………..u may long life and god blease u



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