BBC Bangla is a Bengali language radio of BBC World Service, started on 11 October, 1941. BBC Bangla is broadcasting from the headquarter of BBC World Service in London.  This is very popular Radio station in Bangladesh for its neutral position and quality programs.  BBC Bangla is broadcasting programs with three type of mediums like Radio, Internet, Video.


BBC Bangla  frequency Technical Details:

Dhaka: FM 100,   BBC Bangla Radio broadcasting in Bangladesh
Khulna: FM 88.8,
Rajshahi: FM 88.8
Barisal: 105
Comilla: 103.6
Coxs Bazar: FM 100.8
Thakurgaon: 92
Sylhet: FM 88.8
Rangpur: FM 88.8
Chittagong: FM 88.8

BBC Bangla Programs list

Every day of the week

BBC Bangla Radio first session starts at 6:30am. You can listen World News, Current events, Analysis, etc.

  • Prottusa :
    Prottusa is a second session of the Day of BBC Bangla. BBC broadcasts World news, Current event, analysis and Review of Newspaper in Bangla. Puttusa broadcasts at 7:00am morning.
  • Probaha :

BBC Bangla Evening Program starts at 7:30pm with world news, current events and analysis and more..

  • Porikroma :

BBC Bangla night session at 10:30pm, program are World News, Current events and analysis and every days’ special magazine

  •  Bangla Sanglap

    8:00 – 9:00 Local Time, Sunday and Tuesday


BBC Bangla  Radio Weekly Magazines:

Saturday: Mathe Maidane (Probati and Parikrama)

Sunday: Itihaser Sakkhi (Probati and Parikrama)

Monday: Pritibhajenesu  (Probati and Parikrama)

Tuesday: Bigganer Asar (Probati and Parikrama)

Wednesday: Ai Saptaher Sakkhatkar (Probati and Parikrama)

Thursday: Pramannay Feature (Pattusa and Parikrama)

Friday: BBC Sathe Ghangalpa ((Probati and Parikrama)



ABC Radio News – FM 89.2abc radio news

ABC Radio Dhaka is a sister concern of Transcom Group. ABC Radio FM 89.2 is an FM Radio Station of Bangladesh.

Address: Dhaka Trade Center (2nd Floor), 99, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenew, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215  click here


 ABC News schedule

– 09:00 Sokaler Awajon

– 15:00 Bikaler Awajan

– 18:00 Shes Bikaler Awajan

– 23:00 Raat-Dupur Awajan


ABC Radio Online


 Radio Today

radio today news
Radio today is the first private radio station in Bangladesh. It frequencies coverage area are Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Cox’s Bazar, Barisal Bogra, sylhet, Mymensing.  Radio Today has many programs including FM Mama, BoomBox, MovieMasti, RadioGaanBuzz, MorningExpress, HappyMoments, etc.

Popular traffic news update is Dhakar Chaka to let you know traffic jam news of Dhaka city. Radio Today news at 8:45, 1:45, 6:48, 11:45pm beside every hour news update. Radio Today has correspondence in every district of Bangladesh to broadcast latest news.  Radio Today and Voice Of America (VOA) jointly produce international news in the evening.

Radio Today is a winner of Green Radio for sustainable eco system solution. Radio today and VOA jointly produce Better Health Better life program to provide health information and awareness

Radio Today Award

Radio Today Received Kalom Business Award


Radio Today RJ are Farhana, Ajeleen, Kaniz, Armeen, Nazyr, Salman, Afrin, Nisha, Aronnoy and more

To listen Radio Today news and live programs visit the link below

 Radio Today Address

Radio Broadcasting FM (Bangladesh) Co. Ltd

34, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Awal Centre(13th and 19th Floor)
Banani, Dhaka – 1213, Bangladesh. website

BBC Bangla
BBC Bangla is the latest addition to BBC international radio broadcasting and distribution network. The satellite radio broadcaster BBC Radio Bangla started offering BBC News in the country.The radio station is a joint venture between the private company.
Though the bbc bangla radio is new, it has already proven its worth as one of the most reliable and trustworthy BBC bangla radio in the country. The radio has several other channels too; a list of these channels is given in this article.

BBC porikroma

This was the first news radio of BBC Bangla. It used to broadcast live news about all major political, economic and social events in the country.

The website of this bbc bangla has a good news section where you can find all kinds of updates about news events in the country Bangladesh. The news section also provides the reader with details about which embassies are in the country as well as information about the government and what they are doing in the country. You can also find out how to contact the local politicians, and there is a section devoted to covering special events that happened during the past year.

This bbc bangla radio station has very specific coverage on TV as well as Internet news. It is one of the best choices for international news as well as news about South Asia and international relations. The bbc bangla covers news in the context of world events, politics, economics, technology, culture and entertainment.

This news of bbc bangla mainly focuses on news and current affairs. It is a social science station that provides an analysis of events around the world through carefully researched reports. It is one of the best news radio stations that provide complete coverage of national and international news. They also broadcast some exciting feature documentaries and programs like the ones that cover global politics and the environment.

The news section of the BBC Bangla is very good and is a platform for different opinions. They are a bbc porikoma that broadcasts both news and opinion. The weekly news show is one of the most liked features on the bbc porikroma.

This is radio broadcast service of BBC Bangla. The station broadcasts in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

More about bbc radio station

This is another radio station that broadcasts on the 24-hour news of BBC Bangla. The news sections are narrated by famous actors, actresses and other celebrities. There are a social science section for political and economic analysis as well as a career section that cover careers.

It is dedicated to reporting the news events from around the world. You can tune in at any time to get the best news and updates for your news needs.