Board of Investment BOI in Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh established the Board of Investment (BOI) in 1989 for accelerating private investment in Bangladesh. The Board, headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic and represented by Ministers and Secretaries of the concerned Ministries.


The major functions of the Board are as follows:

BOI in Bangladesh

  • Promotion of investment;
  • Providing all types of facilities for capital investment and rapid industrialisation
  • Registration of industrial projects, foreign loan agreements, royalty, technical know-how; technical assistance agreement wherever required;
  • Providing assistance to avail infrastructure facilities for industries;
  • Issuing work permit to expatriate personnel working in private sector industrial enterprises;
  • Providing import facilities to industrial units in the private sector;
  • Approval of the terms and conditions of foreign private loan and suppliers’ credit beyond the prescribed limit;
  • Approval of payment of royalty, technical know-how and technical assistance fee to foreign nationals/organisations beyond the prescribed limits; and
  • Recommendation for allotment of land in the industrial areas/estates for industrial purpose.
  • In addition, BOI assists the investors in obtaining the following services:
  • Electricity, gas and water connection;
  • Sewerage connection;
  • All kinds of telecommunication facilities;
  • Custom clearance for imported machinery, spare-parts and raw materials;
  • Clearance regarding environment pollution; and
  • All other facilities and services that may be required for speedy setting up of an industry.


Sector Highlights
Thriving in this sector are canned juices, fruits, vegetables, dairy & poultry. The country offers:
– Huge supply of raw materials exist for the agribusiness industry.
A tropical climate for all year growing, a lot of fresh water, indeed a land interspersed with numerous rivers, available land with fertile soil.
– Government and NGOs conduct regular training programs to develop skilled manpower in the industry.
– Wide range of biodiversity exists for different crops.
– Agricultural commodities have a comparatively higher value added than non-agricultural commodities.


Investment Opportunities


There is a wide variety of investment opportunities including:
– Cold storage facilities serving the supply chain, especially fresh produce for export.
– Fresh produce production for local and export markets.
– Production of fertilizers & cultivation of seeds.
– Eco-friendly jute production, supported by jute technology development institutes.
– Shrimp farming.
– Halal foods.
– Milk and dairy products.
– High value-added foods for export, including herbs, spices, nuts and pulses.

you can visit board of investment website for more details.


Board of Investment – BOI in Bangladesh Address

Jiban Bima Tower 10, Dilkusha C/A., Dhaka-1000, Tel: 9561430, Fax: 9562312

Email : [email protected]
Executive Chairman
Contact: +880 2 9559378 PABX-1904(PA)
Executive Member (Joint Secretary).
Administration, Finance, Policy & Planning, Strategy & Programs
Contact: +880 2 9562414, PABX-1960 (PA)
Executive Member(Joint Secretary)
Registration & Incentives
Contact: +880 2 9563570, PABX-1911/1951 (PA)
Executive Member
Contact: +880 2 7172144, PABX-1913/1953 (PA)
Contact: +880 2 956 3572, PABX-1909

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