We we try to climb to the top our career, there are many obstructed thinks stop us to go ahead.  Sometime we get jealous to someone success who is doing better than me. May be there are some extra quality that helps other people to get ahead smoothly, it is  frustrating to you.

By considering your personal and professional life you should apply few techniques and tools to to get success in your life. These 6 skills are transferable and very much relevance to you  daily life. You should learn these skills and practice them regularly to achieve your targeted result in the easy way, one day you will see very easy to climb to the top.

1) Speaking capability
Speaking is an important tool to get audience’s attraction to the product or service that you want to promote. Ability to speak with different professionals in a platform with good eye contact, excellent pronunciation as well as body language. If you are a good speaker your audiences will remember you. Always try to speak politely to anyone you meet, look for promoting your product or your participation in social debating positively. Being a social responsible person, it would be a reword for your future success.

2) Full confidence in decision making

A good leader always take correct decision. You have to take decision without any fear of getting it wrong.  You have to prepare a decision by keeping in mind threads coming from different corners according to the situation. You must learn how to evaluate different decisions for their pros and cons that will bring you closer to the assigned work. You decision should be appropriate and reasonable. Finally you should have deep confident in your judgement and decision.
3) Responsibility

Responsibility is a major port of a successful profession where failure or success.  If you want your co-worker or sub-ordinate to respect you, acknowledge your error rather than trying to blame someone else for your mistake. Mistake is a port of our work, but the real fact is how you react to that. If you consider that you are the major responsible person and put you in the firing line and take preparation to achieve  a great thing.  Being able to admit you have made a mistake is also a sign of humility and can garner respect from your employees. An important way to hold yourself responsible to scrutinize next work, see what you done accordingly and what you did not. Analysis your improvement of performance and take appropriate steps to correct mistakes yourself.

4)  Positive Attitude

Connected to everybody else we have mentioned, about work and life is also important. When your co-worker laugh at your endless cynicism & misanthropic tendencies, your boss will see you as someone who and who will never support the company to fulfill target. We should distinguish between the occasional failure days and being consistently pessimistic. The eternal pessimist will always try to drag other people down and will probably be less productive. If you can cultivate a positive result, you will encourage others to be more positive the line of duties; also, you will be more productive and possibly more credible as someone with executive potential. A positive attitude is entirely self-determined and can be helped by accentuating the positives in any situation. Don’t see problems — find solutions.

5) Self-presentation

You should learn how to present yourself to others that would bring the success for you.  Wearing a well-cut suit, quality and an elegant timepiece speak of a man who takes pride in his appearance. High sartorial standards indicate someone who has high standards generally, and this will cause people to view you favorably. A large amount of your impact on co-worker, bosses or clients will be based on how well put-together you appear; while substance is crucial, having a great style to support it is no bad thing. Learn life style from fashion magazines and think about visiting a hair stylist rather than local barber. If you can afford it, have suits and shoes made to measure; they will fit much better than off-the-rack goods. Don’t forget that the way you look also enhances the way you feel about yourself, making you more confident.

6) Utilize your Time properly

Always it doesn’t matter how well you dress, how positive you are or how well spoken you are if you cannot keep everything under control. Disorganization means that you will be forever playing catch-up with your work, rushing to meet deadlines and producing work below par. You can keep a detailed diary, listing deadlines and setting a schedule for your work, to ensure it is all done with time to spare. Your work will be of better quality and you will be entrusted with increased responsibility. It will also afford you additional leisure time. It is a key element to success and well worth practicing. Don’t check your e-mails fourteen times in a hour  — spend that time writing up that project that is due tomorrow. Ideally, you will reach a stage where you can get ahead of the curve and start taking on additional projects and responsibilities — a surefire way of setting yourself up for that promotion.

Combination of your education, knowledge, experiences,  sincerity and hard working will bring the success within short span of time..