Education means Learning. If you learn something you should transfer this to your next generation. Your Knowledge, experience, Lifestyle, etc. are result of your learning or education. Education transfers to others through teaching, training, researches by others with particular guidelines. In the form of Institution education divided into stages such as-

– preschool
– primary school
– secondary school
– college
– university or
– apprenticeship.

Why we need education?

Our life is very difficult without education. Every body knows "Knowledge is Power". Education helps us in many ways like empowering to think, making sense of question, see what is not in front of us, mind satisfaction, curiosity development and more..

– Understanding the social life and civilization.

– Better understanding the world and around us.

– Education help us to reduce social and fanatical problem.

– Technological knowledge acquirements.

– Educated people lifestyle and sound health gives him long-life.

– Getting job easily.

– Better life planner and self-assessment.

– Educated parents are Helpful for children.

– High Contribution for the society and country.

– Self dependable and easy climb to the top position.