Dhaka University – DU started on July 01, 1921 with Sir P J Hartog as the 1st Vice Chancellor. University of Dhaka situated in Ramna of Dhaka on 600 acres of Land.  Under the leadership of Nabab Sir Sulimullah, Nabab Syed Nowab Ali Chowdhury and Sher-e-Bangla A K Fazlul Haque a team representatives proposed to Lord Harding for establishing a new University in Dhaka of East Bengal on January 31, 1912.

Dhaka University

Faculties – 10.Du - Dhaka University Logo
Departments –  66.
Institutes – 8.
Dormitories – 17.
Hostel – 3.
Research Centres – 35.
Teachers – 1500.
Students – 33000.
Teachers – 60.

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Name of Faculty and Department in Dhaka University

Faculty of Arts
Department of Bengali.
Department of English.
Department of Arabic.
Department of Persian Language & Literature.
Department of Urdu.
Department of Sanskrit.
Pali & Buddist Studies.
Department of History.
Department of Philosophy.
Department of Islamic Studies.
Department of Islamic History & Culture.
Department of Information Science & Library Management.
Department of Theatre & Performance Studies.
Department of Music.
Department of Linguistics.
Department of World Religions and Culture.

Faculty of Science in University of Dhaka
Department of Physics.
Department of Mathematics.
Department of Chemistry.
Department of Statistics.
Theoretical Physics.
Biomedical Physics & Technology.
Department of Applied Mathematics.

Faculty of Law
Department of Law.

Faculty of Business Studies
Department of Management Studies.
Department of Marketing.
Department of Accounting & Information Systems.
Department of Finance.
Department of Banking and Insurance.
Department of Management Information Systems.
Department of International Business.
Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Economics.
Department of Political Science.
Department of International Relations.
Department of Sociology.
Mass Communication and Journalism.
Department of Public Administration.
Department of Anthropology.Dhaka Univresihty
Department of Population Sciences.
Department of Peace and Conflict Studies.
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies.
Department of Development Studies.
Department of Television and Film Studies.
Department of Criminology.

Faculty of Biological Sciences
Department of Soil, Water & Environment.
Department of Botany.
Department of Zoology.
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Department of Psychology.
Department of Microbiology.
Department of Fisheries.
Department of Clinical Psychology.
Department of Genetic Engineering and Bio-Technology.
Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology.

Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology.
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Faculty of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Department of Geography & Environment.
Department of Geology.
Department of Oceanography.
Department of Disaster Science and Management.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Department of Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
Department of Nuclear Engineering..

Faculty of Fine Art
Drawing and Painting.
Graphic Design.
Oriental Art.
History of Art.

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Sciences & Research.
Doctor of Medicine(MD).
Masters of Surgery (MS)
M.Phil (Medical Science).
M.Phil(Public Health Science).
MPH (Master of Public Health Science).
MMEd (Masters in Medical Education).

List of Institutes in Dhaka University

Institute of Education & Research (IER).
Institute of Statistical Research & Training.
Institute of Business Administration.
Institute of Nutrition and Food Science.
Institute of Social Welfare & Research.
Institute of Modern Languages.
Institute of Health Economics.
Institute of Information Technology.
Institute of Energy.
Institute of Disaster Management & Vulnerability Studies.
Institute of Leather Engineering & Technology.

Art Faculty  of Dhaka University

Art faculty was established at Dhaka Medical College bhaban in 1921. Art faculty is the largest faculty of Dhaka University.  There are 14 departments in Art faculty of Dhaka University, ie. Bengali, English, History, Islamic History and Culture, Philosophy, Mass Communication and Journalism, Library and Information Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Sanskrit and Pali, Urdu and Persian, linguistics, drama and music, global theology.

Bangla Department of Dhaka University
Bangladesh Bengal language and literature studies and research, the famous center of Bengali Department of Dhaka University. Sanskrit and Bangla department was established in 1921. On 16 August 1937 separated from Sanskrit and established the independent Bengali department.
Total teachers 32, male teacher 26 and female teacher 6

English Department  
Department of English was established in 1921 under the Art faculty of Dhaka University.   CL Waren was the first teacher of English department. In 1922, total 14 students had participated in the MA examination. in the Section C initially joined as Reader. L.. Warren. Founding teacher was 6. In 1922 a total of 14 students in MA Participate in experiments.
Total teachers 36, 15 men and 21 women. 16 teacher are PHD holder and 10 foreign masters degree holder.

