Dragon fruit is an exotic & delicious fruit. It is known as a super-food that made popular to the foodies & health-conscious people. It is a tropical fruit. It has a red skin with seed-speckled pulp.

Dragon Fruits are 3 types like –

1. Yellow skin with White flesh.
2. Red skin with Red flesh
3. Red skin with White flesh

Benefits of Dragon fruit –

• Rich in nutrients.
• Fight for chronic disease.
• Improves respiratory problems.
• Reduce cognitive disorders.
• Loaded with fiber.
• Helpful in Pregnancy time.
• Strong immune system.
• Supply plant compound
• Strong bones & teeth
• Improve cardiovascular health
• Hair care
• Remove pain
• Eye Care
• Skin care
• Controls diabetes
• Help in heart diseases.
• Transport oxygen

Benefits of Dragon Fruit —


Dragon fruit is the best source of (for 170 grams)-

• Magnesium – 12%
• Vitamin E. – 2%
• Vitamin C – 4.9%
• Carbohydrates – 22g
• Fiber- 4.9g
• Sugar – 13g
• Protein – 2g


Fight chronic disease

Dragon fruit contains a lot amount of the antioxidants like –
1. Vitamin C.
2. Beta-carotene.
3. Lycopene and
4. Betalain.

These antioxidants are fight for chronic diseases such as – Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and Arthritis. Those diseases are happened for cell damage. Free radicals are culprit for damaging cell.

But antioxidants are working for neutralizing free radicals. So, put dragon fruits in our diet.

Improves respiration

If you are suffering from asthma, it will be the perfect time to put dragon  in your diet. Dragon fruits provide antioxidants and vitamin C which is helpful to reduce respiratory problems.


Reduce cognitive disorders

This fruit is rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, both are essential to keep the cell membranes well.
This activity may help to prevent the incidence of cognitive disorders.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit-

Helpful of Pregnancy time

These fruits have a lot of benefits for pregnant women. We know that dragon fruit contains –

• Iron
• Vitamin B,Benefits of Dragon fruit
• Folate.

Iron is helpful for –

1. Preventing Hemoglobin shortage and
2. Preventing the rate of Anemia.

The vitamin B and Folate helps to prevent –
• Birth defects and
• Boost up the energy.

Also, high levels of Calcium & Magnesium are helpful to fight Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal women.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit-

Controls diabetes

It is  also control the blood sugar level. That is helpful to reduce type 2 – diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Improve cardiovascular health

Fats are not available in Dragon fruit, which reduce to suffering from –
• Atherosclerosis.
• Heart attacks and
• Strokes.

Hair care

In your diet, keep dragon powder. It will bring the shine of your hair.

Loaded with fiber

Dietary fibers are important for health benefits. A woman needs 25 grams and a man needs 38 grams of fiber per day.

Fiber is important for –

1. Helping digestion system.
2. Preventing Heart disease.
3. Managing type 2 diabetes.
4. Maintaining body weight.
5. Protect against colon cancer.

Strong immune system

Dragon fruits are high in Carotenoids and Vitamin C. Those are important for boosting immune system and protecting white blood cells from damage.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit –

Supply plant compound

This fruit  supplies useful plant compounds like –
• Polyphenols.
• Carotenoids and
• Betacyanins.

Remove pain

Dragon fruit have an anti-inflammatory property. This is removing your pain caused by Arthritis.

Strong bones & teeth

Dragon fruit is a rich in calcium. That is essential to boost bone density and prevents osteoporosis. Calcium also plays a role in –

• Making the Jaw Bones healthy &
• Strong to hold the teeth in place.

Eye Care

The dragon fruit also contain the Beta-Carotene which is –

1. Preventing macular degeneration.
2. Prevent cataract formation. &
3. Protect eyes from harmful free radicals.

Skin care

It contains antioxidant that is protecting skin from free radicals. It is also aid in treating –
• Sunburn.
• Acne and
• Dry skin.

Rich in iron – transport oxygen

Dragon fruit has a rich amount of iron, which is boosting the Hemoglobin levels in anemic disorders. Iron also produces the red blood cells that are transporting oxygen all over the body.

A lot of magnesium – reduce heart diseases

The fruit offers a lot of magnesium which is reduces the risk of stroke and heart diseases.

Make sure that your dragon fruit skin has no brown spots. Consider red Dragon fruit as a healthy snack for everyone.

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