Shabnur was born in 17 December, 1977.  Her original name is Nupur. She is well-looked film actress in Bangladesh. She   is abiding in Dhaka now. At first, she performed Chaandni Raatain movie directed by Ehtesham. Besides, she acted more films such as tomake chai, bikkhov, bichar hobey, chawa theke pawa, ebadat, golapi akhon bilete, ma amar choker moni and so on. Chaandni Raatain is her first commercial successful movie. After the life end of Salman Shah, She began working with Riaz and Sakil Khan. She won the National Film Awards of Best Actress in 2006 for Dui Noyoner  Alo movie and also won the Meril Prothom Alo award 10 times. For The movie Bhalobasa Kare Koy, she won the BFPDA Film award.

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  1. she is my favorite actrees.i love her very much.i wish for u long life.

  2. Hi i like you r acting. you are very cute. but now a days ur getting fat

  3. hi shabnur i like very much but now day getting fat plz dont make any movies specially sabik khan or riaz plz plz plz dont mind iam like friend this just my advise
    take care god blees

  4. Why dont u want she to make any movie with sakib khan and riaz. They are getting fat as well. so they will much with her and u can advise her to loose some weight.

  5. what do u eat? your very fat now days

  6. hi shathy. u know wat she eat u. that’s why she is getting fat and fattttttttttt.
    so don’t even bother asking her okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  7. hi shathy. u know wat she eat u. that’s why she is getting fat and fattttttttttt.
    so don’t even bother asking her okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  8. HI Asma/Shumi whatever. how dared you to interfear me and shabnur. You know what, dont think yourself very smart. just mind your own business. she is getting fat dats y i have told her she is getting fat. dats none of your bussiness who am i telling it to. so be qiute and do your work. she is not your sister dat you will get angry with her insult. i will tell her 100 times dat she is getting fat what you gonna do. i dont really c any problem with u.

  9. I think she eats you dats y she is getting fat. bcos if she eats me she wont get fat she could get more skinny bcos i am very very skinny.

  10. HI Shathy I think you are right. She is getting fat. she needs to be more skiny. i wont think dat its better to make any movies untill she is more skinny.

  11. HI shathy, where are you from?. plz tell me, bcos i saw u in my dream. on the dream you were very beautiful. i feel you are my dream girl, and i am looking for you.
    if you are from Bangladesh plz contact me.

  12. HI MR SAKIB,

  13. HI SHathy. i have been very disappointed to hear that you are from UK. But when you come back to bangladesh can you pl;z meet me.
    can i have your email address plz

  14. hi shabnur,,,,one of my most favorite one….I really enjoy wathing your movies…You are really beautiful….nice as the moon ,,,talented as the computer…but now days you r getting really fat….can u please try to lose weight….than u can be ms.bangladesh……bye

  15. hi shabnur u r so sexy i love u very much. i watch ur all movie. u r my best catrees in bangladesh.

  16. hi shabnur how r u. u looking very nice. u r my favorite actress.but day by day u r very fat .please control ur figure .take care .

  17. Hey! Y do u guys fight! Dis is a comment box for Shabnur not ur talking like a chat box! Ugh!!! Either way she is a great actress & a beautiful woman….

    Bye guys! xoxoxo

  18. Hey! I love shabnur! She is a great actress and a really pretty… I really want her to c dis message & i want to meet her in person!

    Inshallah some day!

  19. Hey! I am Ripa’s sister. Shabnur is really pretty! I like her acting! My sister is in love with that woman…. She watched all the movies and watches them again!
    Either way Plzz shabnur if i ever c dis then remember to reply back

  20. Why ru geting fat ? what ru eating?

  21. Hey Sakib why ru very disappointed Shathy?

  22. hallo how aye you very gookda accters i think very likk

  23. Hello Shabnur, hope you are doing great! I was one of your best fan. I moved to usa in 1995. One thing I did like about you was your nice-sweet smile. I do not know if you are really going to read my e-mail or it is just someone playing with it by using your name. You must be busy with your everyday life. Life in the usa is the same thing. there is no time to waste here. Everybody is doing some thing. I do not want to waste your busy by typing gossips. If I can get an e-mail from you, I will feel myself one of the lucky one. You take care yourself. bye. from boston,usa

    • Hi Jahid Uddin,

      Sorry, this site is not a authentic personal web page of any actress or actor but profile or picture only, at the same time fans all over the world can submit their comments on their favorite actor and actress. We never contact with any Celebrity to post reply on any comment. thanks,


  24. Hi shabnur H R U these days. So many actress come to TV talk show. but i didn’t see you with any Talk show, these days why? i hope u’l come to that program very soon. Right now what are you thinking about the future. Fat is not bad.


  25. hi tume ato sundor kano


  27. hi apu how r u?I AM fine.I like u very much but now u r fats.are u marry?

  28. Hi Suniya, u seems like a pretty girl. how r u ?

  29. thanks for your comment. yes you are right. every boy falls in love with me. i dont know who are you. male or female. but it doesnt matter.bye bye.

  30. Hi SABNUR, Hou r u? Hoping that u r fine with safe. Realy u r so naturl actress for Dalywood. I always hopefull ur successfull life. Don’t care anyone, who like or not like. You have own life & drive urselfs.
    Sorru to say about Shathy, Asma & others, PLS DON’T MISSUNDERSTAND WITH EACH-OTHER. Everybody can comments his or her own way… Let them enjoys their life as themselves…Remember…, “POSSITIVE ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NEGETIVE NOTHING.” Thanks to all…M.A. Tuhin, Bahrain ([email protected])

  31. HI franz i am backed. i was outside of uk. now i am backed. how are you lot. lots of comments. when i was here i was only 20 commetns. dats really good to see lots of people sends the commet. take care everyone.

  32. sweet heart you r very nice and very quite. i like your acting, i like your voice, i like your dance. thanks and god bless you.

  33. Tuhin, you seems very mature man. good. by the way can you explain me. How is “possitive anything is better than negetive nothing”

  34. hi! Shabnur Apu, how are u i hope u r well, but i m unwell. because how many days i dons’t see any hopeful pictures by u. pls. dont mind. Thanks

  35. hi shabnur apu this is anamika i love you and i like your acting especially your dancing . i have a question with you is that i want to be a famous heroine like you could you give me some information what to do to become a heroine . thanks

  36. Hi Shabnoor!
    You are great, cute & I love you &.May I talk to you.
    You r better than any one.

  37. hello,
    i saw most of your movies, and i really enjoyed to watch this, you are so confidened actor which is very nice about you, just keep it up like this, and also care about your health, where you are standing this is very challenging work for you, wish you all the best.

  38. Hi,
    How are you? I want to be your friend. please accept me.

  39. Apu,
    I like your acting very much.And your love to salman vaia that i like also.It’s a great love. I like this.
    good bye


  41. Hi sabnoor,
    your acting is so good.

  42. I love you very much.Because your acting in every flim glad to me.

  43. hi shabnur

    plz loose ur weight..ur becoming very fat day by day…dont u feel bad that ur an actres nd everyone tells u to loose ur weight…so plz……loose ur weight

  44. Hei Shabnur, My wife & me is a great fan of you. Specially my wife is very crazy around u. she loves u to too two 2 m-u-c-h. She is man of very remote area but still she is in Dhaka. how love she I can’t make understand u, there is no word. She avoid everything if she have a program of Shabnur. Anyway my wife looking forward to u in which day she can meet u. if u grand her for filling up her desire plz. response. Your kind response will be highly appreciate.


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