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Melamine menace: Know the facts to protect your child

The Ministry of Health of China reports that more than 53,000 children have sought medical treatment and have been hospitalised due to powdered infant formula contaminated with melamine, a toxic chemical. There have also been several deaths reported in this connection. In addition, dairy products made in China and exported to other countries have been

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What Kids Learn positive from Playing Video Games

Many parents express the opinion that computer and video games are useless that kids don’t learn anything beyond hand-eye coordination from the thousands of hours they spend by playing video games. Other critics express the opinion that internet and  video games impart just negative messages. I think video games are not harmful as much as

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Taking care of your baby in Winter

Over cold or Over heating would be very dangerous to a new born baby as their temperature regulation system is mature as like as a adult. You must not cover your baby head if you think the room is so cold or so hot.  You can use child sleeping bags instead of blankets and follow

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New vaccine to protect children from five killer diseases

Bangladesh for the first time introduces a new combination vaccine that will protect its children against five killer diseases in one injection, including the deadly bacterium Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib). Hib causes some severe forms of pneumonia and meningitis. It is estimated to cause millions of serious illnesses and 400,000 deaths globally, the majority

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Medication safety for children

The recent incidence of Paracetamol poisoning in Bangladesh and its fatal consequences have alarmed us once again about drug safety for the children. Similar incidence that occurred few decades ago claimed thousands of infants' life. Repeated death due to Paracetamol adulterated with diethylene glycol, a toxic chemical usually used in plastic, rubber, textile and leather

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Kids Befinit of playing sports

We should allow our kids to play sports. It is very important to refresh their mind and good for health. 1) A kid can achieve competitive mind from the sports. Playing with a counter part pushing them to get a result and won the game. if they are looser party, definitely they will gain ability

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