Arabic Department  of Dhaka University
In the beginning Arabic department was part of Erabika and Islamic Staduies. In 1980 Arabic department was establish as a separate department. Moulana Abu Nasar Mohammad Wahid was the organizer of Arabic Department.
Total teachers 19, all are PHP degree holder.

Persian Language and Literature of Dhaka University
Persian Language and Literature faculty was opened in 1921. In 1947, Honors BA and MA Urdu courses were introduced. In 1967, the University of Art building is transferred to the Department of Urdu and Persian. In 1989 the building was transferred to the Institute of Language faculty again. Art of the Modern Language Institute in 199 on the third floor of the building is transferred to the front row.

Urdu Department
Urdu department was established in 1921.  Urdu and Persian Department was divided in 2007 began operations as a distinct department.
There are 6 male and 2 female teachers in the Urdu department of Dhaka University.

History Department of Dhaka University
Department of History was established  in 1921. There ae 21 male teachers and 1female teacher are in the History department.

Philosophy Department
Philosophy department started administrative and educational activities at Dhaka Medical College bhaban in 1921. Total 14 teachers are available in Philosophy department, 7 are male and 7 are female teacher. 1 out of 14 people have PhD and Master’s degree overseas.

Islamic Studies department
The name of the department was the Islamic Studies Department Erabika  in 1921. In 1980, Islamic Studies appeared as a separate department of the  University of Dhaka.
Total teachers are 19 in Islamic Studies department.

Islamic History and Culture Department

Islamic History and Culture Department
Islamic History and Culture Department was established in 1948. Honor graduate courses were introduced in 1948-49. Total teachers are in the department 5, all are women.

Information science and library management Department or Library Science Department
In 1959, the section of the library and information science, library science, was established in the name of the faculty. 1947-88 academic term of 3  years and of course is going to be renamed to the Department of library and information science.  In 2000 the department renamed to Informatics and Ganthagara management.

Drama (drama &  music) Department
Theatre &  Music Theatre and Music department was established in 1989 and 1993 respectively in the subsidiary courses. Preliminary courses was introduced in 1993-94. MA in Drama and Music were introduced in 1997-98 . There are 8 teachers in the department, 4 male and 4 were female, 3 people have PhD and master’s degree in foreign people.

Science Faculty
From the beginning, there were 3 department in science faculty are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Later Applied Physics in 1965, Geology in 1965, Applied Chemistry in 197, Pharmacy in 1964, Biochemistry in 1954, Botany  in 1954, Soil Science, Zoology  in 1954, Geography in 1948, Statistics in 1950, Psychology in 1965 were included in the Faculty of Science.

Physics Department
Physics department is located in Carzon Hall building of Dhaka University where Dhaka College was established in 1921. There are 44 teachers. 34 male and 10 female teachers. 33 teachers have PhD degree or equivalent foreign degree.

Mathematics Department
Renowned mathematician Professor Sen and Dr Bhupatimohan were teachers of Mathematics department while the class room was located in weaster side of  the first floor of Curzan Hall.  In 1964, second floor was allocated for Math section. Currently, there are total 36 teachers in the department.

Chemistry Department
Chemistry department was one of the 3 department of science faculty of Dhaka University in 1921. Chemistry classes were taking in the third floor of Curzan Hall. Later Second floor was allocated to classes . Total 47 teachers, 36 male and 11 female are in the Chemistry Department.

Faculty of Law of Dhaka University
Faculty of Law was established in 1921 which has been playing an important role in education. Until 1973, the only two-term undergraduate courses in the Law Faculty o (evening) was introduced. Four years Honors course was introduced in 1977-78. M Phil course was introduced in 1991-92.

Law Department
Law department was part of Law faculty from the beginning of Dhaka University. There are 35 teachers in the Law department, 13 female, 22 men.

Business Studies Faculty  (Commerce Faculty)
Department of Commerce was established in 1922-3 on behalf of Arts faculty at the University of Dhaka.  In 1970 department of Commerce was promoted to a full faculty. Account Group and Management Group were introduced in 1970. In 1974, more 2 groups were introduced as Finance and Marketing department. In 1994-95, Commerce faculty name change to “Business Studies” faculty.
Total Teachers 162 for this faculty, while 144 male and 18 female teachers.

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