Bood Bank & Centers in Bangladesh

Problem does not come out by any information and we are unable to say where and how you dropped in a problem or any accident. After any accident the patients need blood for surviving. But it’s very tough to arrange the exact group of blood instantly. The blood bank centers are rise up as a helping hand of Allah and help us by arranging the specific group of blood. A blood bank center is organizations that collect blood from the blood donor and preserve those bloods with identifying the group of blood.

There are a number of blood bank centers who are arranging the blood donation program and by this program they are able to increase their stock of blood. When anyone needs the blood, they can contract with them and can easily collect the needed group of blood by these centers. “SANDHANI” is one of the most popular Blood bank centers in Bangladesh. There are other blood banks in our Bangladesh but some are dishonest in their duty. So, be careful for collecting the blood. Although, the all blood banks are doing their level best to assist the blood needed people.

Bangladesh Red Crescent Blood Bank

7/5 Aurongzeb Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Tel: 9116563

Modern Clinic & Blood Center

H 5, Rd. 11, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Tel: 9883948

Sandhani, Dhaka Medical College

Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka. Tel: 9668690, 8616744


TSC, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Tel : 01711025876, 8629042

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