List of leading Books publishers in Bangladesh. Renown publishers are Ananna, Agami Prokashoni, Anupam Prokash, Biddya Prokash, Bishwosahithy Bhaban, Dibbya Prokash, Maowla Brothers, Muktadhara, Samoy Prokashani, Suborna, etc.

some book publishers in bangladesh are in below

Abashar Publishing Agency
7115386, 7114920

Academic Press and Publishers Ltd.
Tel: 8125394

Afser Brothers
Tel: 7118035

Agami Prokashoni
Tel: 7110021

Ahmed Publishing House
Tel: 7392880

Tel: 7111643


Anupam Prokash
Tel: 7114243

Asia Publications
Tel: 7116078

Bangladesh Co-operative Book Society Ltd.
Tel: 9569201

Beauty Book House
Tel: 7113360

Biddya Prokash
Tel: 7118728

Bishwosahithy Bhaban
Tel: 7114424

Boral Prokashani
Tel: 7117752

Dibbya Prokash
Tel: 7121574

Jagrete Prokashani
Tel: 8623230, 8624218

Jatiya Grantha Prokash
Tel: 7119699

Kakoli Prokashani
Tel: 7111026

Khan Brother & Com
Tel: 7121730

Maowla Brothers
Tel: 7119463

Modeena Publictions
Tel: 7114555

Monitor Publications
Tel: 9330676


Naworoz Kitabistan
Tel: 8111958

Pathak Samabesh

book Publisher in Dhaka Bangladesh
Tel: 862283

Protik Prokashana Sangsta
Tel: 7115386

Rayman Publishers
Tel: 7119895

Samoy Prokashani
Tel: 7121652

Tel: 8619902

Shahitya Prokash
Tel: 9560485

Shikha Prokashni
Tel: 7111391

Student Owes
Tel: 7114036


University Press Limited
Tel: 9565441, 9565444

This all are book publishers in bangladesh


Publish a book in Bangladesh

How to publish a book in Bangladesh? publish a book in Bangladesh is not as difficult as it seems. It is only a matter of getting all the formalities completed. There are certain important tips that you need to keep in mind when you want to publish a book in Bangladesh. These books include short stories, novels, or non-fiction books.

Although the books in Bangladesh can be short or long stories, novels or non-fiction, they must be checked for their suitability. All the published books in Bangladesh have to be accepted by the ministry of culture and education. This organization first checks for the suitability of the book before giving permission for publishing the book.

Some Bangladesh publishing houses will usually apply for grants for starting their business. The government office assigns various budgets for different activities. The publisher receives a fixed amount of funding for each grant approved. The grant money is used for business purposes to expand the business and meet expenses of establishing and running the publishing house to publish a book in Bangaldesh.

The best thing about publish a book in Bangladesh is that it is not very expensive. You can get many benefits from this method. A book in Bangladesh is considered as an import. This means that you need to pay no customs and import duties on it.

Another good thing about publishing a book in Bangladesh is that you can sell the books online without any sort of trouble. Even, some of the online bookstores do not charge any commission. You can even sell your book at discounted prices to customers around the world. However, if you want to find a good bookstore for selling your book online, you should always make use of the internet to find a store near you.

Publishing a book in Bangladesh is not a very expensive job. You can also sell your book at online bookstores without having to pay any fees. The online stores normally allow you to print as many copies of your book as you want.

Before you start with the task of how to publish a book in Bangladesh, it is important to know about the main laws governing this process. These laws include the Customs Act and the Income Tax Act. These two laws are generally followed in all the publishing houses.

By getting all the legalities clear, you can easily understand the basic steps involved in publishing a book in Bangladesh. It is important to follow the rules and regulations of the country in order to be able to publish a book legally.

Book publishers in Bangladesh

The book publishing business requires a good team of people for publishing books. For successful book publishing in Bangladesh, the right kind of support should be made available. One should have proper knowledge about the regulations and various issues related to the business.

Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. There are many Bengali publishing houses and book publishers in Bangladesh available in the country. Most of these book publishing houses are located in Dhaka. If you want to publish a book in Bangladesh, it is better to find a Bengali publishing house or book publishers in Bangladesh near your place.

It is not necessary that you need to spend large amounts of money to launch a book. The minimum investment is a few thousand dollars. If you want to publish a book, you can ask help from Bengali publishers in Bangladesh.The Bengali book publishers in Bangladesh can give assistance for publishing a book. They will give good advice regarding the requirements of publishing a book. You can even ask them to print a printed version of the book and then distribute copies of it through different forms of media such as newspapers, magazines, and the internet.