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Cane furniture, known locally as ‘bet furniture’, are mostly trailing or climbing palms with characteristic scaly fruits of the Arecaceae family (Palmae). The fruits are covered by vertical rows of reflexed overlapping scales. The scales are grooved along the midline. Cane grows in humid climate of Bangladesh and in the areas extending from equatorial Africa India and South China to Queensland and Fiji , and from sea level to 300 m altitude.

Canes begin both by vegetative means and seeds. Suckers are planted for vegetative generation. For seed creation seedlings are brought up in nurseries and after that planted in fields. The meaty mash of the seed is initially evacuated and after that the seeds are sown in seedbeds where they sprout inside of a couple of weeks.

At the point when the seedlings accomplish a stature of around one meter, they are planted in fields amid the storm season. By two-three years seedlings develop to the measure of a cluster. Inside of seven-eight years the stick is prepared for gathering. By and large, no concentrated administration is needed. Watering system, if needed, and preparation are done at an early phase of manor.

Cane Furniture

   Cane Furniture   


The household life in Bangladesh is marked by diverse use of Cane Furniture . Cane Furniture  is useful in building traditional houses and is used to manufacture goods of utility and in making assorted fancy articles of house decoration. Women in some regions are better in canework. However, both men and women earn their living from making cane furniture and other cane products.

Normally, cane takes great shape in 2 to 3 years when they get to be suitable for utilization in astounding work. Tolerably ready sticks have less water content in them and are adaptable. Excessively ready sticks break while being taken a shot at. Articles made with excessively youthful sticks get broke and contracted and articles made of such stick are influenced with wood-vermin. Stick should be appropriately handled for assurance against wood-parasite and growth. The nature of a stick item additionally relies on upon the nature of color chip away at them.


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Cane used to be exported from Bengal until the mid-nineteenth century. The pulp of the fruit is edible. There are a good number of local varieties of canes found in Bangladesh , out of which golla bet, kadam bet, sundi bet, kora bet, udam bet, jali bet, bara bet are used widely. These are found in the hill forests of Chittagong , Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong Hill Tracts and Sylhet. Good quality Cane is also produced in Comilla, Bogra, Jessore and Rajshahi.


Cane Furniture  are in great demand throughout the world, especially in Asia and Europe . Bangladesh exports considerable quantity of assorted cane commodities to Russia , Germany , Singapore and countries in the Middle East . Bangladesh earned considerable goodwill in cane crafts through participation in a number of international fairs held in Germany , Canada , Japan and some other countries.


Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) has a Design Centre, whose artists conduct research to develop new designs and models and assist the craftsmen working in this industry. The centre supplies designs and models to the artisans free of charge. BSCIC has undertaken programme of preserving the indigenous tradition of handicrafts and revitalise those in wane. Under this It also assists artisans in marketing, product development and innovation, and technology.


Cane items are in awesome request all through the world, particularly in Asia and Europe . Bangladesh sends out significant amount of arranged cane furniture items to Russia , Germany , Singapore and the Middle East . Bangladesh earned significant goodwill in stick makes through investment in various worldwide fairs held in Germany , Canada , Japan and some different nations. In 1999-2000, Bangladesh earned Tk 258.6 million by trading Cane Furniture and bamboo items.


Popularity of cane furniture is always high, as these are trendy, light and durable. Cane Furniture  can be used both in indoor and outdoor and also as home décor.

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