Panjabi is a traditional dress in different countries and nation. In the very old Panjabi region, people wore a type of dress which is made by cotton clothing. The tops part of the dress for both female and male reached or crossed the Knee.

The both hands covered with the cloth and some people wear the dress for covering the whole body till knee. And a dhoti is covered from the waist which reached their Ankle. From that dress, day by day Panjabi dress was getting now day’s shape. In this long history, Panjabi was getting different form of dress. In that time, there was flourishing sector of cotton in that time, that’s why the Panjabi was getting popular in that time.

Panjabi is an upper garments worn by the men only. This dress is specially worn by the south Asian people. The origin of this garment lies in the central Asia. Inspiring from the central Asian people this dress is made that has overcome the boundary and reached to the Indian sub-continent.

The people of the Indian sub-continent also accept it warmly. Especially the north Indian people like Rajasthan or Punjabi people wears this Panjabi. This dress was very much popular among the Mughal emperors.


The then kings and emperors wear various types of dress those which are much like the Panjabi to look at. However the Mughal Panjabi was much loose and then the people also wore kurta on their Panjabi. The koti is a short cotton type coat that is worn before the Panjabi.

The kotis of the Mughal emperors were also loose. Those had no side slits on them. But at present it can be noticed that the men would like to wear slim Punjabis’ on various occasion. Especially the young generation people wear body fitting Panjabi’s.
Though Panjabi is not worn by all types of people, but it has not lost its appeal to the mass people. It is very easy to wear and comfortable also. Punjabi has become a kind of religious dress ( Religious festival )on the people of the south Asian people. The people wear Panjabi on most of their important meetings or prayers or in marriage etc.

In the prayer times the Muslims go to the mosque maximum in Panjabi. At the time of marriage, the bridegroom wears Panjabi on his wedding day. It has gained a position to be considered as a formal dress in many offices and institutions.
From time to time Panjabi has gone into much change and transformation. There are some dresses those which are made inspired by the Panjabi like Kurta, Sherwani etc. There are mainly two parts in Panjabi full dress. They are Panjabi and pajama.

The pajama is a loose pant type cloths made by a soft cloth sometimes in the same cloth of the Panjabi. But nowadays people also wear normal pants or jeans pants with the Panjabi. The taste of this dress varies from person to person according to their choice.


There are sometimes seen to have orna with some kinds of panjabis. These also add a variation in the look of Panjabi when someone wears it. The fashion aware young people use this orna with their Panjabi whereas the old people just feel comfortable in Panjabi and pajama only.
The Panjabi in maximum case is found in white color but there are various colors and cuts are also now seen in the designing of the Panjabi. The sleeves of the Panjabi falls right straight towards the wrist of the dress. There are various colorful buttons found in the Panjabi. Some people like long Panjabi that falls up to their knee, and some others like short Panjabi that is not so long and these type of Panjabi reaches only to the knees of the person who wears it.

As Panjabi is becoming very popular at present so there are outfits found those are established for selling Panjabi in many places. The price of Panjabi is also not so high. People can buy them easily at a reasonable price. Our tailors are also much skilled to make Panjabi of different color and shape. So the people can easily get them in any market or outfit.