We should allow our kids to play sports. It is very important to refresh their mind and good for health.

1) A kid can achieve competitive mind from the sports. Playing with a counter part pushing them to get a result and won the game. if they are looser party, definitely they will gain ability to respect other skills and keep full desire to won the next sport.

2) Kids are playing most of the sports together under a leadership, sometime the kid lead the team. Sports help kid to work with a team.

3) Sports build kid’s confidence to start new work in his daily life. Creating capability to handle very heavy duty in his life.

4) Exercise helps a kid  Always to express their opinion positively, getting strength and use energy in the right way, positive mood and relieves stress.
5) From the sports kids can learn rules, respect the rule and other opinion.

6) Those students play sports regularly they can try best in their academy to get success which help them to get better opportunity in their life.

7) All sports are target or goal oriented with combination of hard work and discipline. These attitudes help them to achieve success in his life.

8) The very important side of a sports is to make body strong and increase quality of life. Its an entertainment to refresh mind and keep active to his daily works. If a kid playing sport regularly he must enjoy life without disease usually.
9) Another most important thing of playing sports is mind development. Sports utilize strategic thinking and math, such as learning plays and keeping score and stats.

10) The Sports are a great way to build up friendships with new network, which can create a helping environment that leads to future opportunities and life-long bonds.