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Rubana Huq, first female president of BGMEA

Rubana Huq, wife of former Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Anisul Haq, elected as the first female president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association – BGMEA. Rubana Huq, managing director of Mohammadi Group, panel won all 35 posts of directors in the election of the BGMEA. BGMEA President Rubana Huq The BGMEA election was

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Bangladesh Budget 2018-19 Fiscal Year

Bangladesh Budget for 2018-19 fiscal year is Tk 4,64,573cr with 7.8% growth target. The Budget of Bangladesh is 16.07 % higher than the original budget size of Tk 4,00,266 crore for the year 2017-18. Re-impose 25% customs duty and 3% regulatory duty on rice imports Minance Minister Proposed 25% custom duy for the budget of

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What should you know about Credit Card?

Credit Card is one of the many credit facilities provided by the lending institutions, especially commercial banks in the form of Cash advance from ATM booth, purchase of products from outlets and payment of products bought through online. For purchasing the products, merchant are paid by the issuer of the card, which is ultimately collected

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Cane Furniture – Outstandingly Bangladeshi

Cane furniture, known locally as ‘bet furniture', are mostly trailing or climbing palms with characteristic scaly fruits of the Arecaceae family (Palmae). The fruits are covered by vertical rows of reflexed overlapping scales. The scales are grooved along the midline. Cane grows in humid climate of Bangladesh and in the areas extending from equatorial Africa

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Swarighat: Key wholesale fish market of Dhaka

Swarighat, is a key wholesale fish market on the north bank of the Dhaka's main river Buriganga. It is one of the oldest markets established in the middle of nineteenth century. This is a unique wholesale fish market operates for only a few hours in the early morning. The trader of other 24 big wholesales

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Decorative fishes, a sector that has grown up quietly

Decorative fishes and pet animals, a sector which has grown up quietly in the country, is a superb example of a private initiative. Starting about twenty years ago with just two shops, a pet market has not only blossomed at Kataban area in the city, but such shops can be found almost in many cities

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Being a successful investor in Bangladesh stock market

Like other sectors of Bangladesh economy, share market is also diversified in terms of types of securities it offers: 17 mutual funds, 8 debentures, and 275 stocks! Even so, to those knowledgeable, making money on Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) is much easier than on NYSE with simple techniques. So, one might think it would have

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All Community Club – A Dhaka, Bangladesh ACCL

All Community Club  Ltd. is one of the fastest developing club in Bangladesh.  All Community Club Ltd-ACCL all set to rise. Newly elected members of Board of directors expressed their firm determination and plan to increase facilities for its members. We want to bring meaningful change in the mind of our members to initiate more

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How to start share business in Bangladesh? Primary and Secondary

Share market is very important for any country. By the investment in share market everybody can invest in different company which can help for the development of a country. Share market reduces the unemployment problem of a country. There are two types of share investment, 1) in Primary Share market 2) in Secondary Share Market.

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6 skills you need to succeed in professional life

We we try to climb to the top our career, there are many obstructed thinks stop us to go ahead.  Sometime we get jealous to someone success who is doing better than me. May be there are some extra quality that helps other people to get ahead smoothly, it is  frustrating to you. By considering

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