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National University Bangladesh established in 1992 which is the main university for controlling all colleges of the country. NU is the second largest university of Bangladesh. It is a state run university to impart graduate and post graduate level education through affiliated colleges and institution.

National University is located in a beautiful place surrounded by green trees in the district called Gazipur, which is just 30 k.m. away from Dhaka City. (North of Dhaka)

NU BD – National University Summary

National University Chancellor: President of Bangladesh Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid.
Vice Chancellor: Prof. Dr. Harun or Rashid.
Administrative Staffs: 1051+
Students : 2097182 (through Affilliated colleges and institutes)
Undergraduates: 1755256.
PhD students: 184.
Others: 7048.

National University NU Website

Jatiyo Bishwa Biddalay.
NU website:


NU Results website link:

NU BD Admission:


National University Banglash First Convocation

For more details First Convocation of NU of Bangladesh:

Call Center No: 09614-016429 (8:00 AM to 8:00PM.
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile 01749-080829, 01749-080526
Available at 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
National University Phone Number:
PABX: +880-2-9291018-23, 00880-2-9291055-64 (Auto Hunting) | Fax : 00880-2-8110852, 9291049, 9291072, 9291037, 9291050 |
NU E-mail: [email protected]


Infortant phone numbers and Email of National University Banglash :

[email protected] 02-9291011

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Admin)
[email protected] 02-9291012

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
[email protected] 02- 9291013

[email protected] 02- 9291014

Dean (School of Under Graduate Studies)
[email protected] 02- 9291068

Dean (Centre for Post-Graduate Studies, Training & Research)
[email protected] 02- 9291074

Dean (Centre for Curriculum Development & Evaluation)
[email protected] 02- 9291076

[email protected] 02- 9291016

Director (Public Relations, Information & Counseling)
[email protected] 02- 9291036

Inspector of Colleges
[email protected] 02- 9291028

Director (Center forCurriculum Development & Evaluation) 0177 778 9040
[email protected] 0177 778 9041

Controller of Examinations
[email protected] 02- 9291017
Secretary, Vice-Chancellor Office
02 9291053

Director (Finance & Accounts)
0177 778 9043

Director (Planning & Development)

Director, ICT Department
[email protected] 02-9291071

Director (Physical Education)
Director(cc) RCMD [email protected] 02-9291015

Deputy Chief Medical Officer
0177 778 9044
Proctor 9291033

Deputy Registrar (Law) 0177 778 9046

Deputy Registrar (Admin) 02-9291026

Deputy Director (Information & Counseling Cell) [email protected]
[email protected] 0177 778 9049

Personal Secretary (Vice-Chancellor) 0177 778 9050

Deputy Registrar (Engineering & Transport) 02-92910

National University of Bangladesh (NUB) is the 5th largest university of the world by its students and affiliate colleges.

national university nu bd

List of Faculties:

Faculty of Science.
Department of Computer Science.
Department of Botany.
Department of Zoology.
Department of Chemistry.
Department of Physics.
Department of Mathematics.
Department of Statistics.

Faculty of Engineering (Professionals).
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering.
Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Faculty of Technology (Professionals).
Department of FDT.
Department of AMT.
Department of KMT.

Faculty of Arts
Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Department of Bengali.
Department of English.
Department of History.
Department of Philosophy.
Department of Islamic history and Sanskrit.

Faculty of Business Studies.
Department of BBA (Professional).
Department of Accounting.
Department of Finance.
Department of Management.
Department of Marketing.
Faculty of Social Science.
Department of Law.
Department of Economics.
Department of Political Science.
Department of Sociology.
Department of Social Work.
Department of Geography.
Department of Psychology.


National University Banglash Address:

National University, Gazipur-1704, Dhaka Mymensingh High Way, Bangladesh


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