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Bangladesh Budget 2018-19 Fiscal Year

Bangladesh Budget for 2018-19 fiscal year is Tk 4,64,573cr with 7.8% growth target. The Budget of Bangladesh is 16.07 % higher than the original budget size of Tk 4,00,266 crore for the year 2017-18. Re-impose 25% customs duty and 3% regulatory duty on rice imports Minance Minister Proposed 25% custom duy for the budget of

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Bengali or Bangla is the official Language of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a South East Asian country of the world. The language in which the people of Bangladesh talk is known as “Bangla”. The majority of the Bangladeshi people speak in Bengali language. This Bengali language is the first language of about 98% people of the whole population. Official Language of Bangladesh There are various

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Tea Gardens in Bangladesh

History of Bangladesh Tea Industry about to 1840 when a pioneer tea garden was situated up on the slopes of the slants in Chittagong where the Chittagong Club now stands. In any case business tea garden was developed in 1857 at Mulnichera in Sylhet. In the midst of the bundle in 1947, Bangladesh (the then

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The Season of Fruits in Bangladesh

Fruits of Bangladesh: Bangladesh enjoys generally a sub-tropical monsoon climate. There are three distinct seasons in Bangladesh. Winter from November to February a cool temperature (12 - 28 °C) and little or no precipitation prevails. Summer continues from March to May with a little rainfall with temperatures as high as 40°C. The monsoon prevails from

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Telephone Bangladesh for dialing code number

International or local telephone dialing code for Bangladesh: Telephone Bangladesh for dialing code number is 880 or 00880 or +880. To call Bangladesh from outside dialing format is “country code + area code + telephone number”. Dialing format to call any number in Dhaka city would be 00880-2-950**00. No need to use 0 before area code. To

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Main Religion in Bangladesh – Muslim Hindu Christian

Islam is the main Religion of Bangladesh with 90.39 percent Muslims. Other religious are Hinduism 8.54%, Christianity 0.37%, Buddhism 0.60% and Others 0.14%. Religions in Bangladesh - The conversion of the Islam began in Bangladesh (South Asia) in the 13 th century. The Hindus who were poor or neglected often become Muslims. Another main reason of

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Bangladesh : The Roots from 500 A D

"Bangladesh has a hundred gates open for entrance but not one for departure" -Bernier. Bangladesh is a new state in an ancient land. It has been described by an American political scientist as "a country challenged by contradictions". On the face of it, the recent twists and turns of her history are often inconsistent. It

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Facts Bangladesh – Profile of Bangladesh, summary with key points

History facts Bangladesh is a independent country located in South Asia . The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka . Bengali is the official language. Because of political discrimination, ethnic & linguistic ignored and socio-economical neglect by the West Pakistan (Now Pakistan) , grew agitation led to the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, which succeeded after

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Dhaka City – Capital of Bangladesh – Dhaka Population And Area

Dhaka city history: Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh. It is said to refer the Word Dhaka came from the "Dhak Tree" (beautiful Palash flower tree), once many trees exist in the area; Or from the Bengali word "Dhak" (instrumental sound) or originated for "Dhakeshwari" (a Hindu temple by Ballal Sena). In 7th century, the settlement

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