Employee recognition is the open acknowledgment and praise of employee behavior or achievement by the higher-ups in a company or organization. It is used by organizations and businesses to motivate employees on their achievements, express appreciation, and reinforce desired behavior. More and more organizations worldwide are now implementing employee recognition programs because they understand why their employees are so important in the success of their business.


Employee recognition should be done on a genuine basis to boost the morale of employees and make them feel valued for the efforts and contributions that they are making to the company. Let us take a detailed look into the benefits of implementing employee recognition programs.

Boosts Workplace Culture

If a company, business, or organization is looking to boost its workplace culture, it will have to implement an employee recognition program. Sure, sporadic perks and team-building events are also helpful, but the individual boost that employee recognition gives cannot be matched. When employees are feeling down and lacking motivation at work, it is most likely that they are undermined at work and feel like they don’t get the recognition that they deserve.


Even if an employee is not actively complaining about this, this could be a major culprit, and an easy solution to this and to boost your workplace culture is to simply reward and recognize your employees. By recognizing and rewarding employees in the workplace and also on online portals like Hyatt Connect, companies can positively impact the entire workforce and boost their morale.

Increases Productivity

Another benefit of implementing an employee recognition program is that it increases productivity. If employees know that they will be recognized and rewarded for their hard work, they will even go the extra mile just to get the job. Recognizing and rewarding employees for their hard work motivates them to push harder, go the extra mile, and be more productive.


Be clear about what the employees can expect when they push the extra mile because it will make a huge difference. Employees must be rewarded for their job well done because if you recognize them once for their efforts, they will more likely do it. Choose to recognize and reward for the tasks that really matter to the growth of your company and you will see how you will be motivating your employees to push the limits.

Increases Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees have become an occurrence that can incur a lot of losses for a company. Disengaged employees lack productivity, creativity, and innovation. Employee engagement is something that a lot of companies are struggling with, but an easy way to increase employee engagement is simply by recognizing and rewarding them, especially in front of other employees and on the company’s collaborative platforms like Flying Together.


Recognition is a top driver of employee engagement and it has been estimated that when employees believe they will be recognized for their efforts, they are 2.7x more likely to be highly engaged. Engaged employees will take your business to the next level by being the best version of themselves. They’ll also try to develop their own skills out of curiosity and loyalty to your company’s objectives.

Helps to Retain Top Talent

A problem that most companies and businesses are struggling with nowadays is retaining their top talent. But the main problem here is that organizations and companies don’t appreciate their employees for their hard work and efforts, due to which they feel disengaged at their current jobs and are more likely to leave.


A company can spend all the time, money, and resources on hiring the best prospects, but once people are hired, they still need to feel valued and want to stay engaged and happy at their current job. Therefore, make your employees stick for long, you can start recognizing and rewarding them for their hard work and jobs well done.


This will make the employees feel like they are a valuable asset for the company and will stay on board for much longer, build more relevant experience, and contribute to the growth of your business.